Your Consciousness

September 2022 The state of planet Earth depends on the state of your consciousness. Have you thought how people are the guardians of earth? Your actions and your thoughts will create what this planet becomes. Modern physics tells us that we’re dreaming the world into being with every thought. Your dreams tell you how theContinue reading Your Consciousness

Earth’s Major Changes

August 2022 The American psychic Edgar Cayce invented the phrase “Earth Changes” to refer to the belief that the world would soon enter on a series of cataclysmic events causing major alterations in human life on the planet. Let’s dig a little deeper with this projection. Earth is an organism! Planet Earth is in fact aContinue reading “Earth’s Major Changes”

“Trust & Believe in Yourself”

July 2022 You have been manipulated your entire life. To change, you must think for yourself.  Doing this will restore your natural ability to common sense in an age of experts. You have absorbed to much thinking from technology experts, so you must reclaim your life’s control. You must redevelop your ability to think forContinue reading ““Trust & Believe in Yourself””

“Truth is the energy supporter for your soul’s existence.”

March 2022Message From a Universal Love Guide Earth is going through the process of a fabulous truth movement and while doing so a new higher energy frequency has risen. It is as though people have found a circuit that has a new universal unlimited power source of love and light. This Light carries the wisdomContinue reading ““Truth is the energy supporter for your soul’s existence.””

“Within you is everything you need!”

February 2022Master Morya You have been taught all solutions are outside of you, therefore you must be taught to find it, is within.  It’s time to break out of the box and move beyond limited ways of operating.  You can develop new concepts of quantum, holographic, and multidimensional ways of thinking. This is the keyContinue reading ““Within you is everything you need!””

Year Significance of 2022

January 2022Master Morya   The year 2022 is a #6 Universal year with a Master number enhancing the energy. The universal master numbers are 11, 22, and 33.  Numerology teaches that #22 is the most powerful number. Although every master number claims potential and power, the master #22 is deemed the master builder in the Triangle ofContinue reading “Year Significance of 2022”

Time for Unity

December 2021By Master Koot Hoomi A unity with yourself must be number one before unity with the outside world. The self requires a unity, everything on earth demands self-unity!  People are connected to each other through the silken thread of love, and that is the core of human self-existence, in your homes, families, societies, and cities. Continue reading “Time for Unity”