Shirley J Smith

Shirley J. Smith is an author, lecturer, and spiritual counselor who has combined a career of law enforcement, political and community advocacy, with the gift of inner sight. Along the way, she worked with, studied, and learned from such cultures as the Comanche, Hopi, Mayan, and Aborigine.

In the 1970s, Ms. Smith served as an advisory member to the American Security Council National Advisory Board and the U.S. Congressional Advisory Board. For outstanding dedication and achievements in political organization, and for successful work with Awards by presidents Ford, Reagan, and Bush. She was awarded a Special Commendation for Superb Service to the American Security Council, presented by the National District Attorneys Association, National Association of Chiefs of Police, and from the National Council of Juvenile Court Judges.

Ms. Smith is internationally recognized for her motivational and inspirational teachings, visionary messages, and private readings. Her book “An Angel With Muddy Feet,” was self-published 1995. In that true tale, she writes of her spiritual teacher and role model – Maggy Conn – the vaudeville showgirl turned gun-slinging mayor of the small Midwest town Ms. Smith grew up in (Herrick, Illinois). 

Along the way, she explores her own spiritual awakening. Some call her a psychic; others refer to her as a seer. In fact, what she is able to do is see through levels of energy. For twenty years she has done this for corporate executives, politicians, movie stars, directors, producers, law enforcement agencies and anyone with the desire to have more knowledge about what concerns them in the present. Her abilities have been used as a powerful tool for planning and understanding the future. 

She continues to appear on radio and television talk shows, and several times a year offers spiritual training workshops throughout the United States and Australia.