“Your Higher Consciousness”

Eternal Presence

By Messenger Master Koot Hoomi

Higher Consciousness is something our ancient cultures knew how to achieve. The sadness about it is somehow much of the knowledge was lost along the way only allowing us to know bits and pieces of its remains. Also, some of the ancient’s names for Higher Consciousness include Enlightenment, Christ Consciousness or Tao.

The ancient Indians identified Higher Consciousness with a special relationship between the reproductive system and the brain. This link between the brain and reproductive system, combined with other processes in the body will led to Higher Consciousness. This relationship was observed countless times by ancient masters who reached Higher Consciousness.

Your personal life path can also lead you to a higher state of consciousness. When you learn how to stop trying to make your life be what you want it to be and show up for it instead, you will discover that all is well, and it is safe to be there. You then can show up for the life that Life is giving you! And once you do, you begin to shift into your higher consciousness.

You must learn the principle by which all your actions will affect your future circumstances, either in the present or in your future lifetimes. Learn how the illusions of the physical world generate to ensnare your consciousness from the worldly life.

It is important to learn about your life’s energy that permeates the atmosphere and does by entering through your breath, and how it can be directed by your thought. Practice deep breathing exercises for the regulation of your breath flow. Breath flow creates you to reach your state of enlightenment of super consciousness. The union of your individual consciousness with cosmic consciousness connects you to the Universal Love Consciousness.

When it comes to the Universal energy field, there is no surface, no boundaries and you can never be separated from it. You are the ocean of conscious energy. When you mediate and reach the levels of higher consciousness you no longer feel separated. You will know and experience a Oneness with the Universal Energy Field. It is through meditation, spiritual practices and being aware that develops your intuition. You then can elevate your consciousness to a higher level. The beauty of spiritual awakening is when you are not becoming anything. You simply awakening to your true nature while awakening your dormant faculties. You are partially conscious due to your untrained mind or a preoccupation with more base desires to the physical experience of its pain, suffering and desires. Most humans are in a state of being asleep even when awake, meaning they are blind to the true nature of existence.

You see what you perceive to be reality, but what you perceive is seen through the unconscious lenses of your past conditioning. It will be completely different from any other person. Higher Consciousness is very different from other types of experiences. Usually you experience with your mind and your five senses are only primary. In the experience of Higher Consciousness everything you perceive with your senses and your thoughts are perceived as side-effects with the creation of consciousness. Your ego will melt away and a new world of consciousness behind the phenomenal universe will be revealed. The joy and happiness experienced in Higher Consciousness is beyond imagination. Planet Earth is at the phase of an Higher Consciousness evaluation that is taking place in people’s hearts and minds. You will see the true beauty on this lovely planet. It truly is a powerful movement.

Meditation to Assist:

  1. Take a deep breath through your nose with mouth closed and then breath out slowly through your mouth.
  2. Take another deep breath and exhale slowly.
  3. Visualize Pink, Blue and Emerald Green colors flowing inside your body from your toes to the top of your head.
  4. Flow your colors through your heart pumping and vibrating throughout your entire body.
  5. Visualize an ocean of pure loving energy.
  6. While flowing in your ocean of pure loving energy, feel the infinite energy.
  7. You are a part of this ocean love energy and it has no ending.
  8. Now feel yourself dipping into the flow of this great ocean loving energy experience.
  9. Allow whatever you feel to be. You have never experienced a feeling like this. This moment in your mediation is a perfect and unique experience flowing you into your Higher Self.

Lots of Love,

“Live life as if everything is rigged in your favor.”

By Rumi.

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