Major Shift

Your Power

As I continued to read the 1994 automatic writings; I didn’t like what I read, but reading was the only way to get the knowledge. The writings had a vice-like grip on my mind. Its twisted reality began to distort my own, challenging the once mundane facts of my existence.  I took a deep breath, thinking we all must be strong through this unprecedented time.

I paid close attention to what I was reading, so as not to lose the benefit of what I was being told. Earth’s ‘Major Shift’ will have a MAJOR impact on your health and your loved ones, the businesses you all rely upon, the health of the global economy, and the way you live daily live majors. Yes, it is a warning. It is also true that some will heed the warning, but the weak one’s will attempt to hide their head in the sand.

The worldwide virus will create everything on earth to go back to basic. The writings continued, the government will continue to lie, take money and fight for deals and votes. In their minds, they are symbolism of power. People will swear it’s a conspiracy and the only conspiracy is the negative virus itself wanting to hurt and kill people. It is not important where the virus comes from or even if it’s a new virus, all that matters is what this harmful virus force does. To even talk about a conspiracy will fed its negative black energy and you don’t want to be a part of that.   

Earth will expel this dreadful energy and it will spread fast around the world. The impact to business, markets and everyday life will change on a daily base. States will start to impose lockdowns. Nations borders will close. Despite massive interventions from the Fed and European Central Banks, markets will continue to unravel. Bankruptcy takes the power away from the rich, they will lose their power.

Earth is demanding the truth be known, for people to learn how to love themselves, and integrity will be renewed.

People will have to get back to the basics of what life and spirituality truly means. The energy is like a free-spirited horse running to its destiny, with its own freedom. When a horse has its freedom, there is noting that will hold it back. Book of Revelations 22, The River of Life explains where your world is at.

1. The 1st Basic is to learn about yourself, your body.

My thoughts pushed through my brain to the year 1989 when I learned the lesson about basics of my life.  It was during a Yucatan sailing trip; I contacted a skin viral infection. It slowly spread, covering seventy-five percent of my body with oozing pus.  A doctor told me, I had to watch what I ate, what I put in or applied on my body. I was contagious so I needed to stay alone, take proper rest, be careful with my thoughts, “ I must think positive to fight the negative virus and short walks for exercise only. If I didn’t then I would die.”

The writings continued; people are back to the basics to restore their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. If you want a vibrant, healthy life, be sure to pay attention to your spiritual, mental, and emotional bodies.

Earth and the general populous are not in a great state of health. One of the contributing factors is that most people link health exclusively to the physical body. While the physical body is important, but when you only associate health with your physical body, you fail to recognize other factors that contribute to your overall well-being. 

There is a connection between body, mind, and spirit and recognized that each composed a part of the whole. Your health is dependent on all four facets.  Your overall health is also influenced by a seeping-down effect: The physical body is affected by your emotions, your thoughts directs how you feel, and your energy level sways your mind and your thoughts.

  1. Psychical body is your temple, your vehicle while living on earth. Take caution with your FOOD, it is your fuel and when your body is fueled properly it will heal itself. The uniqueness of each person means not all food is good for the same person. Make sure you eat only what your body thrives on, not what someone else recommends. You must learn about yourself. Take pride in your body no matter age, height or weight. It belongs to you so love it dearly.
  2. Mentalyour first brain, your mind, is your computer that stores your data. It is important to not allow your mind to control you. The mental body is your thoughts, on a deeper level, it is the domain of your beliefs, desires, values, and goals. As energy comes down from the spiritual into your mind it is important to not allow your mind to take control. If you operate mainly from the mind, there will be a disconnection in the flow. You must flow to your heart. The mind being the predominant force—and this imbalance can keep you stuck in a perpetual state of thinking, strategizing, plotting, and doing,  However, an open spiritual connection enables you to access higher levels of energy, which the mind can effectively utilize to make wise choices that unfold more potential for you and everyone. Second brain is your-gut connection. Open mind and open bowels make’s a healthy person.

Your second brain, your gut, is filled with nerve cells that think and act like your brain. That is why the gut is called the second brain. As you deal with tension, anxiety, trauma, etc. you will rationalize or supposedly deal with it in your rea brain. However, your “second brain” doesn’t have that ability so the impact is to react physically to the emotional pain. The brain-gut connection is a pathway of neurons, chemicals, hormones constantly giving feedback between each other to regulate digestion, where you are basically first getting your nutrition to keep you alive. Once that process is disrupted. It can be hard to get back on track. Eating healthy and simple Mind/Body exercises like deep breathing, yoga movement, stretching and talking about emotions will help. It’s your elimination to discharge or excreting waste products, foreign substances and toxins from your body.

  1. Your Emotions is an energy that fuels your system. Like gasoline to an automobile, your get up and go.  Emotions is an energy that flows throughout the body, a current of energy like electricity to a light bulb.

When your thoughts are optimistic, your emotional states will be positive, and when your emotional states are balanced, your physical bodies will be healthier.

  1. Your spirituality is your connection to energy. For some, this will be more closely tied to religion. For others, it could have more to do with the atoms in the body or the quantum energy that science refers to. God gave you all free will, either way you choose to view the source of your spiritual energy is perfect. 

The pure loving energy flows down from the universe will first enter your mind, your mental body. To fully access the spiritual aspect of your being, maintain a daily practice of meditation and it will keep your connection open. If a blockage occurs, energy and information are unable to flow freely from the spiritual body down through the mental, emotional, and physical body. This is why a daily spiritual or religious practice is so important to maintain this open connection. To be in a state of harmony between each of the layers of your being.  you will need to re-open your intuition and spirituality to create a solid physical foundation.

To keep the energy channels open, practice meditation or pray daily. Learn to work with energy (through practices such as Huna, Reiki, chi gong, or acupuncture) or watch spiritual awareness on the internet, you tube.

Meditation to Assist you.

Meditating with colors will assist you to evolve in a higher frequency of love energy. Its best to take three deep breaths through your nose and exhale out your mouth to relax and prepare your body for your great spiritual journey.

  1. Visualize at the top of your head a pink and blue bright light flowing down from the universe.  See/feel pink and blue from the heavens entering in your body through the top of your head.
  2. Your heartbeat will flow pink and blue through your entire body. Feel the pink and blue colors balancing your body, your positive and negative, your yin and yang energy.
  3. You feel relaxed, feel your love, your heartbeat and your happiness.  
  4. This is your place of love where nobody, but you can be, where you can create any desires for yourself. Visualize the life you desire.
  5. All the beauty you visualize inside you is your heavenly self. Know you can go back there any time you wish.

“You’ll be calm the day you learn to sit alone and do nothing.”  By Maxime Lagacé

Lots of Love,

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