Shirley’s Monthly Messages Through Automatic Writing

Shirley’s messages are received through automatic writings from her spiritual teacher, Maggy Conn. For those who haven’t read “An Angel With Muddy Feet,” Maggy was a wise teacher who understood life on earth filled with Truth and Love. She is now on the other side assisting Shirley by sending messages to help others better understand “Self” and the power of Love. Usually Maggy and other Guides wake Shirley up in the middle of the night! However, for this site, Shirley’s wish is to post a message once a month. 

“The Blame”

May 2022 It’s time to see and understand the blame energy! It is an energy most don’t even think about yet that emotion is holding you back from your spiritual growth. When an incident happens, most of you feel it’s only natural to look outside of yourself and most think if I hadn’t listened toContinue reading ““The Blame””

Life is not Solemn

April Message 2022 It is wise to always work for harmony in your life, as a result the spirit of happiness will be your balance. The source of true happiness will create you to be completely at peace and content with your life. This true happiness is known to be “Spiritual Happiness.”          Letting goContinue reading “Life is not Solemn”

“Truth is the energy supporter for your soul’s existence.”

March 2022Message From a Universal Love Guide Earth is going through the process of a fabulous truth movement and while doing so a new higher energy frequency has risen. It is as though people have found a circuit that has a new universal unlimited power source of love and light. This Light carries the wisdomContinue reading ““Truth is the energy supporter for your soul’s existence.””

Year Significance of 2022

January 2022Master Morya   The year 2022 is a #6 Universal year with a Master number enhancing the energy. The universal master numbers are 11, 22, and 33.  Numerology teaches that #22 is the most powerful number. Although every master number claims potential and power, the master #22 is deemed the master builder in the Triangle ofContinue reading “Year Significance of 2022”

Time for Unity

December 2021By Master Koot Hoomi A unity with yourself must be number one before unity with the outside world. The self requires a unity, everything on earth demands self-unity!  People are connected to each other through the silken thread of love, and that is the core of human self-existence, in your homes, families, societies, and cities. Continue reading “Time for Unity”

“Self’s Importance”

October 2021Master Koot Hoomi You are more important than you know. God created the heavens, and the earth and humans are a part of this great creation. Everything created was comprised of energy. It is your bodies energy that is a part of this magnificent creation. You are God’s walking love light, as a resultContinue reading ““Self’s Importance””

“Your Energy Field”

September 2021 MessageMaster Morya It is essential you learn and accept Mother Earth is alive for that is what it’s all about.  This planet is a procreative power of the male and female energy in the universe.  The society must acknowledge that earth is a living being for humans come from the Earth. It hasContinue reading ““Your Energy Field””

Emotional Growth

August 2021 MessageMaster Koot Hoomi Emotional Growth is much akin to physical fitness, in that the more you practice being empathic and kind the more you do the right thing even when it’s the hardest and the quicker it will become easier.  As you become willing to look at yourself with that ‘no excuses’ attitudeContinue reading “Emotional Growth”


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