It’s The Path of Evolution

The Path of Evolution

The journey for your self development and soul awakening requires a deep hunger with the perseverance to know Universal Love and Truth. You must have an openness to receive teachings and healings from your heart without interference from the mind. 

When you let go of your negative ego that desires greed, jealousy, hate etc. the love energy in your soul will create humility providing a higher perspective to life. You have to understand your Self as a being of energy with multiple subtle body layers that creates your thought forms and feeling to be in harmonious patterns. When you open your spiritual heart it allows the pure universal love to develop your higher Self to source with a lighter body vibrating higher into the dimensional frequencies. 

The more you understand your love, the more the Universal Love can expand your wisdom to its higher dimensions. Now Earth’s energy has a frequency that can awaken your soul while in a process of newness that works directly with a higher Universal frequency. It is all about knowing and accepting yourself through love and light.

Have you noticed or felt that time is accelerating; the day is over before you know? Your technology can squash your time. You are packing much more into every moment to stretch time as it appears to be moving more quickly. This speed of time is further exaggerated by the quickening of events and activities around the planet. When you look at the political world, or financial, cultural, environmental areas of life you find things are in chaos.

Events are moving too fast for anyone to “get a grip” on making any sense of your long term plans. People speak of Global Warming, Poles melting and shifting, Mother Earth is revolting, the whole world seems to be spinning out of control, shifting off its axis. Earth is in a quickening time while undergoing great changes. Some believe these changes are mankind’s assault on the planet, this does not explain it all.The Path of Evolution

Earth’s frequency changes are part of a planetary re-alignment with the galactic equator. This frequency change is bringing humanity out of its current slumber. This awakening of the universal frequency will accelerate your evolutionary path. Earth is being assisted by the Ascended Masters. A true Ascended Master is a highly evolved Ultra-Terrestrial gestalt of consciousness, in pure anti-matter wave form that exist beyond the dimensional Earth. They are highly evolved beings that overlook Earth and the Universal Cosmic planes. They are enlightened spiritual beings who have lived on earth and faced the same challenges you do. They now serve as the teachers of mankind from the Realms of the Spirit. They are Teachers in the truest form helping to guide, protect, inspire and heal mankind.

They can help you grow in any area of your life and achieve the real purpose to become one with God and Universal Love. Through their help you can raise your vibration to a sustained frequency of light. They love earth dearly and work to bring light into the hearts and minds of people who chose to move onward. They are true teachers of directing the spiritual evolution for all who desire to reunite with the divine consciousness. They constantly work to connect with you more consciously. They are dynamic beings in energetic form. 

The Ascended Masters have joined together in service to help Earth with the Brotherhood of the White Light. They are overseers of your universe and other universes, galaxies, planets and dimensions. Working together they help Earth go through the process of evolution through pure love and light. This path of evolution is followed by all in their own way. 

Meditation for ” It’s The Path of Evolution”

  1. Take a few slow deep breaths. Pay attention to your breathing and notice as you breathe in and out. 
  2. Visualize a bright sun shiny day. There is an open staircase that leads down to a white sandy beach. Look out towards the ocean, as far as you can see there are the glistening waters. 
  3. Feel the gentle breeze blowing which softly caresses your face and body. The sun is luminescent with shimmering rays dancing around you. The beach is so inviting that you start walking down the stairs. As you take the steps, you feel yourself becoming more relaxed even more peaceful. 
  4. As you walk along the beach the waves gently kiss your feet. Look up at the bright blue sky where there are seagulls flying overhead. You follow them with your eyes as they whirl and swoop in the air over you and then out to the ocean. 
  5. You hear the surf pounding against rocks off in the far distance; it is pounding like the beat of drums. 
  6. As you watch the ocean you see many dolphins playing in the gentle waves. Instantly your heart and mind knows that this is magical moment. The dolphins call to you in a language that your heart knows. The dolphins beckon you to a cave. You feel totally safe as you enter the warm water and gently swim toward their cave. 
  7. As you enter the cave you see many colors from the crystal walls. Red, orange, yellow green, blue, indigo, gold, white and purple. Each are healing colors for you. 
  8. There is a golden treasurer chest sitting in the middle of the cave. You walk over and open it. A bright rainbow color glows as you open the lid. 
  9. The dolphins have guided you to a gift from earth and the universe. This rainbow beam of light creates a wave length that simply melts away your problems
  10. Each ray of the rainbow colors touches you with a feeling of more love and light. Stay in this loving light for a while and if you have any questions ask, they will be answered. 
  11. Walk out of the cave, swim back to the beach, say good bye to the dolphins. On the edge of the beach is a large blanket warmed by the sun, wrap yourself in it while sitting and watching the ocean. 

The Path of Evolution

Dolphins are the keeper of the sacred breathe of life they teach you how to release emotions. They have a purity of being which touches your inner nature. They help to lead and open you to the energy of love, harmony and balance. Express your inner truth, follow your inner joy.

Dolphins ask you to return to the depths of your being and rediscover the love that you truly are. They are the keeper of the sacred breathe of life. They teach you how to relax through breathing. The message of the Dolphin is to remind you that your true essence is love. They are called the Manna of the Universe. 

“Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become your words. Keep your words positive because your words become your behaviors. Keep your behaviors positive because your behaviors become your habits. Keep your habits positive because your habits become your values. Keep your values positive because your values become your destiny.” 

By Gandhi

With love, Shirley

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