“Your Energy Field”

September 2021 MessageMaster Morya It is essential you learn and accept Mother Earth is alive for that is what it’s all about.  This planet is a procreative power of the male and female energy in the universe.  The society must acknowledge that earth is a living being for humans come from the Earth. It hasContinue reading ““Your Energy Field””

“Emotional Discipline”

July 2021  Master Maitreya Emotional Discipline has the power to effectively manage your feelings. Being emotionally disciplined means you are competent to stay calm in challenging situations to overpower your negative emotions. You can then deal with any difficult negative situation, without making it worse.  You do not have to be at the mercy of your emotions. You canContinue reading ““Emotional Discipline””

“Emotional Harmony”

May 2021 MessageMaster Morya Emotion is one of God’s wonderful gifts of life. Your emotion is your electrical current, your spirit connection within yourself, with God and the Universe.  Without emotions you would be worthless. There would be no action or connection to your organs, really everything within your body, it is like a computerContinue reading ““Emotional Harmony””

“Emotional Sensitivity”

April Message 2021Master Hilarion Everything that is, is composed of energy. Quantum changes at the subatomic level is what creates the chemistry of your body. What precisely causes quantum changes, your emotions. You live on a planet that is bombarded by the constant emotional stress of your lives or simply the collective conscious. Health inContinue reading ““Emotional Sensitivity””

“Emotional Awareness”

March Message 2021Master Koot Hoomi As the 21st century began, countless were in search of ordinary emotions and spiritual ground.  An attempt to scientifically validate this thirst for emotions and spirituality, they built it on the relatively new scientific disciplines of cultural anthropology, ethology (animal behavior) and neuroscience. In essence, everything is energy, which isContinue reading ““Emotional Awareness””