The Spiritual Concept of Universal Love

One of the ancient Spiritual Concepts is based on the simplest natural law of energy, the White Light reflects color. This law of energy is evident in every layer of natural energy including the tangible physical layer. The surface of earth is constantly saturated with White Light from many sources. Your heartbeat’s energy glows a White Light. 

Quantum Physics has proven everything is a part of the same energy at the level where the amplitude of energy waves is smaller than an atom. Spirituality labels it the “Oneness of the Spiritual Realm.” There are spiritual elements on levels where everything is connected. Every moment your body refines energy waves of all kinds to these amplitudes. Life’s energy dynamics are the energy waves you use to perceive energy and to create consciousness. The Spiritual Concept of Universal Love

The natural universal law that white light reflects color consists of energy waves you naturally refine having amplitudes smaller than a molecule and some even smaller than an atom. This space is described as the ethers. It is a matter of you using your feelings and imagination to create your energy so it appears with the same patterns of energy so the White Light will reflect your own energy.

The physical body naturally refines your energy from each layer of natural energy. Your energy dynamics form amplitudes from each layer and project them into the environment. The perception of life’s energy dynamics senses environmental energy then turns information so you can add it into your immediate creative consciousness. You begin life by first learning to accurately perceive the physical layer of natural energy within your body. You are now learning about the cellular layer with its emotions, the ionic layer by intellect and then sub-atomic layer, which is your natural spiritual energy.The Spiritual Concept of Universal Love

The Human self is a very sophisticated design. When viewed as a technical perspective you are a very sophisticated energy instrument. The mechanisms which control the operation of the instrument are the core attitudes of the immediate consciousness. It is not what you think that affects your flow of energy; it is how you think it. 

To understand the wavelength of your perception of energy dynamics; allow them to extend and fade. Think of a still pool of water, when you throw in a pebble, the waves of energy from the impact, the ripples, extend out from the impact point. The height of the wave created naturally fades as the ripple extends further from the impact point until the energy is too small to disturb the surface of the water any longer. Your energy dynamics behave the same way as the ripples in the water. The Spiritual Concept of Universal Love

When your chakra system refines your perception of energy dynamics, they then extend from the body to provide the necessary framework of your immediate bio-field. Once it reaches your sixth and seventh chakra of this bio-field the sub atomic layer of your energy is interconnected with a form of energy activity present. To unsynchronize your energy flow you need to shift the dense activity that your consciousness is creating outside of your physical body. The position of your consciousness can be manipulated with your core attitude. This ensures a calm bio-field, free of turbulent activity. Further it and ensures that you maintain your clarity of perception and relieve the impact of sustained dense energy activity. Creating consciousness in this way is a very healthy method because it allows your energy of your heartbeat to flow as it was intended. 

There are happenings ahead of you that will be amazing eye openers. As an example, the edge is the tip of the curve pushing the limits of what the current day can handle. Those who are on the cutting edge change the shape and outlook of what has yet to become. The true visionaries may ride the edge into the unknown. The very fibers of your creation, the ethereal moment before all comes into reality there is potential there without limit. To go into the unknown, the unseen, is the mystery beyond the edge. The pioneers are the only one’s who can describe and capture this event known as the future. The Spiritual Concept of Universal Love

You are living in extraordinary times. There is a global resurgence of spiritual forces at the same time, you are living in a divided world. One world is falling apart and one world is being born. One world is closing the heart tightly. Another world is racing open hearted with great passion towards universal love. The way you can help the planet to choose love is to recognize that your personal world is a microcosm of the whole planet. When you choose love then you help the entire planet. There are universal qualities embodied in your spiritual life that can contribute to your health and happiness. 

  • Learn To Forgive. The seeds of bitterness and resentment are entangled in grudges. To let go of a longstanding grudge is not to let the offender off the hook, it is to release you from the burden of judgmental energy. Let it go, it will turn matters over to your higher power of lighter energy.
  • Practice Gratitude. Count your blessings daily.
  • Be Appreciative. Sincere appreciation is a powerful motivator. A simple act of appreciating someone for a job well done will boost your energy. When you express appreciation to your partner, children or anyone you create a positive energy.
  • Give And Receive. In generosity of your spirit learn to be open towards receiving and giving. Some people have more difficulty receiving than giving. When you accept the gift from another with grace and gratitude you are giving an ever greater gift to the giver; that they have something worthwhile to contribute.
  • Cultivate Compassion. Compassion arises when you allow your heart to be touched. It is the foundation of true spiritual life.
  • Honor Your Life. Develop a capacity to think, feel and know more deeply about the value of your life. You then will commit your energy into flowing, thus creating a more positive action.
  • Honor Universal Love. Inner peace, contentment, freedom, will and love creates world peace and transformation. It is a powerful connection on all levels.

Spiritual Concept of Universal Love Meditation

  1. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly.
  2. Visualize pink and blue flowing inside your body, flowing from your toes to the top of you head.
  3. Take another deep breath and let it out slowly.
  4. With thumbs and pinkie fingers touching each other feel the energy inside your body.
  5. Feel your gratitude. Feel it in your body allowing all forms of gratitude to be expressed inwardly.
  6. With your thumbs and ring fingers touching feel the truth that you are. Your truth and worthiness is based on Love. 
  7. With your thumbs and middle fingers touching feel the joy your energy is creating. It is a creative force from you and the universe.
  8. With your thumbs and pointer fingers touching feel your integrity. It is your unconditional divine love that expresses your truth. Connect now with your feeling of compassion for all Beings.
  9. Place your hands in the position like praying hands over your heart. This energy is guiding you into the trust of your truth with the creative love. It is a connection into your true spiritual self connecting with the love of the Universe.

The Spiritual Concept of Universal Love

Universal Love is a complex energetic energy composed and woven with unconditional love. This energy is synergy as it guides you into a greater understanding of your “Self” as you experience the Universal Love that supports your very being. 

Henry Drummond wrote

“The world is not a playground; it is a schoolroom. Life is not a holiday, but an education. And the one eternal lesson for us all is how better we can love.”

With love, Shirley

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