Embrace Your Talents

Embrace Your Talents

Your sage wisdom is something to behold. It tells your heart stories that are not forgotten, it is your truth, your fate and who you are. Life can be a treadmill of mundane details or it can be an inspiring adventure of uplifting experiences. Through the regular practice of meditation, you will start raising your frequency of consciousness above the mundane level into the spiritual realms of consciousness experiences.

It is time for people to learn about their personal spirituality. This has nothing to do with any religion it is all about being all that you can in a place where you belong; this is where you will find your inner strength. Through meditation and devotion you will grow to whatever level is best for you at any time. Then you can find the inner strength to heal or make the right decisions and choices for yourself. The strength found within will bring you closer to the greatness of health, wealth and happiness.

Recognize and embrace your intelligence and special gifts. Your talents are signifiers that will lead you towards your unique paths. Follow your passion and you will soon discover where you fit in this world. When you squelch innate yearnings you lose the way. Are you sitting on your talent? Nurture your talent. You have skills and abilities. You may not feel as if your “talent” is particularly great – it is better than you think. And with persistence, most skills can be improved. Besides, you may as well have no ability at all if you sit on whatever talent you possess.Embrace Your Talents

You have hundreds of things going on in one day and never enough hours in that day. Never enough relaxing time to make up for that stress you undertake. But in the midst of the chaos and the things in everyday life, what really matters to you? What is important to you? There are times you may feel knocked down or kicked around. But you have to just get back up. Dust yourself off and move forward, because relishing and savoring every good moment in your life will make up for the challenges that occur.

When embracing your uniqueness, your gifts and talents come to life. Your soul has permission to shine through. When you conform in order to fit in and are accepted you avoid rejection, you shut down, numb out and give your power away. As you learn to practice self acceptance and honor diversity, you will feel safe being your authentic self.Embrace Your Talents

Everybody longs to be seen for who they really are. Not just your physical image and personality, but who you are as spiritual beings expressing your uniqueness in human form. Everyone has their own unique energy vibrations. You have to embrace your uniqueness and talents so you may strive to be special. Special implies better than, more talented or gifted than others. It stands out from the rest, whereas uniqueness is recognition that you are all special in your own way; no one is any better than another, just different. One person has a talent for making others laugh, another has the ability to evoke emotions by creating beautiful music, and yet another can listen with such compassion that those close by feel nurtured and understood.

Meditation to assist with “Embrace Your Talents”

This meditation helps with your unique vibration beyond your physical image, thoughts, emotions and personality. Close your eyes and center yourself. Say hello to your mind and to your body. Notice thoughts, emotions and sensations, and then go deeper into your spiritual self. This meditation will aide you to feel the true nature and quality of your unique vibration as a spiritual being.

  1. Take a deep breath and exhale slowly.
  2. Visualize pink and blue flowing inside your body from your toes to the top of your head.
  3. Continue to flow pink and blue through your body and listen to your heart beat.
  4. The heart beat will automatically flow these colors to create a balance throughout your body.
  5. Flow these colors around earth, at the same time allow thoughts of health, wealth, prosperity and harmony to also circle earth. 
  6. Looking up you will see a rainbow tunnel flowing down from the universe.
  7. This Universal Rainbow Tunnel covers your body. 
  8. Allow this energy to “Embrace Your Talents”.
  9. Take another deep breath and let it out slowly.
  10. Bring your colors back inside your heart and seal it with silver.

With love, Shirley

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