“Eternal Presence”

Eternal Presence

By Messenger Master Morya

Eternal Presence. You can’t see, taste or touch it, yet the utmost people realize Eternal Presence is within. The problem is many have no ability to express it. That’s why they express only what is in their present time.

Humanity is under pressure to evolve because their survival is at stake. Unfortunately, many people’s ego will need problems, conflicts and enemies to strengthen their resistance to dissolving into the Eternal Presence. One way of defining human’s ego is simply. It is a dysfunctional relationship with the present moment. The pain body needs continual feedback and demands to dramatically act out to support their ego’s existence. Many people often project their needs, their traumas and problems onto others and try hard to create those responses in others. But when one person holds their awareness and chooses not to react, it gives opportunity for the other person to look at the projection and become conscious. It is all about removing obstacles to their awakening process.

A lot has been said about spiritual awakening but what is rarely said is that it is the simplest thing that can ever happen to you. Spiritual awakening is often imagined as a sudden sort of magical projection. Something in a world of light, peace and happiness that it is detached from the reality of their daily life which is not the case at all. It is just a fantasy elaborated by the mind.

To be Spiritual Awakened simply is the realization that you are not limited, or a changeable person defined by culture of the past with a specific personality. Essentially you are a permanent field of awareness in which an impermanent person seems to exist.

Awareness is a permanent energy field where all experiences rise and subside that is called Presence. Spiritual Awakening is about dropping and letting go, it is about calling off the world search of thoughts and realizing what you are searching for is Yourself. You are more than a person, a body, a mind and emotion, you are essentially a pure presence. Awakening is the revelation of a new point of view creating a shift of consciousness. It will remove your fears and anxiety attached to the sole identification to your impermanent non-self. The establishment of peace and happiness is a gradual process that will naturally unfold as your new-found vision is embodied and integrated. When it happens there is only Presence.

At the beginning of your spiritual quest, you will find it is a simple process. Your mind is full of colorful “clichés’ that you cannot see what you are really seeking is already “within” and already yours. Most minds are way too busy with its excitement to pay attention to their presence, their permanent nature. Aligning yourself with the ‘Now’ is aligning yourself with Universal Purpose. It is a birth and flowering of consciousness that guides you in whatever you think or do. A New Earth is awakening filled with acceptance, enjoyment and enthusiasm with the Universal Purpose. And many people are realizing that their purpose is to allow their conscious energy to flow through whatever they do. In doing so you will be filled with the love spirit of gratitude and appreciation for the abundance of life.

Meditation To Assist:

  1. Take a deep breath through your nose and exhale slowly out your mouth
  2. Visualize Pink, Blue and Gold flowing inside your body from your toes to the top of your head.
  3. Flow the Pink, Blue and Gold through your heart. Feel your heart beating those colors through your entire body.
  4. You are feeling relaxed. Your heart is vibrating your love and colors of Pink, Blue and Gold.
  5. You are in connection with the Universal Purpose feeling the Universal Love energy intermingling with your love, your Pink, your Blue and your Gold colors. It is an entire sensational feeling and the essences of all the pure Eternal Purpose Energy.
  6. Feel your heart beat with the Universe’s heartbeat. You are now in a Universal moment giving and receiving more love and light.

Visualize you and the Universe’s love colors following you back to your body. You are brining back this wonderful peaceful feeling of energy with you. Your love light will shine brighter as it glows from your within to the outer world.

Lots of Love,

“Our purpose is to love, learn and experience as much as possible while we are here so that we may fulfill our mission of further enlightening our soul.”
By Kandi G. Fine

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