Change Is Upon You

Change Is Upon You

Changes are upon you whether you are ready or not. To be prepared for these changes your spiritual awareness must be on a natural flow. A sense of flow attracts synchronicity into your life. This almost magical sense enables you to always be in the appropriate place at the appropriate time. That way you will gain the most out of the experiences that your inner self planned for this life. You then will develop a sense of unconditional love for your spiritual essence and for other people. Your sense of unconditional love naturally includes full acceptance of yourself, just as you are, with the personality that you adopted for this lifetime. You can be caught up in those old thought patterns of self-criticism remember that you live in a universe which is naturally full of love and unconditional acceptance.

It is important to accept abundance as the natural flow of the universe. Forget those opinions about there being something wrong with money. Abundance is a form of energy the universe is filled with. Life gets a lot more convenient when you are abundant. When you follow your innermost joy, you find yourself doing work that you love. When you are good at your work, employers and customers alike hear about you by word-of-mouth recommendation and they seek you out. The more in-demand your services become, the more they are worth. Following your inner joy is the secret to finding and developing an occupation that brings natural abundance. 

Both men and women find that with regular spiritual practice, their sense of intuition develops smoothly and naturally. Soon their insights grow to become very valuable in dealing with the challenges of life. A growing sense of creativity becomes apparent when spiritual practices become your daily routine. You discover new ways to achieve results because you see situations from a broader perspective. Advances in spiritual wisdom and understanding come with meditation. In meditation it is important to let distracting, surface thoughts dissipate so that deeper realizations may surface at the time that they are needed.Change Is Upon You

When you detach from worldly concerns and express a higher frequency of consciousness the conflicts of the lower frequencies of consciousness become automatically healed. As you let go of any form of conflict within yourself, you are able to rise to a higher frequency of consciousness in a state of harmony and balance. Higher frequencies of consciousness hold a higher power. The power ratio of spiritual consciousness to conflict-oriented consciousness is many thousands to one. If you allow balance to enter your life through a spiritual state of consciousness it will manifest immediately and be a very powerful force in your daily life. You will also be helping to raise the global consciousness in a very powerful and constructive manner.

As you work through the changes, shifts and transitions of the world and within your own personal life you will learn to live at a higher consciousness state. Collectively you are headed to the new age of true enlightenment. This means you will have to give up things and detach yourself from what you have known. You will re-instill your faith by taking the changes as positive. It will be your faith and trust that gets you through these tumultuous times. More people will find their true path, happiness and well being. It is a remarkable time to be alive. 

People are going to stop expecting the old economy to come back. Instead they will look into their talents, interests and experience to find ways of succeeding in the new economy. The political arena will take more of a female approach than ever in history. Some will say they do not know exactly when the practice of lying to the people started becoming a standard practice. The new energy will produce and make changes causing truth and integrity to be on the rise. This will cause people to have clearer answers as to what they can do as individuals.

How to deal with the challenges of a changing world is something for you to be focused upon. Once you realize that there is no benevolent government or organizations that are looking out for your best interests then you will start helping yourself. A good start is getting your body working properly. A healthy body is of the utmost importance in dealing with change. You need to be able to react and adapt effectively to a variety of situations. Having a body that you can rely on is very valuable. If your body is sick, unfit, hooked on medications or contaminated with chemicals and toxins it will be difficult to count on it when problems arise.

Get your mind calm and clear. A calm and clear mind is imperative when you react to changing situations quickly. Learn to meditate. Meditation quiets the thought process so you can focus on what is important. Simply sitting in silence for a few minutes a day is enough to get started. Spend some time out in nature. You need a connection to the natural world, listen to the wind blowing through the trees or immerse yourself in the present moment and feel the presence of the new energy.
Change Is Upon You

Getting the body healthy and the mind calm is the first step along the path of discovering who you truly are. As with most physical activities, the best place to begin is with breathing. The amount of fat that is burned during exercise depends on the ability of the cardiovascular system to deliver oxygen to the cells. In order for the metabolism to burn fat it is necessary to supply the cells with sufficient oxygen. This is done through the practice of deep breathing exercises in order to get more oxygen into the body and then ensuring that oxygen is sufficiently distributed throughout the physical structure. Think of starting a car on a cold morning. When the engine is first started it can be sluggish because the oil is not circulating. By warming up the car the oil begins to flow through the engine keeping everything lubricated and functioning. Just as in a car, the energy needs to be flowing through your body in order for it to function correctly when you ask it to do something vigorous.

While there are a many different breathing methods, the simplest and most beneficial to this process is basic abdominal breathing. In basic abdominal breathing the abdominal muscles are expanded on the inhalation (pushing the belly out) and contracted on the exhalation (pulling the belly in). This deep, rhythmic breathing brings balance to the bodily systems and allows the metabolism to rise naturally as more energy is created.

Once the body is breathing effectively, it requires movement in order to distribute the energy throughout the body. The most beneficial movements are rotations of the joints and shaking the extremities. Shrugging the shoulders, circling the arms, elbows, knees and hips are all excellent exercises as are shaking out the hands and feet. These types of exercise encourage the smooth flow of energy through the meridians of your body. In this way, the metabolic process enables a flow of movement through the body so that fluids and nutrients get to the cells, allowing the systems of your body to work the way they are supposed to, without additional stress. This energy lubricates the joints and assists in releasing toxins from the body. Be aware that it is important to continue the breathing exercises while doing the movements. Your breath is the connection between the mind and body and allows you to truly feel the process.Change Is Upon You

Movement is followed by stretching. Deep and long stretching of the body delivers oxygen to the musculature. Rather than build muscle, this practice tones the muscles while lengthening and strengthening the fibrous tissue. There are stretches for every part of the body, as with movement, it is vital to continue breathing during each stretch. That is the connection between body and mind that will assist in maintaining a balanced metabolism. By beginning any exercise routine with breathing, movement and stretching the metabolism is raised off the baseline in a gradual manner it then is able to be maintained at the higher rate for a longer period of time.

It is now time you embrace your talents and recognize your special gifts. Your talents are signifiers that lead you toward your unique path. Follow your passion and you will soon discover where you fit in this wonderful place called earth.

“Change Is Upon You” Meditation

  1. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly.
  2. Take another deep breath and while exhaling stretch your body slowly.
  3. Visualize Pink, Blue, Emerald, Gold and White flowing from your toes to the top of your head.
  4. Visualize the Universal Love’s Rainbow Energy as it connects with your heart energy.
  5. Visualize the Universal Love’s Rainbow Energy as it connects with your heart energy.
  6. Feel the vibrational power of this beautiful energy.
  7. Visualize this powerful energy from the universe and your heart flowing around Earth. 
  8. As this energy expands and circles Earth send your thoughts of love.
  9. Visualize your colors flowing back into your heart. Seal it with Silver.

Change Is Upon You

Earth needs positive energy to help with the catastrophe changes she is going through. This meditation will assist earth’s vibrations to a higher consciousness frequency. In doing so you are re-building your colors and love energy. This is a powerful connection with you, earth and Universal Love Energy.

“Everything in your life is there as a vehicle for your transformation. Use it!”

by Ram Dass

With love, Shirley

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