“Think It and It will Happen – Believe It and It Is Yours”

Master Serapis Bey vibrates the energy of a quality frequency for prominent assistance to earth and people.

This movement flows towards the frequency for purity, discipline, joy, hope and excellence. Master Serapis helps people develop these qualities and gain mastery while gradually releasing any unbalanced energy that maybe stored in their physical body. He assists people in moving towards their life’s path while preparing them to receive the angelic energy of Universal Love. 

Master Serapis is devoted to the Universal Love and helps all souls vibrate their great love.  This energy will create a movement into the higher realms of consciousness expanding into the Universal Love presence.

“Think It & It will Happen,  Believe It & It Is Yours”

The ancient’s put forth these great teachings to help people understand, their beliefs and reality were truly their “Higher Self.”   These notable teachings are now better understood due to the cosmic changes. 

 A great energy in the Heavens has shifted into the Universal Love frequency harboring and encircling Earth.


Every human’s “inner being” creates their own reality on a daily bases.  Reality encompasses all things that exists are possible.  

Your reality describes your perception of experiences that you believed possible. Your personal belief is how you view your own life.  Your estimation of success and failure depends on the structure of your beliefs.    

Belief is an idea thought to be true and congruent with reality.  It is important to believe in your own experiences no matter what other people may think.  The emotional and logical components are two major components that contribute to your personal beliefs.  The blending of logic and emotions will create an impeccable energy for accomplishments. 

A new belief grows out of an emotional viewpoint that is supported by logic.

It’s the blending of these two major components that form the basic structure of your personal beliefs.  Once established, beliefs are accepted as fact and are rarely subject to scrutiny.

They become your personal vibrational system and that data is stored in your subconscious.  Your beliefs control how you sort and file any daily input.  Everything you see, experience, think and feel is adjusted to fit your beliefs.  Your personal operating system disassembles and reassembles all input data to conform to what you believe.

It is important to know this is a subconscious and conscious process.  

Through meditation there is a natural subconscious flow that will surface to your conscious level.   Many of your beliefs were established in childhood and have outlived their usefulness. Others are leftovers from situations and circumstances that are no longer relevant.  Imagine trying to run your current software on an obsolete system. The results would not be very satisfying. The same is with your obsolete belief systems that still influence how you evaluate life. 

Beliefs have to be upgraded.  As you learn and grow, many of your past outlived beliefs will surface showing their usefulness and how they no longer serve you.  Your purpose on earth is to learn and evolve.   From the first time you took a breath of life your mind started collecting and processing data. 


When you combine that information with experiences it will create your beliefs.  These beliefs are based on your evaluation, and emotional conclusions of your personal experiences.  For that reason your subconscious accepts them as being absolutely true.

Your subconscious mind then uses these personal truths to construct your personal version of the real world.  In other words, your beliefs become the foundation of your internal vibrational reality energy.

Your body concept is similar to a computer.  Your mind is constructed data that has a pathway that determines many aspects of life.  Pathway is your life’s map data of all journeys and experiences.  Your emotions are the energy current to supply all your bodies’ needs and your heart is the pumping device for creating and vibrating your natural flow.  If you have created a pathway where opportunity is everywhere, that’s what you will see.  When your pathway is based on opportunity, you won’t view challenges as obstacles because that would not harmonize with your pathway. 

Emotional attachment to your data’s pathway is your version of what in life is real. 

The easiest way to identify your own limiting beliefs is to look at your results and see if your life is producing your desires. Anything in your life that is producing good results is anchored to an empowering belief.  Likewise, any areas in your life that are unsatisfactory and frustrating are like anchored to a limiting belief. 

When you realize the areas that you are limited then it’s time to make changes.  Examine and list those unhappy areas, along with the beliefs and feelings that support them.  These areas are currently emotional liabilities.  They are the beliefs that limit you and need to be changed.

When your pathway of reality comes unraveled its due to being involved emotionally to events that no longer fit into your pathway. 

It’s like basing your pathway on a flat world, then realizing you were wrong.  Now your world will not make sense anymore and your pathway falls apart.  The good news about this happening is from time to time you need to re-create a personal growth with new beliefs.  New beliefs will be the key to a better pathway. 


Mediation is a way to update your beliefs automatically and it will change your pathway.  This is how you create a more pleasing version.  As you systematically dismantle your limiting beliefs, replacing them with empowering beliefs the topograph of your pathway will conform.  You will replace self doubt with self confidence, fear with curiosity as your pathway rearranges to support those new beliefs.  The world around you will look and feel different as you become more comfortable with your place in it. 

There can be a tendency to excuse behavior that conflicts with your deep down sense of right and wrong.  When this happens it’s easy to minimize the situation by telling yourself it’s a small think and it doesn’t matter.  You are justifying it on a conscious level and there will be a price to pay.  The problem is on a deeper emotional level that you are creating on the internal battleground.  If you allow yourself to continue without correcting the problem that internal conflict will undermine your efforts and you will be forced to compensate in some way. 

It is important to know your God given free will helps you chose what is appropriate for your life. The same skills that allow you to assign a positive emotional value to any life experiences will give you the power to devalue unwanted or inappropriate passions and desires.  Passion is an incredibly empowering energy current. 

Learn to align your passions with your heart’s values and beliefs and allow the inevitable empowerment to transpire.  It creates the foundation for a truly satisfying and fulfilling life that runs on positive energy and motivation.  At the same time it eliminates internal conflicts and self sabotaging behaviors.

Your life circumstance has a way of constantly changing.  Sometimes they will support your dreams and passions and sometimes they will challenge you.  The ability to live your passions while maintain your core valuable beliefs will allow you to meet those challenges without sacrificing your personal integrity.  When your passions are in harmony with your values and beliefs, challenges can be met passionately without you losing your sense of inner peace and harmony. 

Once you realize and accept the fact your own reality is created through your beliefs then life will be simplified.  You will experience the harmony within your heart’s desires as your physical body vibrates the quality of energy forever.

Meditation to assist you with

“Think It and It will Happen – Believe It and It Is Yours.”

1Take a deep breath and let it out slowly.
2Take another deep breath and while exhaling stretch your body slowly.
3Visualize Pink and Blue flowing inside your body from your toes to the top of your head.
4Visualize your heart beating Pink, Blue and Gold connecting with the Universal Love energy.
5 Feel your heart pumping those beautiful colors in a rhythm beat of harmony.
6Visualize a beautiful sunrise.  While the sun is rising you have this tremendous feeling of happiness. As your sunrise becomes brighter and brighter you have this feeling of great success for a job well done.  It is your sunrise creation filled with all your colors.   Now pay attention to the feelings that surface as you look at your sunrise creation.  Feel the peace and joy within your entire body.
7As you feel the enjoyment in your body the Universal Love is whispering in your ear.  “Acceptance of my beliefs does form my reality.  I realize my beliefs are a conclusion form by my reality.  My beliefs and my reality are filled with love, truth. I realize and know they are of great truth.  I know my belief energy is flowing through my entire body.  It creates me to succeed my life’s desires.  I have my existing empowering beliefs to apply to this in my life.   I am upgrading my new belief system and now forming my reality of newness.”
8 Visualize your new happy life flowing through your sparkling colors and out into the magnificence Universal Love Energy.  This trinity is your master piece for your new life.

Shirley’s Note: 

The Meditation #7.  It is recommended that you stand in front of a mirror and look deeply into your eyes.  Next read out loud the Universal Love message that was whispered in your ear.  Your eyes are the window to your soul and its energy will help you change any limited beliefs.

Also you must identify your limiting beliefs.  It’s important to examine and list those areas, along with the beliefs and feelings that support them.  These areas are currently emotional liabilities and need to be changed.  Make a list that includes the unfulfilling activity and the limiting belief associated with the negative feelings behind it.

Adopting the new empowering beliefs will change your producing results.  Being alert to those changes will help reinforce and validate your new beliefs.  Beliefs are formed ideas not yet physically experienced.  While reality shows it is a real manifestation filled with truth.  

“Whatever your mind can conceive and can believe, it can achieve”

 By Napoleon Hill

With love, Shirley

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