Universal Year 2014 Numerology

Pythagorean Theorem

Numerology is an ancient teaching from Pythagoras known as the Pythagorean Doctrine.  It is a language that allows you to be an observer of the apparent intersection of earth and the sky.  It will open doors to your spiritual awareness and allows you to see what truly exists.  Once your spiritual horizon has been expanded through the symbolized numbers and letters you will better understand your power.  The Universe is infinite and numerology is a gateway to open a larger creation of its realities.

Numerology allows you to decipher a Universal Code that unlocks secret messages about the meaning of life.  

2014 is a Universal Year #7.   2+0+1+4 = 7

Universal Year #7 is a ‘magical’ number.  It’s a year all about transformation including health and financial prudence. There will be constant changes affecting the nation’s material wealth.  This year’s occurrence will eventually affect everyone’s standard of living.  For those who heed the warning will make an improvement in their life.   #7  carries the energy of spirituality joining the reality energy. It has a secretive, mysterious, intuitive and introspective energy.  It will surface the energy of a thinker, myth, religion, and the collective consciousness. It also will be a year for new ideas filled with new dignity. People will experience a tendency to spend more time alone. It is a year they will want to look inside themselves for their own answers.  It is a time when people will desire to reach their own goals on the material level.  It’s a time they will desire to learn more about how to respect and live on Earth.  People will become aware how everything on earth has spirit and how it vibrates.  The greatness of Spirit’s vibration is all natural.  It’s the trees, air, water, plants, animals really everything on this beautiful planet.

 Master Maitreya 

There will be great changes during 2014.  It’s important not to think of it as negative for it is all a part of Earth’s evolution.  When Earth is miss treated there will be rebuttals. Those rebuttals are going to be more earthquakes, storms, fires that are caused mostly by nature.  It is through these processes that Earth will cleans to strengthen the foundation of its source.  This year’s energy will create more wisdom, knowledge, spiritual faith, trust and innovation. Collectively your faith, honesty and reliance on the material world will evoke a   brainpower for you to look at any situation clearly.  This great energy will assist in reaching your own conclusion about any situation.  

Universal Year 2014 is a time for people to re-evaluate.  It is a time for study, specialization of sharing wisdom and a time for analysis about the deeper questions of life.  People will feel the urge to share knowledge and wisdom with others while they enjoy themselves.  It will be a year filled with changes for the betterment of you and earth.

Your Personal Numerology is all about your soul’s journey.   Below is information how to figure your personal year and what each number represents.  Having this knowledge will assist you during this great year of 2014. 

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