Everything Begins With You

Febuary 2023
Message from: Maggie Conn

Everything begins with you! And when you begin to harness your personal power, the changes in your life will be limitless.  Just as one root in a tree forms the foundation that supports the entire tree, you are an essential part of earth’s whole.  You have unique abilities, unique experiences, and unique essence to plant earth and it’s important that each of you play a part in Earth’s spiritual ceremony of happiness. 

          Together earth will change! Discover how to manifest meaningful changes in your personal life, learn ways to become a caretaker of nature and be a part of the movement toward a better future for the beautiful reproduction planet earth.  People are earth’s living life cells, so, when any person learns about themselves then earth will change and be happy.

          It is wise to step outside any block and move on.  All answers to all questions are within each one of you.  With your self-findings you can understand the greater ways of the universe.  When you have faith, you know God is your support.

To look within, it’s a wise idea to start with your charkas, your rainbow body. You can identify old wounds that you may be carrying and remove those blockages by rebalancing them with spinning your colors clockwise. You spin each of your charka colors and any blockage will be throwing out of your body, those blockages will go.  You will no longer have to waste your energy to change circumstances around you.  It can start with your charka color lights your body radiates through your charka’s colors.  When you were born, your charkas were clear and clean, each center was vibrating powerful at its natural frequency, and your entire being was shining brightly with what is your Rainbow Body.  As you grow, the charkas get blocked through trauma and loss and their toxic residues diminish the colorful light you carry within.  Any charka that isn’t spinning clockwise will cause blockages and illness.  So, honor your charkas techniques and practice to help yourself, shed, and heal old wounds and you will make positive changes in life as you radiate your colors flowing outward of your body. 

Meditation to Assist:

During your medication it is wise to include the following thoughts.

  1. Calm your mind by focusing on the sensation of breathing.
  2. Attain internal awareness by feeling your heartbeat in your chest or your pulse.
  3. Attain coherence by coordinating your breath to your heartbeat.
  4. Attain a great state of relaxation.
  5. Feel relief from pain in any injured area.
  6. Calm your stomach your bowels and relax.
  7. Feel tingling energy in your hands, a sign of your healing energy.
  8. Feel expansive pressure in your forehead, a sign of developing insight.
  9. Experience the depth of you’re feeling about a person or situation.
  10. Reprogram your subconscious patterns by repetitive affirmations or sacred words.
  11. Send a wave of peace to planet Earth.

The Meditation:

Take a deep breath through your nose with mouth closed count to 5 and exhale slowly out your mouth counting to eight. Repeat this procedure three times.

Visualize your root charka color red and see red spinning clockwise left to right.

Next visualize your Sacral Chakra orange in color, your stomach area. Spinning clockwise left to right.

Visualize your Solar Plexus charka, yellow open and spinning left to right.

Visualize your Heart chakra, color green, spinning clockwise, left to right.

Throat chakra color blue spinning clockwise, left to right.

Third Eye, located between your eyes, Indigo color, spinning clockwise.

Crown Chakra color gold located around your forehead.

Spinning left to right, clockwise.

Located at the top of your head is the spiritual chakra color white. Visualize white flowing out the top of your head out to the universe.

“When we live inside our purpose our path is smooth.”  By Native Anerican Wisdom/Quotes for spiritual minded people. 

Love always, Shirley

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