Personal Sessions

Personal Session with Shirley will enable you to better understand your “Self” & Your Own Spirituality 

Some call me a psychic, others refer to me as a seer. In fact, what I am able to do is see through levels of energy. When these levels are penetrated, I see a TV-type screen. When the screen opens, I can then communicate with guides, guardian angels, relatives or whoever wishes to communicate with you that does not live on this planet.

How it works:
I use the tool of numerology to dial in a frequency, just as you tune your TV or radio to a station. This allows me to tune in to your frequency. From this point, I meditate to open your channel of communication so I can hear what is being said to you. To go one step further, I go into your body and check your physical health. I look at all that surrounds you including anything that can be helpful or harmful to your mental, spiritual and physical well-being. This preparation process often takes 3 to 5 hours, but it allows me to be thoroughly prepared for our session. Then, during our one hour session, through this connection, I pass on to you whatever information you request.

My Clients:
For twenty years I have done this for corporate executives, politicians, movie stars, directors, producers, law enforcement agencies and anyone with the desire to have more knowledge about what concerns them in the present. My abilities have been used as a powerful tool for planning and understanding the future.

Your private session.
You can have a private one hour session with Shirley J. Smith for $350. As thousands of people have learned, this session can be conducted by phone from the comfort of your home or office. This enables us to have a more relaxed atmosphere in which to conduct your session. Your session will be taped and your tape will be mailed to you for your review.

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