From The Universe

From The Universe

There is a new energy flowing from the Universe, through the Galaxy down to Earth, that is altering earth and humans course of life. This Universal energy wave affects the very nature of bringing all matter into a higher vibration. It is a new beginning for Earth you will feel the effects of this energy physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

You will experience more insight, awareness, your psychic and telepathic abilities will increase. You will have more feelings for your life’s purpose and how to put it into action. This energy wave also changes the nature of time making you feel there is more to be done with less time for completion.From The Universe

Prophets have written about this transformation. Some have foreseen it as a time earth will go through a crisis leading to self destruction. This is not true, it is only symbolic of the internal changes that will happen as your thoughts, feelings and attitudes are replaced with this new energy wave. This process begins by you embracing your spiritual growth with the light of your Higher Self. 

You will begin building this body of light with a new massive influx of color creating a new higher color enveloping your aura. To begin, this light will enter your heart creating your new light body to reach a new higher vibration. It will cause your physical, emotions and mental self to clear old data. Some of the side effects include having difficulty maintaining physical balance. 

There could be congestion, heart flutters, sluggish colon, achy muscles and joints. Mood swings may be another symptom making your emotional body become erratic and volatile in expression. Some will find at times this vibration change to be difficult to deal with, while other times it is easy.From The Universe

As you become more radiant you may become increasingly sensitive. Your body will begin the process of changing, as will your thought process, it will become important for you to hold and radiate more light.

This energy allows you to become a radiating source of light. As earth generates its own magnetic field continuously, so does your light body. This will generate a radiant light and spiritual power that assists you to a higher degree. As you build your light body, your intellectual mind will continue to be strong, blending more with your intuitive mind.

This energy is preparing you to become more telepathic. Part of your preparation is to become aware of many different realities. You will experience a constant flood of new information this input comes from many sources. This will assist you in developing a quality of discernment as you decide what to accept as your truth. When you are open telepathically you will want to have the ability to select what comes into your field of awareness, stay centered, understand and detach from others whose beliefs are not in harmony with yours.From The Universe

As you grow, you bring the energy of your Higher Self into matter, transforming the potential of consciousness into this dimension of matter. Your sensitivity allows you to sense and direct your work with through this higher frequency. As this wave of light becomes stronger, you will be awakened to experience the energy of your higher consciousness. Each wave will be bigger than the one before so it is important to realize this opportunity. 

Some people may reject these shifts since incorporating it means a complete change in the way they perceive their lives. Some may feel they are unable to handle this higher energy. They will hang on and continue to struggle. Others will try to criticize the new ways or react with skepticism and doubt. Those that choose the old way will continue to experience a level of struggle and pain, not being open to flow with this higher vibration will have consequences. If you feel one area of your life is stuck, unhappy, or doesn’t work, it will affect every other area of your life. It will no longer work to ignore these areas of life you do not wish to deal with. If you do not like your job or are having trouble with a relationship or live in an unsupportive environment, this will dampen your awareness if you do not seize this opportunity to change.

This new wave of energy will have an impact on areas in your life that have the least clarity and harmony. It adds light to your life making it possible for you to maintain those places where there is clarity and harmony. You will find that the areas that are not working become the most important to resolve and that doing so brings you the greatest growth.

Your alignment with this wave of light can assist humanity and the earth in making a calm, peaceful transition. Embrace the changes in your life, seek your growth, let go of those things that no longer serve you. You then will affect the course of humanity and earth. The transition into this higher vibratory frequency is made with love and joy rather than pain and upheaval.

The light over earth is not yet distributed evenly; it is becoming stronger in places called “power spots.” From these power spots the waves radiate outward in larger circles of influence. Power spots exist all over the world, in every city and community. You can recognize them by your increased ability to “sense or “see” when you are on or near these spots. There are power spots making up an enormous grid work of energy that is growing. This energy will create a subtle influence. You have to fine tune your awareness through meditation then the energies will become more noticeable.From The Universe

During this wave of higher energy, you need to nurture yourself and follow your inner prompting daily. Nurture yourself; your desire to reach out and make a contribution to others will increase. These new times will place more importance on community, family and connections with loved ones than in the past. You may find yourself wanting to network and connect with others of like mind, much will be accomplished by people working together. Humanity will become more inclusive and group-oriented. This is the beginning of humanity working together telepathically to create events, such as global peace, through meditation. This collective effort by millions has already had a profound influence on the spiritual awakening of many people and is accelerating the spiritual transformation of humanity.

Your inner messages will help you make changes, you will get whatever you desire if it is for your higher good.

It is no longer a question of having what you want, but of making sure you want what you ask for – for you will get it. What you ask for will appear more and more rapidly. The laws of manifestation are taken from the higher planes. In the higher dimensions, you experience what you think, almost immediately.

Never before have there been so many paths, possibilities and the opportunity to choose what reality you want to experience. The most important aspect of these new energies is the opportunity they offer for joy, growth and vitality. They will help you awaken to the multidimensional being you are. These energies will help you tap into the greater plan of humanity’s evolution and discover the part you came to play in these wonderful, exciting times of transformation.

There is a lot to be discovered about this new wave of energy. You will learn that by working with and aligning your light, the potential for evolution and growth is enormous. This light is asking you to open your heart, be open to more love energy for the universe it is all balance and harmony through love and light.

Meditation is a healing practice that allows you to experience calmness and relaxation. Use meditation to move your busy mind’s activity and emotional turbulence. During this time, the restful awareness you experience during meditation, is more valuable than ever before. Your pace of life has accelerated, every day you are bombarded with more information than your ancestor’s experienced during their entire life. From The Universe

The most direct way to experience inner silence and relaxation is meditation. Scientific research has proven when you meditate, your breathing slows, blood pressure decreases and stress hormone levels fall. Even as your body is resting deeply in meditation, your mind is awake, though quiet. Your peaceful awareness captures this unique combination.

Meditation “From the Universe”

  • Visualize the color blue, your masculine energy vibrating inside your body
  • Visualize the color pink, your female energy vibrating inside your body
  • Take a deep breath through your nose and breath out slowly through your mouth
  • As you breath in, feel love and light flowing through you
  • As you breath out feel the release of any anxiety, pain or fear
  • Feel yourself getting lighter
  • See yourself standing on a mountain top, holding your palms up to the sky.
  • A connection with you, earth and the universe.
  • Feel yourself totally relaxed
  • Place your left hand over your heart.
  • Feel the warm energy of your heart’s beat. 
  • See your heart flowing rainbow colors out to the sky
  • You will see a beam of white light flowing down from the universe into your heart
  • Feel this pure energy connection
  • You feel this new energy refreshing and energizing you
  • As the universal beam of light ascends up in the sky picture a golden shield over your heart

This meditation has energy to assist you with balance and focus. Any time you feel stressed or need some advice call upon this energy.

“The little space within the heart is as great as the vast universe. The heavens and the earth are there and the sun and the moon and the stars. Fire and lightening and winds are there, and all that now is and all that is not.” -The Upanishads

With love, Shirley

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