Qualifications – Part 4 Continued “Love”

Love has the power
A mighty energy to unfold
Known to the Soul
Know, feel and believe this truth
And you will have it All
For Love is the answer
This says it all.

So Says Maggy

Shirley’s Explanation of Love


Leaving Forest Park in St. Louis, Maggy and I drove to the Historic Drury Plaza Hotel in downtown to spend the night.
Maggy told me that in 1919 the building was an International Fur Exchange building, and had been renovated with imported marble and granite millwork and plasterwork. Inside the lobby was a life-sized sculpture of the famous explorers Lewis & Clark who began and ended their monumental journey of discovery in St Louis. A perfect place to finish our Qualifications lesson and sentimental journey.

In our luxury suite, with a view of the Gateway Arch and the Mississippi River, we indulged in a candlelight dinner of steak and lobster. Sipping a cup of mint tea, my tummy full, I said, “It seems to me that the first three Qualifications of Discrimination, Desirelessness, and Good Conduct are about looking at life and realizing that we’ve done the best that we could with the tools we had at the time. It’s part of learning to evolve to a higher consciousness. Is that right?”

“There is no right, there is no wrong,” said Maggy. “It just is because each individual has free will. And when you are joyful about your choices or decisions then you will reach a higher level of ‘Self’ Love.” She explained further that with Love of the Self, and the storehouse of Wisdom, your Will is enabled to meet the three Qualifications. Will, Wisdom and Love are the aspects of inspiration.

Of all the inspirations for the Qualifications, Love is the most important. Its strength will lead you to acquire all the rest. When your Love of Self is allowed to connect with Love in the Universe, your Soul has reached a beautiful goal.

“A friend once told me that Universal Love is the wind in your sails to navigate the oceans of life,” I said to Maggy.
“So true my dear,” Maggy replied. “Love is a question posed by poets, philosophers, theologians, artists, scientists, and others. The Universe’s power is Love and Light with no beginning or end. When you view the past through the limitations of the five senses, you are feeling the energy of nonphysical reality. Even then you will only comprehend a small fraction of the Universe’s powerful energy.

Everything your five senses can detect has a beginning and an end, but the Universe doesn’t. The light that your eyes see is a part of the whole light spectrum and has no beginning or an end, and it will become a multi-sensory perception. It’s as though your eyes are able to see through any color into the ultra colors. When you see past the limitations of the five senses and into nonphysical reality, your heart will beat a happier Love rhythm. With that understanding you will know Love has the power and the ability to answer your questions”

A knock on the door caused me to jump right out of my chair. Laughing at myself, I opened the door to find a young bellhop asking if we were done with dinner.

Closing the drapes, thinking of how romantic it must have been for Duke and Maggy to spend time here, I blurted out, “What about Love between soul mates like you and Duke?”
Maggy’s eyes lit up. “Soul mates are two haves of a whole and if they do meet it doesn’t always mean they will spend their lives together. Each Soul has a higher purpose to evolve towards a higher Love and Light and it’s each one’s choice. There is a love story in everything and the most beautiful love story’s is with Earth and the Sky. Earth produces and re-produces, but without the help from the sky, it won’t happen. It takes the day and night, the sun and moon to create the necessary energy for growth.

The trees love the earth and sky, as a Mother and Father. They reach for both from the moment they sprout and when they fall. They love the birds that nest in their branches, the animals that shelter beneath them and the insects that feed from its bark. They are one happy family, full and complete with Love, yet with a purpose of their own. Even your body has a love story that continues every day. Everything inside your body works together in pure Love, and unquestioningly continues to give what is needed to keep you alive.”

Within the Universe are countless galaxies, and each galaxy has countless stars. Each star has countless atoms, molecules and subatomic particles flowing within that split apart in different ways before coming together again. Like the stars, soul mates eventually go different ways only to come together again. “Duke has made his transition from this place,” Maggy said. “And when I do, we will meet again.”

Standing in the bathroom, brushing my teeth getting ready for bed, I looked into the mirror, deep in thought, feeling abuzz with energy. “With this love talk, wouldn’t it be something if the energy made our room glow after the lights were turned out.” I walked into the bedroom. Maggy was cuddled up in her bed, and I quietly crawled into mine before turning out the lamp. The room was filled with a white misty glow, tinted with the colors of the rainbow. I thought, “Oh God, what’s next?” You never knew what magic would happen with Maggy around.
Maggy rolled over and said, “It’s all in the power of Love and that is one power that never goes out. It’s known as infinity.”

I closed my eyes and remembered how in high school, playing basketball with my friends, we used to laugh and say, “Put me in, coach. My ankles are taped. I’m ready to play.” I said out loud, “Okay, Universal Coaches. Put me in the middle of this great Love. I’m ready


  1. Take a deep breath, count to 10 and exhale.
  2. Visualize Pink and Blue colors inside your body, flowing from your toes to the top of your head.
  3. Visualize walking in a meadow filled with green grass and flowers.
  4. As you lay down in the meadow, feel the softness of the grass next to your body. Take a deep breath and smell the flowers in abundance around you.
  5. Relax and feel Earth’s soothing energy caressing your entire body.
  6. Look up in the sky and see a white funnel cloud flowing down over you.
  7. As the white cloud hovers, you will see inside the funnel is rainbow colors.
  8. Visualize your heart opening with rainbow colors and connect with the funnel
  9. Allow the universe’s unconditional love to flow inside you.
  10. This connection is the Love of all Love.
  11. Visualize the white funnel returning to the Universe and sealing your heart with gold.

This Meditation creates a Love energy within that will flow through you daily. This Love helps you through your daily life, and vanishes stress.

With love, Shirley

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