“Your Spiritual Gifts”

When you consciously become one with Master Morya’s energy, you will find it is concentrated upon a Universal Love service.  It is a born action of a continuous urge to help mankind.  This connection with the Universal Love energy will open your heart to the understanding of your great Spiritual Gifts. 

Master Morya is a Master of Wisdom. He knows your thoughts, and uses love power energy to assist with your heart’s  desires.  His loving energy brings comfort and support to all who are seeking this great knowledge.

It is important to be aware of earth’s technology that shows activity in the sky.   This great wealth of discoveries about the galaxies and universe contains a great energy of excitement. The pictures that are being shown allows you to see how the action creates  forms filled with colors.  Earth’s universe is only one of many in what has come to be called the multiverse.  Each of these universes has different colors and parameters that are conducive to Earth.

With this powerful knowledge you can comprehend more about energy within yourself.    Through ceaseless collisions of small galaxies the universe has expanded into a bigger place.  This great evidence is now showing you the birth of the universe. To be born in the stupendous annihilation of matter and antimatter is a miraculous sight.   Then to watch the universe suddenly cool down to the point that atoms are formed in a secular way.  It is similar to the cosmic microwave background, and it has gone through quite the journey.  This energy creation has been on an uninterrupted voyage through space and now this powerful frequency of energy has reached Earth.

Image yourself as a “Stupendous Giant” making billion-light-year strides through the cosmos, hour after hour. Even at this ultra-warp-drive pace, you would always find yourself in the middle of a uniform mist of galaxies with no end in sight.  It is a fact that matter and energy are only the positive side of reality. There is an equal and opposite negative side that resides in gravitational fields. The annihilation of virtually all matter by antimatter that every proton and electron in your body has survived.  Dark energy has the crucial property of making the universe fall outward, rather than inward, which is why the expansion of the universe is accelerating to Earth.   

The more you are aware of how the universe’s energy expands and flows the better you will understand the truth of your spiritual gifts.  Let go of the human will and expand your thoughts to absorb the heart of this great Universal Energy.  Spiritual gifts are given to every believer.  To connect with your gifts start by doing some self reflection.  What brings joy into your life?  What do you hate doing? And why?  Those types of questions will prompt you to know yourself more deeply.  Your outside life craves instant information, but transformation through self-discovery means doing the work of observation and reflection. After completing your reflecting journey then it’s time to look at your creativity, your life’s purpose and freedom for they are your part of your spiritual gifts intended just for you. Embrace it with your body mind and soul for it is an energy that belongs to you.   

As the “Sky Action” flows down, around and in Earth, it is directed into thought forms.  It is a designed to dissolve, consume and totally transmute the cause, effect, record and memory of all that would be present.  That is why the Ascended Masters are more than ready to assist each of you.  They know the steps that you have taken, the path you have walked, if you had pain and when you have joy.  They know this great energy has reached earth and for those who are willing they will have more compassion, energy grace, beauty, kindness gentleness and sweetness toward self and others.  Love is on the rise for receiving and giving.  It is a rise in your Spiritual Enlightenment filled with gifts.

 Meditation is a good discipline in which you can be shown your spiritual gifts.  It helps you to truly connect with yourself and the Universe’s Love energy.  This powerful connection will give you any information you are seeking.   The Universal Love and your free will automatically creates a sacred portal of your life’s spiritual gifts.  Within a split second you will see the picture filled with answers to any questions you may have.  It is all a part of your spiritual practices for mystical life experiences.   

Meditation to Assist With “Your Spiritual Gifts”

1Take a deep breath through your nose and exhale out your mouth.  Slowly repeat this practice three times.
2Visualize Pink, Blue, Emerald Green, Gold, Purple and White flowing from the top of your head down to your toes.
3Flow all those colors through your body and out your heart, through the Galaxy and out into the Universe.
4Feel the vibrational power of all these beautiful energy colors.
5Enjoy the feeling of this great vibrational power.
6Visualize your standing inside a Golden Pyramid.  Your bare feet are on the ground feeling Earth’s vibrations.
7As you look up at the pyramid top you see this brilliant glowing White Light covering your entire body and the inside of your pyramid.
8Feel your heart opening.  Feel this deep sense of opening is in your chest.  Feel the sense of unconditional love.
9You are completely absorbed with your heart’s energy and the Universe Love energy flowing.  Now ask any questions you may have.  Pay close attention to how you feel what you may hear or see.  Your faith, sensitivity, compassion and appreciation for life is getting stronger.  You are triggering a spiritual path to your spiritual gifts with great success. 
10Visualize your colors flowing back through the Universe, through the galaxy and into your heart.

“The greatest mystery about the universe is the universe itself.”

Unknown Author.

With love, Shirley

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