“The Height of Enjoyment”

 Master Koot Houmi 

Life’s fullest enjoyment is created as you intermingle spirituality with your daily life.  This connection brings forth a harmony energy constituting you to dance in the Universal light.  The five steps to dancing with your light are physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritual and meditation. Dancing physically energizes and aligns your body.  Emotionally your light will brighten through music and art.  Mental action formats your course of life.  Spiritually is relaxing allowing you to visualize your past, present and future into the now.   Meditation is your guide to whatever is needed to be.  This energy generates your heart’s beat into powerful vibrational tone.  It truly synergizes your soul to a molecular vibration reaching into the Universe’s flow of pure love and pure light.  .  

Like never before Earth is going through a shift of global consciousness. This energy is on the rise and your light will guide you, every step of the way. As you enjoy the essence of your light dance energy it will pursue the Universal consciousness. Experiencing life in the freedom of knowing who you are will create a vibrational flow assisting your endeavors.  Any decisions that must be made will be easier without you even giving it much thought.   The healing power of spiritual light is an emotional energy with the greatest vibrational frequency.


During 2014 earth will be in the process of making a great transition as it prepares for a quantum evolutionary leap.  Many already feel this new awakening energy. It is a spiritual revolution that is beginning to quietly explode and then flow into a steady mainstream as it creates a new earth to be born. Those who consciously know they are on their spiritual path will not fall into the negative reactions during these changes.  Fear will not serve any purpose.  They are prepared with a steady and strong energy vibrating with clarity and ease.

You are truly living in an exciting time.  Each of you has the opportunity to live free, to release worry or fear and create your own well being.  Earth’s time and energy is moving fast with these new changes.  Living your life in the present moment allows you to immediately know what to do after a spontaneous action arises.  The key is to watch your thoughts.  for those who wish to control their thoughts, it truly is simple.  There is a positive useful energy and there is negative non-useful energy.  Using positive thoughts will   manifest admiration, love, unity, friendship and compassion.  Negative thoughts are the opposite.  The create anger, jealousy, hate, reflect blame, guilty or fear. Negative thoughts can drain the life force right out of you.  Like a hole in a dam.  It flows out; leaving you feeling tired even when you have done nothing strenuous.  Those types of thoughts are counterproductive and persist to where your health deteriorates.   It truly is a useless cycle of self pity, worry or fear.


Allow your spirit to become dominant.  Before analyzing anything that you have read or been told feel it to know if it’s of truth.  The more spiritual you become the more you love the simple things in life.  Imagine a spiritual person and a purely academic person sitting on a beach watching the sunrise.  The spiritual person feels the sun upon their body and glories in the beginning of a new day.  They will glory in the wondrous colors that the sun makes as it rises above the horizon.  The academic person will feel the sun upon their body also, but they will note as a change in the temperature.  They will see the colors as the sun shines through the clouds and is reflected off the sea, but they will view these as wave’s lengths.  They will not glory in the new day.  Why should they because they know there will be another new day.  They think of earth as a evolving mechanically around the sun at a certain speed and certain. 

Creating a habit of watching your thoughts creates you to control your thoughts.  Make this your intention especially during meditation.  Meditation automatically brings your thoughts into the present moment.  During this time your emotions helps you to transform the negative non-useful thoughts into a balance with your positive energy relaxing your body.  Mentally focus allows you to maintain balance.   Meditation is a powerful moving technique that will rapidly put you in an enlightened state of mind. 


Meditation To Assist “The Height of Enjoyment”

1Visualize Pink and Blue flowing from your feet to the top of your head.
2Take a deep breath and let it out slowly
3Visualize Pink, Blue, Emerald Green, Gold and White flowing from your toes to the top of your head.
4Visualize yourself sitting in a sunlit garden and feel your heart beating and flowing like a stream of crystal sparkling water.  Listen to the music of your heart beat and the flowing water. Hear all the sounds of nature in this springtime garden.
5Visualize the sunlight dancing on the water.  Your guide is with you and offers you a cup of the crystal clear water from the stream. It is a cool cleansing feeling and gives you a new refreshing energy. Feel your body flowing with this new energy.  Your dance in the Universal energy is creating any desires you may have to be accomplished.  They are done
6Continue to dance in this great energy.  This beautiful dancing with the Universal Love Dance Energy creates a harmony with you and the great Universal Love colors.
7Visualize your colors flowing back into your heart.  Once your energy colors are flowing inside your body seal your heart with Silver.

“Every thought you have makes up some segment of the world you see.  It is with your thoughts, then, that we must work, if your perception of the world is to be changed.”

 By A Course In Miracles

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