An Angel with Muddy Feet

The Biography of Maggy Conn as told to Shirley J. Smith

An Angel with Muddy FeetIf you understand the expression, “There are those among us who possess the ability to look down at the sky” and if you believe that your achievements in life are in direct proportion to the magnitude of your dreams, then the spiritually motivated, love-giving life of vaudeville superstar, Bobby Adams — later to become Maggy Conn, the “Pistol Packing” mayor of Herrick, Illinois — will fill your heart with unending joy.

Maggy was blessed with special abilities from birth, a psychic awareness filling her with a passionate love for all living things. Although badly misunderstood by her parents, and victimized by two broken marriages, Maggy never lost focus on the true meaning of unconditional love. She combined this with an instinctive need to spread spiritual sanity wherever she traveled. Amidst a life rich in personal accomplishments, Maggy’s true love, a man she called “The Duke”, ironically slipped through her fingers, leaving an unfulfilled emptiness in the balance of her life.

It is here the love Maggy gave to the world came back to her tenfold, when The Duke reached down from above to let her know they would soon be forever linked in the spiritual realms.

This heartwarming, emotionally uplifting story is about true soulmates. It describes how, with their powerful love and faith, soulmates can accomplish anything they can envision. Maggy Conn and her beloved Duke — their hearts now linked forever as one –help us understand and teach the true meaning of ‘Universal Love’.

Table of Contents

1 In The Beginning
2 The Love Of My Life
3 Life In Kerry Patch
4 It’s Show Time
5 Love The One You’re With
6 Knock ‘Em Dead
7 On The Road Again
8 On The Farm
9 Tears On My Dreams
10 Divorce Maggy Style
11 Soul Searching
12 Back To The Beginning
13 Her Honor
14 Why Me
15 Getting To Know You
16 A Good Reason
17 Help From Above
18 The Wisdom Within
19 Everyone Loves A Parade
20 A Love Affair For Eternity
21 Coming To A Close
22 Passing The Torch
23 The Light Of My Life

Number of pages: 180


Shirley J. Smith’s adventurous, acclaimed life turned from its diminutive, naive beginnings into a personal quest to show the world how pure love from the heart is the most powerful force in the Universe. In 1966 . . . the day she met Maggy Conn.

With Maggy’s help guiding her passion to achieve, together they rose to positions of authority in law enforcement, local, state and national politics, all the while never losing their fervent desire to teach truth and love.

Today known worldwide as a Spiritual Advisor, International Lecturer, Corporate Consultant and Award Winning Political Organizer — with recognition of her achievement from Presidents Ford, Reagan and Bush — Shirley is currently coordinating lecture tours, radio and television shows in conjunction with the publishing of this biography.

It is Shirley’s sincere hope that all who read this love-enriching story, walk away from the experience equally enriched.

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