“Walking In Beauty”

Koot Hoomi

Walking In Beauty is to look and feel everything with your heart and mind. Look behind the surface appearance of disharmony and know there is perfection and beauty within any situation. There is beauty all around. Sometimes it takes the asking of your “Guides” to help you see the beauty to make it apparent. Walking In Beauty means to allow your awareness to see and feel the great, wide, beautiful wonderful world. Earth is a great creation of the Universe, and you are a part of that energy. You are like a flower that holds the key to Universal Love Knowledge. You are a part of this wonderful masterpiece, a creation of making a whole field of colorful and beautiful flowers. The flowers are filled with color and tones for they are one in the same in the connection to Universal Love. 

All of Nature stands ready to support Earth with a new colorful peaceful life. At this time, the power of your sacred masculine and feminine energy is the empowerment facing humanity. It is easy to get caught up in the seemingly opposing forces and dwell in the fear filled with drama, playing around these polarities. Yet, it is this very energy that is charged with the fire of Divinity, and new life that creates the Sacred Empowerment. The gateway is opening for a new Birth that transcends the opposing forces and brings them together in Divine power of Unity. 


The beautiful untouched resources within you will bring new levels of creativity. Your brain circuitry will be reconnected in a new energy that will help to re-construct your life. Sacred Empowerment will enhance new ideas, inventions and creations. It will flow through you and within Earth as it pours out into the Universe.

As you recognize your sacred energy, you will be aware this connection bringing forth hidden thoughts. Sometimes it can surface dark and ferocious or even wild untamed ideas, but they are all sacred. This new divine and ancient energies are within your being. You will actually be birthing a New Awareness. 

Creating an inner connection of your sacred feminine and masculine energy within your physical and emotional bodies is necessary. It helps to ground your Divine Light, allowing you to walk in Earth’s beauty. For those who are Healers, Light Workers, Spiritual Worriers, etc., they are being asked to be the Midwives of this great beauty for a new life. You can bring this sacred energy into your body to create the balance and peace you are seeking. Sacred new life begins within.


Your energy centers, known as Charkas, are the centers in and around your body. They are the key elements for creating in depth a connection with the Sacred Divine Light. Within you exists both the female and male aspects. This energy is awaiting you to honor their sacred unity that exists within you. You have the spark of both aspects of female and male qualities that allows them to be used in a sacred manner. Your female aspect is open to receive guidance and wisdom with the Divine receptivity connection to Earth and the Universe. Your male energy has the strength and steadiness to hold great levels of power. When the male energy receives the female inspiration and guidance, it will take this energy into the world’s Divine Right Action.  When you honor the empowerment of both sides of your nature, it allows you to be more whole and function in a balanced way in life. It also helps to balance your brain circuitry so your thinking processes can be more connected to your heart impulses. The most loving act you can do for Earth is to be willing to create this sacred awakening within your own being. As you become a newly empowered human, you radiate strength and happiness. All life is then affected by this Divine Love that feeds into your Sacred Empowerment. It acts as a catalytic spark, and you will stand as a Whole in the Universal connected. This is the gift Earth needs now. Walking in this beauty is the most important energy source that enlightens the entire spectrum of colors that is derived from light. 

Meditation to Assist You with “Walking In Beauty.”

  1. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly.
  2. Visualize your Charka colors:  Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Purple, Gold and White.
  3. Flow these colors within your body. Then, flow these colors outside and around your body.
  4. You are relaxed and feel the vibration of your heart. Your heartbeat is like a drum. The drumbeat will vibrate tones over Earth and out into the Universe.
  5. You, Earth and the Universal Love are connected with this energy of Walking In Beauty.  This vibration is transmitted throughout and creates you to receive and feel more love.
  6. Feel this powerful Love connection. It is a creation of multitude of colors and, as it flows out, it reflects into a White Light. 

This powerful energy is within you, within Earth and throughout the Universe. It is a creation of a magical time for Love and Light. This connection will energetically assist your vibrations to a new level. It will be a glamorous sight for your soul.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”  Eleanor Roosevelt

With love, Shirley

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