The Art of Connection

Meditation is a form of art connecting you with your ‘self,’ earth and the universe. You can feel its energy presence as you enjoy the elegance of its distinct vividness in a perfect way. It brings forth the powerful Divine Law of Love Energy. Meditation is to be your storyteller as you see and feel the beauty within your ‘self,’ earth and the diverse universe.

Do not limit your thoughts of life, let your thoughts go forth into the beautiful universe, into space far beyond you and earth. There is a spiritual Brotherhood waiting for your companionship with great thoughts of Love and compassion.

There was a time when everyone believed in the power of love and it filled the world with happiness and miracles. Realize this truth, for it is within each and every one of you. You actually create a bridge of love through meditation. Know and believe in your self’s great love for it is powerful.

Earth has made a great shift causing its energy to connect with a higher frequency. This connection between other planets has created everything on earth to be on a new level of time movement of a faster speed. This great movement has made people’s spiritual enfoldment speed up.

Don’t allow yourself to feel the suffering of the wars created by lost souls. Meditate to a higher level of love where there are many different levels of consciousness. Do not think the spirit life is life after death. For you are always living in a world of spirit.

Quietness is a necessity for you. How long has it been since you made a date with yourself? A time you have been out of the absence of turbulent motion or disturbance of noise? This would require no phones, television, computers or even a walk in the park around other people. A quite time with you, earth and the sky. It holds a silence to where you can hear and feel an energy that is smooth as satin and soft as silk. Feeling this energy is rewarding and you do bring it back with you to earth. The real life is not in the man made city life. Real life is the openness of earth’s natural surroundings. The trees, flowers, the birds singing, the sounds of a flowing water or the wind blowing through the trees. You are like a tree that sprouts out of the ground growing upward to the sky. Earth is your grounding source and you are an antenna to the sky, a light beacon between the earth and sky.

Like the tree you can survive the elements with the bending and flowing when necessary. Let your meditation journey be a gift from the heavens. Open your heart and mind to the universes greatness. It will give you endless energy, will power and incredible new feelings about yourself. It will be soothing and captivating to be in the realms of the universe filled with music, colors of pure energy that will harmonized your body, mind and soul. It will nourish your soul and the cares of the world will shed from your shoulders. You will be uplifted and filled with hope, wisdom and you will know in doing so the world is a better place because of your work.

You will re-discover your love treasure that is harbored in your soul. It will rest your body, mind and spirit.


  1. Flow your balance colors, Pink and Blue from your toes to the top of your head.
  2. Take three deep breaths allowing your breath to connect with your pink and blue.
  3. Visualize you are walking in a field of assorted colored flowers. Smell the essences of each flower as you walk through them.
  4. You see a large tree ahead, walk to this beautiful tree. Sit down under the tree with your back leaning against it. Feel the energy of the tree flowing through your entire body. Close your eyes and visualize your Pink, Blue intermingling with a Turquoise and Gold flowing through your entire body. Your heart is beating those colors and flowing out into the sky.
  5. You are now connected within yourself, earth and the universe. You have built a bridge of love between you, earth and Universal Love.
  6. This great connection will make your thoughts manifest any desires.
  7. After putting your thoughts out to help yourself and earth allow the universe to flow your thoughts into a creation.
  8. Allow your colors to flow back into your heart and seal it with a Gold shield.
  9. You are now protected with your energy, earth’s energy and Universal Love.

“Happiness is the experience of living every moment with love, grace and gratitude” by Denis Waitley

Lots of Love,

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