Master Morya

2014 being a #7 Universal Year, is the most sacred and spiritual year for introspection. This year’s energy will influence the collective experience for everyone on earth.  Truth will unfold about things that have been hidden.  People will question things on a deeper level and will discern what is true and what is not. They will begin to question status quo and begin to see a much clearer picture of Earth’s deceptions.  Secrets that operate behind closed doors will be exposed.  Conversations thought to be private will become public knowledge.  Cameras will capture scenarios which will expose the truth.  The #7 is considered to be the bridge between Heaven and Earth and the doorway will be pushed wide open this year. 

This year’s major changes will help evolve people’s collective consciousness.   It is a time the energy will be filled with unconditional love, understanding, forgiveness and a year of faith.  People will become aware of how important it is not to put out anger, hate or fear thoughts.  More people will speak the truth causing real feelings and beliefs to surface and be known.  A new prosperity flow will be supported to create new desires in life changes.  With the necessary changes there will be no fear as people will be more aware and realize everything is in Divine and Perfect Order.

Take advantage of this year’s energy to build and consciously evolve into this peaceful realm.  It is through opportunities that you learn how to grow.  Take the time to allow your energy and thoughts to be clearer and focus on actions to create you desires to  manifestation.  Life can be a treadmill of mundane details or it can be an inspiring adventure of uplifting experiences. Through daily meditation, you can start each day by raising your frequency of consciousness above the mundane.  Instead you will rise into the energetic spiritual realms of consciousness.

 Live your life in the present moment every day. Learn how your relationship to your life and your relationship to change is really your relationship to the now.   Live a life of transformation every day. Discover how you can feel successful immediately, because of your alignment with transformation. You will learn how to make each day successful despite anything that happens outside of you self. 


Your meditations have  facets of spiritual awareness which unfold as a result of daily practice. Any technique you desire will work.  A meditation brings forth Spiritual Awareness that will rise with a great flow.  A sense of flow attracts synchronicity into your life’s events. This magical sense enables you to always be at the appropriate place at the appropriate time. You then will gain from the experiences that your inner self planned for this life time.  You will develop a sense of unconditional love for the inner, spiritual essence with all people that you are connected with. Even the difficult people, for they are only   a mirror for you to understand an aspect of your past.  Release past negative thoughts that you have adopted from this life time experiences.  You can release those old thought patterns of self criticism by remembering you live in a universe which is naturally full of love and unconditional acceptance. 

The acceptance of abundance is a natural flow of the universe and you will prosper.  Do not allow those opinions about something being wrong with money.  Life gets a lot more convenient when you are abundant.   Money is a form of energy and the universe is filled with energy. When you follow your innermost joy, you find yourself doing work that you love.  As you allow your work to be absorbing, you will become very good at it. You will feel that it was effortless and become highly skilled at what you actually do.  Following your inner joy is the secret to finding and developing an occupation which brings natural abundance.


Your intuitive insight develops with your regular spiritual meditations.  Your sense of intuition develops smoothly and naturally.  It allows your insights to grow and become very valuable in dealing with any daily challenges.  A growing sense of creativity becomes apparent when meditations become your daily routine. You discover new ways to achieve results because you see situations from a broader perspective.  An advance in spiritual wisdom and understanding comes with deep meditation. In meditation, it is important to let distracting, surface thoughts dissipate so that deeper realizations may surface at the time that they are needed.

 When you detach from worldly concerns and express a higher frequency of consciousness, the conflicts of the lower frequencies of consciousness become automatically healed. When you let go of any form of conflict within yourself, you are able to rise to a higher frequency of consciousness in a state of harmony and balance.

Higher frequencies of consciousness hold a higher power. If you allow balance to enter your life through a spiritual state of consciousness, it will manifest immediately and be very powerfully in your daily life. You will also be helping to raise the global consciousness in a very powerful and constructive manner.


Meditation To Assist you

1Take a deep breath and let it out slowly.  
2Visualize a rainbow color flowing clockwise, All around your body.
3 Take another deep breath and let it out slowly. 
4Visualize Pink and Blue colors flowing inside your body from your toes to the tops of your head. 
5Flow your Pink and Blue colors through your heart.  Feel your heart colors mingling with your Rainbow. 
6Visualize your heart colors flowing out into the Universe’s colors.  The universe is filled with love, unconditional love, and peace.  Listen to the beautiful Universal Love tones playing their music just for you.  You will feel relaxed and full of joy with your heart felt energy mingling with the Universal Love and Tones.
7Bring your heart colors back inside your head and seal it with gold. 

It is through the Universal Love and Tones power that assists you in knowing the Truth of what your Soul desires.  The power of your thoughts through meditations vibrating in the universal energy creates the manifestations of your desires. 

Joy is what happens when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are.” 

By Marianne Williams

With love, Shirley

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