“Universal Connection”

Master Morya
Master Morya

A universal connection has a chain reaction with waves of energy to your soul.  While meditating, your spiritual framework brings forth a woven pattern within your DNA. Your consciousness contains ideas that express this real connection.  These ideas are a link in a chain of other ideas and conceptions.  The forms of connection are a spatial, temporal and consequential energy governed in a mediated state.

 Universal Connection 

Connections do not exist by themselves.  The gravitational properties of material systems condition the force connection of cosmic, atomic nuclear charge in a connection in the periodic system of the elements and material production.  This energy will vibrate on Earth and out to the Universe.  It is a natural course when you think in terms of universal connections.  To know an object in reality, you must embrace and study all its aspects, then mediate with its connections. There is a drive in the scientific thoughts for systematic connections in particulars and in the whole.

 When you deny the principle of universal connection, there can be a disastrous effect, such as cutting down trees reduces the bird population and in turn increases the number of agricultural pests.  The wolf eats other animals, including the weak and the sick.  Paradoxically, the mass extermination of wolves, far from protecting the other species, actually reduces their numbers due to the spread of disease.  Everything on Earth is connected with something. 

The ancients knew the secret to “Know Thy Self and Thy Know All.”  You have to take care of your physical body, known as your temple, and your emotions, mentally and spiritually.  The spiritual is to connect with Universal Love through meditation.  Meditation is universal and the technique best suited for you is your personality reflection.  Meditations are expansion, permitting free flow of your thoughts, your focus and your observation.  It will bring peace and serenity into your life, and you will rapidly benefit from a deep feeling of being at one with your inner self.  At the beginning, it will begin the process of healing, improving your mental and physical health.  Your meditations will set in motion the most important journey and discovery of your life.

 Universal Connection 

You are not a lone traveler amid the jungles of Earth’s existence.  You are a part of Earth, interacting in various ways with Earth.  Separate cultures are not closed or isolated islands.  They are a great wave in the ocean of history, which works upon each other, often merging into even bigger waves.  Sometimes clashing with waves of different dimensions helps the regular rhythm to rise.  When you truly become devoted to serving the Universal Spirit and open your heart to the Universe, you will develop unselfish love and harmlessness.  There will be many changes with your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being.

The ancients knew the Universe is perfect and complete.  Now, it is time for you to realize, accept and experience for it is true.

Meditation to Assist You with “A Universal Connection.”

1.      Take a deep breath and let it out slowly.

2.   Take another deep breath and, while exhaling, stretch your body slowly.

3.    Visualize a white light streaming into the crown of your head.  This intense white light surges inward through your heart center.  Now, shift your conscious awareness to the star up above in the Universe.

4.      Your awareness expands and you realize that you are connected with the great energy of Universal Love.  Say or think, “I willingly connect with this powerful Universal Love Energy.  It is connected within my heart.”

5.     Your awareness moves to the star’s center again.  Inside this beautiful star is a golden pyramid.  It is filled with Universal Energy.  Standing inside the pyramid, you will feel this light and love.  The energy inside the pyramid flows around you, drifting and wavering with great intensity.  You become a part of this pure energy of creation.  Feeling this great freedom, you say or think, “I am the light of creation, pure and free.  I am the truth of the Universe.  Truth and love guides me in every step of my life.”

6.    Your awareness moves again to the star’s center.  You feel yourself retuning to your body.  Your conscious awareness returns with jewels of wisdom, the power of love and the color of your purpose will guide you on your life’s journey.

7.  You feel a great joy of knowing that you have connected with the Universe.  It is now a heartfelt essence of your body.

 “If you could only keep quiet, clear of memories and expectations, you would be able to discern the beautiful pattern of events.  It’s your restlessness that causes chaos.”

By Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

With love, Shirley

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