“Dancer’s in the Sky”

Master Melhizedek

Melchizedek is a great Master working to raise the higher consciousness through color and tones.  His symbol of the “Maltese Cross” represents the four planes of matter and the mastery over all of them. He and other Ascended Masters have mastered these planes and its Master Melchizedek duty to teach those who are ready.  These great teachings will give a supreme loving assistance and profound ascension for earth and humanity. It will create the truth through expression, emotions and spirituality.    

The universe is a space filled with flashing vibrant flowing colored lights and tones of many sparkling high definition sounds.   This movement is the Universe’s Energy Field. These colors and tones create magical forms and patterns that vibrate throughout the total existences and it consumes everything.  It is an intergalactic of all energy that has a movement with a universal language.  On Earth all life is a movement.  The trees, the breeze, the birds and the bees, the undulation of the waves, the rotating planets, the atoms and molecules are all in the state of transformation.  As these great changes transpire then earth will vibrate a more settled and calmer frequency.    It is the gifts given to earth and you by Spirit that floats and forms new energy fields like a “Dancer in the Sky.”


Meditating with colors allows your energy to mingle with the Universe’s Aura to become a dancer in the sky. Your body, mind and spirit are unified to this energy of oneness.  The ecstasy of spiritual wholeness is experienced with the flow of this sacred movement creating a present moment felt by your heart’s center awareness.   Connecting with this everlasting energy on a daily bases will energize and makes it clearer for you with any necessary decisions.   Your Aura and the Universe’s Aura are made up of colored layers and colored patterns.  These Auras’s can be seen, felt and heard since color and tones are one in the same.

Awareness of the meaning to each color and why you are attracted to certain colors is enlightening.  The electromagnetic spectrum is made up of ultraviolet, visible light and infrared.  Your eye’s can only see the light sector of the spectrum.  They are the colors of the rainbow and your charkas.  Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Gold and White. The wavelengths of light in a spectrum are one billionths of a meter.  Color is light of varying wavelengths and is a form of light energy.  Each color has its own specific weave length and vibration.  These wavelengths resonate with energies in different areas of the body and can have a healing effect.  Medicine Men or Healers use different colors to assist by focusing on the Chakras and their color vibrations.  Colors influence your feelings, emotions, and moods, your choices of action how you respond to people, situations and ideas.   The main reason you have certain colors in your life is it does shift your energy and moods.  

Meditating with colors is a deeply moving experience allowing you to witness the sheer raw beauty, passion and authenticity of your energy.  It reclaims your body’s sacred being and gives birth to your wholeness.  You will look and feel younger as this energy activation and cultivation is cumulative.  The more you meditate the more you accumulate the Heavenly Energy.  All this naturally increases confidence, wellness, aliveness, harmony energy, inner peace, relaxation, regeneration and the healing power of Love. 

Colors Significance:

RedRelates to self awareness.  It provides the power from earth and has a given energy on all levels. Red’s Positive Emotions is Life force, Survival, Passion and strength of will.Negative Emotions with Red is anger, frustration, and insecurity, self pity, fearful and aggressive. 
OrangeRelates to your happiness, confidence, and self respect.   Emotionally it connects you to your senses and helps to remove inhibitions so you will be more independent and social.Positive Emotions with Orange is sociable, creative, joyous and independent.Negative Emotions with Orange is withdrawn, destructive, despondent and over dependent. 
YellowIs your wisdom, clarity and self esteem.  Yellow is a very creative color and represents yourself worth, how you feel about yourself and how others perceive you.Positive Emotions with Yellow is confident, alert, optimistic and good humored Negative Emotions with Yellow is feelings of inferiority, over analytical, sarcastic and pessimistic.
GreenGoverns the heart.  It is a balance of love, self control, and healing. Positive Emotions of Green is compassion, generosity, harmony, balance and loving.Negative Emotions with Green is indifference, jealousy, miserly and bitterness.
BlueIs the color of the spirit and relates to you self expression.  Blue has a pacifying effect on the nervous system and brings great relaxation.  Blue energizes your body. Positive Emotions with Blue is loyal, trustworthy, tactful and calm.Negative Emotions of Blue is unfaithful, untrustworthy, self righteous and cold.
IndigoEmotions is about you being responsible for your own life and to follow your soul’s paths. Its energy enhances your ability to have trust in your own intuition.Positive Emotions with Indigo is highly intuitive, faithful, clear sighted, integrity and orderly mind.Negative Emotions with Indigo is inability to trust intuition, scattered thinking, inconsiderate and no insight vision.
PinkIs the color of self-love. It is a calming energy that relaxes your entire body.  Any time you feel restless or unsettled visualize Pink flowing inside your body to bring in the calmness energy  Positive Emotions with Pink is tenderness, calmness, gentleness, romantic love and being honest about your sincerity.    Negative Emotions with Pink is feelings of not being loved, self pity and hate.
BlackIs an absence of all color creating it to absorb the light.  White reflects the suns light and black absorbs the suns’ light.  Its energy contains mysterious and secretive energy. It also stands for protection, and grounding with powerful strength.  Positive Black Emotions represents earth’s rich soil, helps with polarity and strength.  It activates the positive energies in your body and will have a calming effect for emotional vulnerable individuals.Negative Emotions with Black has issues relating to death, hatred, and lack of forgiveness, dark intentions and needing compassion for one’s self.
WhiteIs the color that contains the entire spectrum in itself. It stands for beginnings and starting a new.  It stands for purity, strength and encourages inner creativity. Positive Emotions with White is a very high spiritual vibration, Godly, divine, inspiration, Loving and compassion.Negative Emotions with White is lacking consciousness, denial and faker of not being your true self.  
PurpleIs the color that relates to your imagination and spirituality.  It stimulates the imagination and inspires high ideals.  It allows you to get in touch with your deeper thoughts.Positive Emotions with Purple includes unusual and individual, creative and inventive, psychic, humanitarian, selfless and unlimited mystery. Negative Emotions with Purple is immaturity, being impractical, aloof, pompous, arrogant,   fraudulent and corrupt. 
TurquoiseThis color helps to open the lines of communications between your heart and the spoken word.  It represents a friendly and happy color.Positive Emotions with Turquoise is communications, clarity of thought, balance and harmony, idealism, calmness, creativity, compassion, healing and sufficiency. Negative Emotions for Turquoise is boastfulness, secrecy, unreliability, aloofness and deception.
GoldHas a strong, powerful energy.  Its energy boosts your confidence and self esteem. Positive Emotions with Gold is abundance, success, wealth, power vibrant health and prosperity. Gold’s Negative Emotions is fear of success, fear of wealth, self centered, demanding, lack of trust and falseness.
SilverRepresents the traits of intuition.  Silver draws negative energy from your body and replaces it with vibrant, positive energy. Silver Positive Emotions include illumination, reflections, balancing, calming, dignity, glamour, self control, insight and wisdom. Silver Negative Emotions represents dull, melancholy, lonely, lifeless and colorless, rigid, indecisive, insincere and deceptive.
 It Is Time 

Meditation to Assist “Dancer’s in the Sky”

 A simple Breathing practice before meditating will help to relax.  The first step of meditation is to stop distractions and make your mind clearer and more lucid. Breathing practice will help your mind to be calmer.

 As you start your meditation turn your attention to your breathing. Breathe naturally by taking a deep breath through your nostrils and exhale slowly out your mouth.  Become aware of the sensation of your breath as it enters and leaves the nostrils.  This sensation is your object of meditation.  Repeat your breathing three times.   You must calm your mind so it’s not too busy with thoughts going in different directions.  If you find that your mind has wondered and is following only with what you had done for the daily life then it’s time to return to your breathing process.  You must repeat the breathing technique as many times a necessary until your mind settles on the breath.  In doing this practice your thoughts will soon subside and you will experience a sense of inner peace and relaxation. 

1Take a deep breath and let it out slowly.
2Visualize Pink and Blue colors flowing inside your relaxed body.  They are flowing from your toes to the top of your head.
3Feel the calm Pink color caressing your body.  Feel the Blue color energize your entire body.  They are balancing your energy.
4Visualize Emerald Green flowing around your heart.  Feel your heart embracing this beautiful Emerald Green around and in your heart. This great sensation has a vibration like the beat of a drum. The sound from the beating tones pumps the sound of your love and healing energy. 
5Your colors, your heart’s love are now beating the sound energy to the Universe’s Love Tones. 
6You are experiencing the powerful connection of your energy in becoming a “Dancer In The Sky.” 
7The Universal Colors and Tones are now in filtered with your colors and tones and this energy pattern will always be. It’s a forever connection.
8Enjoy your new Universal connection.  This great unity is eternal.

Having the knowledge about Colors will inspire and empower you.  The Colors meaning is an inspirational self journey and with meditations it takes you on another great journey out into the Universal Love Energy.  This great knowledge of how colors affect your conscious and subconscious mind will change your life.  It gives an insight into a powerful tool for you to reach within the Universal Love.  Your choice of clothing colors, to your decorating colors, business colors has an influence on your life.  All colors that you surround yourself with create a major influence on your life.   Color is the vibration of Universal Light Energy. 


“A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feeling as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.” By Albert Einstein

With love, Shirley

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