Today’s World

Today’s world energy is filled with an unsettled disturbance creating people to have fear. Fear is like a thief in the night, it sneaks in and steals your energy, then it creates more fear to grow intensively. It is very important for people to find inner peace. Earth’s vibrational frequency is shaky and we must get back to love and giving to earth again. When we give to earth, she gives back tenfold. If earth’s atmosphere is foggy then it is you that created that thick fog. If you live thinking sunshine filled with positive thoughts, then you will be filled with light and that does not allow any fog.

Many know the need for earth’s positive changes but feels lost and helpless in making the necessary changes. They become overwhelmed with feelings, so the positive answers will not surface. The answer is everyone must start with self. To find inner peace and happiness meditation is the answer.

Daily meditation is your willingness to be aware of what you are in relationship within yourself. The best meditation is one that helps pave the way for you to flourish and to establish your heart in ever-successive heights. Having a meditative life offers so much; it provides all that you need to know to enter into invisible realms, and to develop a conscious relationship with them on a moment to moment basis. It helps you to realize the beauty and power of everything.

Each time you meditate you have the possibility of completely changing your life. If you meditate with your whole heart and soul, you will become light itself.

The first stage of a good meditation is simply to ignore thoughts; to become conscious that there is something beyond thoughts. Your mind is like a raging tiger filled with desires and frustrations. You want too many things and you are afraid of too many things. It is necessary to overcome both attraction and aversion to still the mind.

The second stage of meditation begins when you can successfully stop thought for a long periods of time. At this point you move beyond the awareness of this world. The third stage is no thought. No thought is not the end of meditation. It is the beginning of higher meditation. When your mind is tranquil and at peace with the universe, when it has become void of all thought – you become your meditation.

In Buddhism they make their minds quiet by learning to focus on their chakras to bring themselves into high states of consciousness. Each of the seven chakras which are in the subtle physical body, the body of energy which surrounds and protects the physical body and references different dimensional planes.

When you are trying to increase your power level, focus on the navel charka. This chakra is located about two inches below the navel. The heart chakra, is located in the center of the chest. It is the central chakra with three chakras above and three below. The heart chakra symbolizes balance, happiness and love. To increase happiness, practice smiling for a few minutes during your meditation which is a very powerful time and focus on a feeling of happiness. To develop wisdom, meditate on the third eye charka, located between the eyebrows. If you don’t know your chakras go to “Automatic Writings May 2002 “Charka Meditation” and there’s your answers.

Pythagoras taught colors and tones were one in the same. Meditating with colors will add more power to the success of creating your desires.

Below is a meditation to assist you with a Color Meditation. At the start of your meditation it is important to have a focus. You must get past daily thoughts and become one with your heart.


  1. Take three deep breaths, letting the air out slowly to relax your body.
  2. Visualize your balance colors Pink and Blue flowing from your toes to the top of your head.
  3. Slowly flow Pink and Blue up and down inside your body. Feel these color as they relax your entire body.
  4. Flow your Pink and Blue colors inside your heart. Feel your heart pumping the colors through your entire body.
  5. What you have in your heart will reach out into the Universal Love energy. The Divine Love and the Light of the all.
  6. Feel the presences of your hearts love and the Universal Love Energy. It is relaxing and refreshing.
  7. Say to yourself, “I Am the Light of the World. I Am the Love of the World. My great Light will always be with me shining for the World to see.
  8. With the great presence of this beautiful energy you will always know it, feel it, project it and carry it with you at all times.

“Love is Letting go of Fear” by Gerald Jempoisky

Lots of Love,

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