The Brain

June 2022

Everyday life is creating most people to struggle at unprecedented speed in their present. They find themselves looking at the past or try to get a glimpse of the future. They are mentally battling to live in their now.

It is time to expand your consciousness and reset your brain. To be conscious requires you to be the observer of your mind, to remain in your center and turn your awareness away from the world around you and go within. This means sitting with your thoughts, your mind, your feelings, and your body. It may require effort and energy, however, if you make it your priority for three days, this, my friend, is how you expand your consciousness.

The core of who you truly are sits in the center of your unconscious mind, which has many, many walls. Just like an onion, it has an abundance of layers that you must peel away to get to the core of who you are. The lower part of your brain controls the energy of fear, greed, hate while the upper part of your brain is love and intuition. To change your mind is by changing your brain.

Everything around you exist a frequency of energy, if you change the frequency, it changes the matter. The law of nature states everything has a vibration, everything in the universe, including you, eventually is an energy. There is no matter without your thoughts. Inside your body is a pure ocean of consciousness and your mind is your source of genuine matter. It is your force of an atom the Metorex of all matters. Your consciousness has different frequency that forms your matter, and it is your voice that is your tone. Each person has different voice tones. It has been proven frequency is created by tones and that earth was created by Universe love tone frequencies.

Quantum energy exists but Quantum time is a space of illusions. Universe is all consciousness and all universe’s substance is consciousness. Your brain relates to the Universe’s consciousness with the assistance of your electrical current of emotions. Your emotions are part of the universe’s consciousness.

Schools teaches the left brain, which carries the energy of fear, reality, hate and greed. The right brain is your love frequency, your intuition and it is helped by different tones of vibrations. If a child starts talking about their intuition in school, they will not be heard. Reason they can’t explain intuition.

You have only two sources of brain vibrations and that is fear and love. These two vibrations are your emotional source. Any other emotion is a takeoff from one of these sources. Love is light and fear is darkness. The more you love yourself the brighter your light and the greater your emotional frequency will flow. The lighter you are the more your brain can accomplish, and that energy is of love and light in your DNA, your DNA flows your emotional vibrations.

Emotions shape your daily life to your Heavenly body. It is important to know your emotions creates what is above so is below. You have the power of good and evil. Evil is dark energy. Light a candle and there is no darkness. But walk into a light and you can’t make it dark.

Earth’s leaders are using hate, racist, control and greed to create earth darkness but it’s not working. Earth’s light people are winning. Once more people learn and understand the truth of their light, a new world will be. And this is how your thoughts create earth’s reality.

Be cautious of negativity since all negative thoughts will become your new reality. The power of your brain alone, will be updated to think it into existence and it will be so. An example is when you believe you are a failure, you will view every mistake you make as proof to affirm that you are, indeed, a failure. And when you do succeed at something, most of you will credit it to luck.

People who are offended by the idea that “they create their reality,” will see it as a version of blaming the victim. Nobody asks for dreadful things to happen to them however if it does it will be time to take your thoughts to the solution of the problem and it will restore your positive mind immediately. Be your own hero. Your every thought needs to be making your life a Masterpiece, think it and it will happen!

For this meditation:

It would be best to sit in a comfortable chair. Place your left-hand open palm over your heart. Slowly take a deep breath and with your exhale while feel your love energy flowing to your heart. Repeat at least three times. You must breathe in and exhale slowly. No rush!

Then sit and be quiet. Allow your mind to be empty of thoughts and you will feel the presences of your love. Afterwards go outside and feel Mother Earth’s energy, look at flowers, go for a walk or hug a tree. By touching earth, you will regain your soul’s energy.

This exercise will help the higher brain connection to embrace your natural self. When you sleep or meditate more deeply it will boost your body’s natural healing ability. To increase your focus, concentration, or creativity will aid your brain to reset with a liberty of freedom.

“You must learn a new way to think before you can master a new way to be.” — Marianne Williamson

Love, Shirley

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