“It Is Time”

Koot Hoomi
Koot Hoomi

It is Time to see the good in every situation.  Look at the good within every living thing, including people.  See all things in life coming from your authentic self.  Do not look back as it is important to move forward. It is not necessary to worry or fret over things that are done in the past.  Simply be in the now.  The moment of the now has all the goodness and power that resides in you with clarity of who you truly are.  Your moment is in the now. 

 Touch, taste, see and feel the essence of the greatness in every moment.  It is time to fine tune your essences of your soul’s desire.  The more you pay attention to the subtle signs from the Universe the more you will be granted your desires.  Be one with this energy for it knows the whole truth.  This energy resides within each living thing on Earth.  This energy connection unites people and, from this energy, you become one with all creation.  You become the creator and experience of all that is good. Within you is a light shining bright filled with talents, potential and love to move forward with grace, courage and good.

It is Time for the advancement of souls to know the transitional planetary energy awareness.

Be aware of the magnificent being and creator that you are.  Your job is to simply awaken to your goodness.  Be aware of the signs showing you are on the right path while moving forward.  See everything and everyone as an extension of the good that resides within you.  Be conscious of what you have already out grown.  Thank yourself for any experience, be either positive or negative, for it is only learning and growing experiences.  All experiences have helped you get to the next space in your evolution.  Be gentle with your process.  When you have outgrown a stage in your life, be bold and plunge forward to the completion for your soul’s path.  Move forward with the boldness where your life is and where it needs to be.  Seek validation from within for your soul knows the answer.  Then your alignment and vision you have will manifest for it is a Universal Law.

It is Time for people to know everything is connected on Earth.  Those who learn this knowledge will have the wisdom of truth and love.  Once people begin to awaken, they will live in a state of true awareness.  They will be filled with joyful feelings of completion and accomplishments.  There is a beacon of light bridging the gap between all people worldwide.  It is time to clear all past issues, forgive yourself and others, release negative energy patterns and generate loving thoughts.  Expand on the restricted planetary belief systems and open your mind to loving thoughts.  Opening your mind will allow Universal Love to enhance your power to its fullness. 

It is Time for the mystery of unknown truth to be solved.  For many years, the energy of Universal Love and Truth were not known on Earth.  People have been stuck in a Universal Time that was disconnected from the higher dimensional frequencies.  During 2012, the higher frequency energies are being transmitted by the forces of light onto Earth.  This allows individuals who are open to receive.  The true self realization of your soul’s awakening requires expansion of your existing beliefs.  Opening yourself to the absolute Universal Truth is a must.  You came to Earth knowing this great Universal Truth.  If you lose your belief in this truth, then boundaries will limit your spiritual growth and your inner development.  A deep hunger with the perseverance to know the absolute Universal Truth has opened.

It is Time to wake up and realize the higher truth of what is going on.  You must realize restrictions can no longer affect you.  From 2012 to 2017, higher frequencies on Earth will allow people to activate their true ascension merging within the Universal Love and Truth. Your journey will reunite within your original Universal Seed through layers of your higher aspects of your soul.  Your soul awakening will create awareness of you as a spiritual being and expand your beliefs.  The energy will release your suppressed emotions and stress.  It empowers your thought process to overcome fear, worry or anxiety.  It opens your spiritual body and higher energy channels.  Through this process you will develop clarity for your vision in life. It helps you to see your life from the higher perspective and allows you to accept all life experiences with a better understanding. 

It is Time to focus and begin feeling this great force of energy you have.  Focusing on even the smallest instance of your powers will get familiar with your senses.  This will give you a perception of how involved and integrated the underlying hidden power you have.  When you deepen into the fire of your pure awareness, you create the circuitry that sparks the presence of sacred empowerment within you.  This fire energy is over and above all with your existing beyond consciousness.  It will beam forever as a sun rising in the truth of Divine Awakening.

Creation of the sacred is born from the balanced flow of the Divine within all things.  Birthing new life on Earth is the awakening spark of energy facing all people at this time.  Choices are being offered, many forces are empowering your action in the world and multitudes of possibilities exist.  Alignment with the Universal Love and Truth allows you to know what constitutes right action, and you are then guided to take the steps in the world necessary for your newness at this time.  Mother Earth is experiencing the upheaval of birth, and humanity is in labor with her.  It is coming to this sacred moment in a manner that honors the Divinity that exists in all of Nature, including your own being.  You can develop your telepathy energy quickly through meditation.

 It Is Time 

Meditation to Help with “It Is Time”

1.      Take a deep breath and let it out slowly.

2.      Take another deep breath and, while exhaling, stretch your body slowing.

3.      Visualize Pink and Blue flowing inside your body from your toes to the top of your head.

4.      Flow these colors through your entire body.

5.      Visualize the Universal Love Colors flowing down to the top of your head.  Feel these Universal Love Colors flow down your entire body.

6.      You are relaxed, feeling your heart vibrate the Universal Love Colors throughout your body.

7.      As you feel the vibrations of this powerful energy flow through your body, say to yourself, “It Is Time for me to know my soul’s desires.  It is time for me to take action and meditate daily for my clarity.  I am one with myself and with the connection of Universal Love Colors.”

8.       Visualize the Universal Love Colors flowing away from the top of your head and up into the Universe.

9.       Visualize a Gold shield over the top of your head.

“Make a gift of your life and lift all mankind by being kind, considerate, forgiving and compassionate at all times, in all places and under all conditions with everyone, as well as yourself.  This is the greatest gift anyone can give.” 

 By David R. Hawkins

With love, Shirley

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