Universal Harmony

Universal Harmony

All heart’s flow into the Divine Ocean of the Universal Harmony and all different creeds and expressions merge in this Divine Source. This great energy includes you and all souls with a great eternal power known as Universal Harmony. As the sun gives light, heat and life sustenance to the whole world without any reservations and qualifications so does this Divine Spiritual solace that sheds a Divine Light on all. Each and every Divine Ray of Universal Harmony radiates totally to all human, linguistic, racial and spiritual harmony for the whole planet.

True integration, harmony and unity can only be used with a solid foundation of Love. This Love stands out beautifully, harmoniously, synthetically in its pristine purity and glory that are enshrined in the unity of love. This Universal Harmony is a source that provides a wonderful foundation for all of mankind to unite in one strong spiritual bond. It is a great relationship free of any greed, hatred, jealousy or envy; it holds the truth – unity.

You are at a dawn of a new era. When your emotions become re-fined you then can ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find. Meditate and relax this action will allow you to receive this new energy. Those who have a strong spiritual awareness generate a field of energy that constantly radiates from them. This field is a combination of information-carrying subquantum particles, complex and simplistic electromagnetic radiations. These electromagnetic radiations influence the emotional states, the attention factors, and the intention factors of individuals exposed to such electromagnetic content. These same subquantum particles are infinitely small particles which remember everything they have encountered.

When these people travel from place to place, they carry their memories with them, so they absorb these particles and some of there memories. The informational content of the subquantum particles is the starting point, the origination, of Life itself. Your DNA can be resequenced by the information which is conveyed by the subquantum entities. Harmony is a universal principle. Universal Harmony is a foundation for the luminous realm of the planets, stars, galaxies and etc. This power of love energy is like an ocean you can see where it comes from but never see where it ends.

This field of energy is organized into, and by, the stable emotional structures, based on the individual person’s special kinds of awareness’s. It is not subjected to intellectual doubt, instead it is treated as valid by the senses. This energy has the effect of altering your emotional structures. A spiritual person has strong and stable consciousness and awareness, fields of energy and structures, which are capable of modifying the consciousness and awareness structures. This happens because a spiritual person has more alignment with the Universal Harmony making one naturally stronger.

Universal harmony may sound like an enormous subject. However, it is a term that is used when one truly understands its meaning or how it may be achieved. It is based on the understanding that to achieve harmony with the whole, you must first achieve harmony within yourself.

One way to achieve harmony within is by removing conflicts, arguments, and imbalances from within your systems. As you achieve inner harmony you are not separated from the whole. Therefore, your connection to the whole must become balanced to fully experience harmony. This balance starts from within and moves outward to greater realms or domains of your life. Once you begin to experience inner balance, harmony then can be achieved in your families and societies.

On a larger scale harmony is achieved in your job settings, cultures, and expands to nature and the environment. To experience harmony, it must be achieved within and with each level of life as you live in this world. As harmony deepens and expands within, you will notice that the distinction between inner and outer diffuses and the experience of separation falls away. The microcosm and macrocosm come into balance.Universal Harmony

Each of you may have varying amounts of success while achieving or experiencing harmony on different levels. Some may realize inner harmony as long as there are no disturbances in their lives. In addition, some are more susceptible to disharmony or achieve harmony on one level but consistently have greater difficulty at another specific level. Until you become aware of the problem you will have difficulty experiencing the state of universal harmony in which you are balanced within your surroundings on every level.

You can continue to be thrown off balance, or continue to be susceptible to disharmony, unless you find the rule of harmony within and then attune this harmony with your greater environment. Inner harmony, when fully achieved meaning that it becomes a constant awareness becomes an anchor for every aspect of your life, which enables you to handle any situation that comes your way, on the physical, emotional, and environmental levels.

Harmony may be learned by looking at the physical system. As an example, you can see that the same concept of harmony applies to the immune system. Some of you may have a weakness or susceptibility in your physical systems. If your immune system is weak or out of balance you will be more prone to catching a cold or the flu than someone who has an innate balance in his or her physical system,

Additionally, if your systems are stressed or overwhelmed by outside factors you will also be more susceptible to contracting diseases. It is possible, knowing that the system is compromised, to avoid certain environmental stressors. However, it is also possible to balance the physical system from within.

Over the long-term you can increase resilience by using specific practices such as eating and sleeping in moderation, regular exercise, and otherwise balancing and toning the physical system. If your immune systems are strengthened you will be less susceptible to outside influences. The same is true of inner harmony, beyond the physical system.Universal Harmony

As inner harmony is achieved vitality and health may be experienced on all levels and you may become less susceptible to the influences that might have thrown you off balance at another time. Harmony within is also known and experienced by self-confidence, which is something that everyone needs. When you have a strong source of stability within, you have a foundation of balance and harmony with the whole, including family, job, culture, nature, and your environment. In this state you will experience great self-confidence in every aspect of your life.


  1. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly
  2. Take another deep breath and while exhaling stretch the body slowing
  3. Visualize pink and blue flowing inside your body from your toes to the top of your head.
  4. Flow those colors through your heart and out into the universe
  5. Visualize your heart beating pink and blue connecting with the universal colors; transcendence will happen.
  6. You are relaxed feeling the vibration in your heart and out into the universe like a symphony orchestra. Your heart beat is the drums playing in tune with the universal orchestra.
  7. Relax as you tune into this wonderful universal vibration that exists within and around you
  8. Your vibrations are being transmitted through out the entire solar system and out into the universe. You are now a universal antenna that will receive and feel more love and light

“You must have a room, for a certain hour or so a day, where you don’t know what was in the newspaper that morning. You don’t know who your friends are, you don’t know what you owe anybody, and you don’t know what anybody owes you. This is a place where you can simply experience and bring forth what you are and what you might be.” 

By Joseph Campbell

With love, Shirley

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