Earth Changes

Your Power

Due to the length of the messages, they will be released month to month.

It is important to keep them in chronological order. There is a saying that once we know the “why’s”; then, we can correct and rebuild. My desire it to help people become strong, to know and feel the power of their love again.  To once again allow their heart to be heard and to quiet their brain so the heart can be heard. This message explains the truth of what I saw and messages from past automatic writings.

I first saw the Coronavirus in my meditation early February 2020. My meditation showed this black creepy mist sneaking and flowing through the streets like a big ugly snake making people sick and many dying. People were panicking running, yelling and screaming.  I could see their adrenaline flooding their system, as it pumps and beats like it’s trying to escape. It looked like their heart would explode with their bodies filled with fear. The people wanted to either run fast for the safety of the hills; or to the crate of weaponry.

I heard this voice, “Their fear is a challenge and they have demons to slay, for it will come until they do, unannounced and gnarly. The only way out is to order and calm the brain to function, to demand solutions instead of their crazy-making circling anxiety. You may feel as if your bones have no more strength and your muscles are all out of power, but you have the option to remain still, to be quiet to choose how to survive. Fear is an enemy and to overcome fear is through the power of Love.”

Suddenly I saw the Heavens open, I saw what looked like a hose, or a little tornado, sucking this black ugly snake like mist up very quickly as it made a loud sucking noise. Once it was all gone then everything looked clean with the sun shinning brightly. Next, I heard a voice say, “The blood of the lamb times has returned. This is a reference to the Bible Book of Revelation 5:1-13.  Occasionally, the lamb may be writings”, I started receiving in 1974. Automatic writing is the ability to allow a person to produce ‘written words’ without consciously ‘writing’. The words purportedly arise from a spiritual source. The Source Scripts produced without the control of one’s conscious self. It is the most common form of mediumship, the source of innumerable cases of self­ delusion, and at the same time the source of some of the most interesting and intriguing cases of mediumship. Through my teachings I learned Earth is a living planet and we are part of earth’s  living life cells. Father Sky nurtures earth to help with her living life cells. From the sky, God, or The Great Spirit, gave control to earth’s North with the element of fire to the White people, East was given control to the Native Indians with the element of earth to protect her. South was given to China with the element of wind and West with the element of water to the Black people. Each culture had their duties to help planet earth, to keep her clean and safe.

About our government, corporations and religion failing. I truly didn’t understand it,  so I bound them in a notebook place them on a shelf, allowing them to collect dust until the Coronavirus news hit. It was then I understood these writings.

March 24, 1994 the powerful writings started, Earth will become too hot from chemicals, the pollution and oil fracking will shift your beautiful planet. It will affect the east coast and the west coast, the balance for your planet earth.

Suddenly an energy surfaced; it’s karma from the middle of China and Japan will surface.  Earth will have floods, earthquakes, unusual climate changes and become hot. It is most intimate you walk quietly with love in your heart. The seemingly diversified energy that the world will go through is only patterns and grids from the higher light. As this energy passes through your body, your body will cleanse out the old and brings forth the new. It truly is a fire energy to get you more in the sensitive feeling of your love light that is so pure.  It will pass through positive and tell your body you love it. Place your hand on your heart and tell it you love it. It will make it happy. It helps you to get through these passing of earth changes. It is important to know; meditation is flowing with God and praying is talking to God. It’s time to be silent and flow with your love to God.

In your meditation flow your energy colors from the top of your head and down your body. You want to connect with the Universal Love with your heart and soul’s love. You don’t want to go from feet to top of head or you will pick up on earth’s heaviness and carry her weight. It’s important to remember bringing your colors from the universe down through the top of your head and down your body then back up. Your colors can be your choice, then bring in the God White Light through your heart, flowing it throughout your entire body. You are with your colors like a waterfall falling down a huge mountain. There is a vibrational flow of a rush with energy. You must control your mind’s thought to modify your fast flow. This will honestly help with what you are experiencing. You will go through many changes that you have never done before.

First, it’s wise to meditate and make sure your charkas are in line and flowing properly. The outside negative energy blew open the first chakra making us unstable and weak.

This month’s mediation is already on my website. It’s a Chakra Meditation dated 2002. Scroll down to the bottom titled Chakra Meditation. Due to energy shifts, I will post new mediations each month.

Lots of Love,

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