Shirley’s Monthly Messages Through Automatic Writing

Shirley’s messages are received through automatic writings from her spiritual teacher, Maggy Conn. For those who haven’t read “An Angel With Muddy Feet,” Maggy was a wise teacher who understood life on earth filled with Truth and Love. She is now on the other side assisting Shirley by sending messages to help others better understand “Self” and the power of Love. Usually Maggy and other Guides wake Shirley up in the middle of the night! However, for this site, Shirley’s wish is to post a message once a month. 

Everything Begins With You

Febuary 2023Message from: Maggie Conn Everything begins with you! And when you begin to harness your personal power, the changes in your life will be limitless.  Just as one root in a tree forms the foundation that supports the entire tree, you are an essential part of earth’s whole.  You have unique abilities, unique experiences,…

Numerology Message

January 2023Maggy Conn The year 2022 was a #6 year, meaning it was all about building new relationships and strengthening the people already in your life, but the year 2023… 2+0+2+3=7… and #7 energy is asking you to look inward. This year is to be a calmer period, with a need to focus on one’s…


December 2022 Message May the Spirit of Christmas give you peace. May  Happiness give you hope. And the warmth of Christmas Give you Love. Merry Christmas  Love, Shirley


November 2022 Although sharing food is a big part of the Thanksgiving holiday, so is the sharing of words between family members, co-workers, or friends — while you exchange the bowl of mashed potatoes for the platter of turkey. Going around the table and telling stories about a Thanksgiving thankfulness or your gratitude will prompt…

Fear vs. Love

October 2022 The main lesson in life’s journey is to learn to love yourself. Life is impulsive and you never know what the next day will bring. Always be ready to change, forgive quickly and never regret anything that makes you happy. There is a lot of fear and uncertainty in the world especially right…

Your Consciousness

September 2022 The state of planet Earth depends on the state of your consciousness. Have you thought how people are the guardians of earth? Your actions and your thoughts will create what this planet becomes. Modern physics tells us that we’re dreaming the world into being with every thought. Your dreams tell you how the…

Earth’s Major Changes

August 2022 The American psychic Edgar Cayce invented the phrase “Earth Changes” to refer to the belief that the world would soon enter on a series of cataclysmic events causing major alterations in human life on the planet. Let’s dig a little deeper with this projection. Earth is an organism! Planet Earth is in fact a…

“Trust & Believe in Yourself”

July 2022 You have been manipulated your entire life. To change, you must think for yourself.  Doing this will restore your natural ability to common sense in an age of experts. You have absorbed to much thinking from technology experts, so you must reclaim your life’s control. You must redevelop your ability to think for…

The Brain

June 2022 Everyday life is creating most people to struggle at unprecedented speed in their present. They find themselves looking at the past or try to get a glimpse of the future. They are mentally battling to live in their now. It is time to expand your consciousness and reset your brain. To be conscious…

“The Blame”

May 2022 It’s time to see and understand the blame energy! It is an energy most don’t even think about yet that emotion is holding you back from your spiritual growth. When an incident happens, most of you feel it’s only natural to look outside of yourself and most think if I hadn’t listened to…


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