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Have you ever wondered what life is all about or the secret mysteries our ancients left behind? Bridges Of Time has exciting adventurous answering those types of questions.
Bridges Of Time is a book written by Shirley J. Smith who at a young age discovers she is psychic but doesn’t know what to do until she meets Maggy Conn, her mentor. Shirley soon emerges from her cocoon learning about her psychic gifts and moves on from a naïve farmer’s wife to working in law enforcement. With Maggy’s help guiding her passion to achieve, Shirley soon rose to positions of authority in law enforcement, local, state and national politics.

If you understand the expression, “There are those among us who possess the ability to look down at the sky,” and further believe that your achievements in life are in direct proportion to the magnitude of your dreams, then the spiritually motivated, love-giving life of vaudeville superstar, Bobby Adams–later to become Maggy Conn, the long-standing mayor of Herrick, Illinois–will fill your heart with unending joy. Maggy was blessed with special abilities from birth, a psychic awareness, filling her with a passionate love for all living things. Although badly misunderstood by her parents and victimized by two broken marriages, Maggy never lost focus on the true meaning of unconditional love and an instinctive need to spread spiritual sanity wherever she traveled. Amid a life rich with personal accomplishments, Maggy’s true love she called The Duke ironically slipped through her heart, leaving an unfulfilled emptiness in the balance of her life. It is here the love Maggy gave to the world came back to her tenfold when The Duke reached down from above to let her know they would soon be forever linked in the spiritual realms. This heartwarming, emotionally uplifting story is about true soulmates. How, with their powerful love and faith, soulmates can accomplish anything envisioned as the hearts of Maggy Conn and her beloved The Duke–now linked forever as one–help us understand and teach the true meaning of “Universal Love.”

A parable filled with truths that reads like a gripping adventure tale Psychic and the Sidekick begins with the search for buried gold and artifacts in Texas. Patrick was drilling for oil when two men approached him about The Spier Rock treasurer mystery revolving around three strangely carved unearthed rocks. Although few knew of its truth, a Pennsylvania psychic helped the men by saying Patrick’s expertise in this type of horizontal drilling was necessary to bring the treasure out of the ground. Patrick’s payment was to be his weight in gold. 

This story tells the fascinating adventure and discovery of oneself, the mystery about artifacts energy and a guidebook helping you to mature your perceptions of who, why and where you are in life. It directs your steps with a new energy and optimism. People have lost knowing how scared it is to love themselves. To love is to counteract hate, greed and selfishness. There is a demand to learn and to feel the presences in the true spirit of love for it truly is a gift.    Even your passion and desires are universal gifts.    

Psychic and the Sidekick contains secrets that will help people and increase the strongest power on this planet–love. It will give the readers confidences how to reach their higher consciousness. This is something our ancient cultures knew how to achieve. The sadness about this is that much of the knowledge was allowing us to know only bits of its history. Patrick and Shirley joined their love energy to help others spiritually understand themselves while working to help planet Earth. 

Private Session

Includes a private 1 hour session ***Please choose “Pay Family/Friend” option in PayPal***


Private Sessions

Includes a Package Deal for either one 3 hour session or 3 separate 1 hour sessions ***Please choose “Pay Family/Friend” option in PayPal***


Universal Love Meditation CD

Through automatic writings Shirley received meditations with special tones. Each meditation is designed to help you have an inner peace. Subconscious Clearing” A powerful meditation to revitalize your energy. “Mother Earth” A meditation to connect your energy with earth’s creating a natural flow filled with harmony. “Pyramid Connection” An energizing meditation for you to connect with the Universal Love frequency “Hearts & Rainbows” This mediation helps you across the Universal Bridge to meet your “Guides” or “Masters”. Tape Price Includes $3.00 Shipping & Handling ***Please choose “Pay Family/Friend” option in PayPal***


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