Love Most Powerful

Rose is a symbol of Love
The petals soft and colorful
The key to Its great beauty
Is to watch it grow

So Says Maggy

Shirley’s Explanation about Love Most Powerful

Love Most Powerful

I was sitting at the dinner room table with a beautiful bouquet of red roses in the center, a delightful sight on this snowy evening of December 24th in 1980. The full moon shined brightly on the snowy banks, casting a glow bright as daylight. My house was filled with Christmas decorations –a pine tree filled with ornaments, lights, and underneath, presents wrapped in every color. Stockings were hung on the hearth and the warmth from the wood fire made everything cozy.

Sipping a cup of chamomile tea, I thought how nice it would be if Maggy were here. She passed away three years ago, and I missed her dearly. At times like this it would help to read the news columns she wrote while mayor of Herrick called “Maggy’s Corner.” Though it was a local, weekly column, Maggy Conn’s words of wisdom were quickly syndicated and distributed worldwide. People from all over could relate to her opinions from politics to world religions to UFOs and Love, written with common sense gleaned from everyday life.
Christmas is a time to remember the lessons of Love and Jesus, I thought as I picked up Maggy’s scrapbook. The first page I turned to was, “Love Most Powerful” written in1968:”The word ‘love’ looks small and weak but the fact is, it is the most powerful thing in this world or any other. People mistake it for so many different emotions. It is bandied around by words “like, prefer, relish, fancy” and each time a certain little gland in the body becomes titillated, it is mistaken for love. Far from it.

Love seems to come when it wills, goes when it wants. When it does this, then it isn’t love. Universal love is a big pill to swallow for we earthlings, loving our own relatives, (even if they are stinkers). This isn’t love – just affection. Until you can ‘love your enemies’ as Jesus, taught and even He brought the axiom from high celestial planes. No wonder man couldn’t understand him when he said, ‘Love ye one another.’ When you look around and see what man does to man and to himself, it is a wonder we don’t all hate the whole human race. Why is it so hard to say, ‘I love you,’ but so easy to hate? That is our greatest problem.

We earthlings are swimming around in an ocean of love and don’t know that it is right there at our very fingertips to use. We are too busy being selfish, thinking only of ourselves, and what we want, to even know that love is there for the taking. You have to know it, take it, give it for love is never static. The earth and its inhabitants are in the mess they are in today because the love that Jesus brought had to go underground.

Remember the Biblical story of David and Goliath? I think the whole story was purely symbolized of love overcoming all odds and winning the fight. All David had was a little old sling – shot and a stone. Little things are mighty in the right hands.”

Love Most PowerfulPondering the column message I took a rose from the vase on the table. I looked at it closely, feeling the lovely soft petals. I remembered Maggy telling me. “A rose is a symbol of Love, and watching it unfold to its fullest is a blessing in disguise. It takes time and patience to allow the bud to open its own natural way. Love’s energy is the ultimate power from the Source. Love gives nothing but itself and takes nothing but from itself. Love does not possess, nor would it be possessed, for Love’s desire and natural way is to flow.

  1. To know Love is to give Love.
  2. To Receive Love is to give more Love.
  3. To Desire Love is to search your heart.
  4. To Love “Self” is to be wise.
  5. To Love the World is to accept that everybody has free will.
  6. To Love The Universe is to know you are a part of that Universe.
  7. To follow your heart’s desires is to find success.
  8. To Love in a joyful way is to laugh at yourself.
  9. To Love in a Playful way is to stay young at heart.

Life is like a rose and must open on its own accord. The natural law is to flow your Love, and to be thankful for every lesson you learn each day.

Meditation For Love Most Powerful

  1. Take a deep breath, count to 10 and exhale.
  2. Visualize Pink and Blue colors inside your body, flowing from your toes to the top of your head.
  3. Picture a beautiful rose inside your heart.
  4. Watch your heart’s rose open from a bud to full bloom, and look at its color.
  5. Allow your rose to flow up into the Universe’s energy, radiating colors.
  6. Feel Love’s energy flowing all around you and inside your body.
  7. The wisdom in your heart’s rose is connecting with the power of the Universe as it moves in the most perfect manner. Love flows through your heart and out into the Universe. The Universe flows more love back into your heart.

This meditation helps you to connect with a higher evolvement of “Self” Love. Your heart will beat to the Universe’s tones like a great harp string playing a mighty chord.

Wishing Everybody A Merry Christmas Filled With Love & Light.

With love, Shirley

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