Your Act of Creation

Your Act of Creation

The power of your ideas, thoughts and words are almost inconceivable to most humans. Before anything is created on the physical plane, it is first a spiritual impulse, then a thought, then a feeling. Before you can build anything there must be an idea, then a blueprint followed by an action. This process manifests everything that is created in your world. 

Within the vast shining void of space life begins as a subtle spiritual impulse. This spiritual impulse becomes something more tangible through your thoughts. Once the impulse becomes a thought it gains momentum and becomes a feeling an emotion. This feeling supported by a sustained thought soon becomes a manifestation in the physical form, as an object you can experience with your senses.

The “Tree of Life “represents the emanations by which the infinite is in touch with the finite. It is the tree that forms a link from the roots of earth to the heavens. It has the manifestation of energy in emanation, creation, formation and actualization. The hidden knowledge it has corresponds to your body and central nervous system. The nerve channels are energy pathways that radiate from your charkas. They are subtle drops of energy that transmit focus and awareness. It is known as the Sacred Tree of Life, Light and Love.Your Act of Creation

Everything you create in your life was first a thought and then a feeling. Anything you consistently hold in your mind to be true or real will become so in your physical universe. This explains why affirmations are so powerful, they are your thoughts supported by your emotions. You say affirmations all the time consciously or unconsciously. The universe always says yes to your affirmations and supports them. You are a part of the universe, you are the “Tree of Life”, and you create your own reality, through your thoughts, feelings and spiritual impulse. 

This message is to help you understand harmony, love, and the Universe’s power. Harmony is the kindness of life, respecting all things and in time will unite as one body, one being and one breath. This universality is the source of all, to which all becomes.

Love is the means, the way the goal from which all means comes is through love. It is through self-love that the reality of your true “Self” surfaces. These three things, Love, Harmony and that which is Universal, are the stepping stones for the power of manifestation. This is one of the basic Universal Laws.

You can not cheat the basic law of the universe, which is giving and receiving. It works regardless of your attitude towards it. You will only cheat yourself out of good health; wealth and happiness by trying to foolishly by pass your spirituality. Spirituality is the sacred act of connecting with something greater than yourself, it is your higher power, your divine order.Your Act of Creation

Choosing attitudes based on love will direct the activity you create with your consciousness. The patterns of this energy around you can change with each new heartbeat this energy is controlled exclusive by you. As you refine your energy through attitude it will create an energy dynamic of a certain amplitude and frequency with certain colors. When you learn to control your own energy, then you can easily use your skills to maintain balance. It is a matter of using your behavior, feeling and imagination to create your life’s patterns of energy. It is important to maintain balance within this powerful energy. This energy will correspond to the past, present and future. You must let go of the burdens of the past and be disciplined in the present, so that you may be free for your future. 

When you ask the Universe for something, you will receive it, unless you are denying it in deeper levels of your being. Allow it all to flow to you easily and effortlessly. Positive thoughts sent with love have the power of Universal support. This is the power of your truth.

“Your Act of Creation” Meditation

  • Visualize a rainbow full of color
  • Flow your rainbow around your solar plexus through your chest area then your heart. 
  • Flow the colors in and out through these areas. 
  • Feel your colors flowing from your feet to the top of your head.
  • If you feel a blockage, flow your colors through that area, watch it release and flow out of your body.
  • Allow the rainbow colors to clear those blockage
  • Watch this new love flow through your body
  • Expand your flow of love over Earth
  • Flow your love out to the higher sources of Universal love and light.
  • Visualize your love and colors flowing back into your body
  • Flow it back inside your body through your heart
  • Seal your heart with Gold and Silver.

Your Act of Creation

This meditation will assist you to increase “Self” love. Your heart will be filled with kindness, unconditional love and wisdom. It will soften your mind and heart to open into deeper levels of your being. 

“The affinities of all the beings of the same class have sometimes been represented by a tree. As buds give rise by growth to fresh buds, and these if vigorous, branch out and over top all sides of many a feebler branch, so by generation I believe it has been with the great Tree of Life, which fills with its dead and broken branches the crust of the earth, and covers the surface with its ever branching and beautiful ramifications.”

Charles Darwin 1859

With love, Shirley

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