November 2022

Although sharing food is a big part of the Thanksgiving holiday, so is the sharing of words between family members, co-workers, or friends — while you exchange the bowl of mashed potatoes for the platter of turkey. Going around the table and telling stories about a Thanksgiving thankfulness or your gratitude will prompt a Thanksgiving tradition and reflect you to the meaning of the day. Thanksgiving is a meaningful way to give thanks, express gratitude, and work towards unpacking the history of the first Thanksgiving.

You can share words with your dinner guests on November 24, whether you are looking for a funny Thanksgiving joke to break the ice once everyone sits down for their meal, or a seasonal quote to get in the spirit of fall holidays (and maybe even the upcoming winter ones). Some of your words can even work as a Thanksgiving prayer or blessing you can pair with other Thanksgiving Bible verses if your family follows the Christian faith. You can also accompany one of the words with an equally meaningful Thanksgiving poem for a lightdinner opener. Regardless of which quotes you select to share, feed it beneath your homemade spread.

Happy Thanksgiving with Lots of Love


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