Essences Of Time

The essence of time has created for earth to go through the process of shifting into a divine higher dimensional level of consciousness. All the inhabitants are in the process of moving on from the current primitive consciousness. They no longer want to feel enslaved or depressed so they are creating energy vibrations to help this major change. Some lack the consciousness for the divine solution to violence, war, aggression, depression, illness and disease. Your heart, not your head, is the portal or spiritual doorway to your divine soul.Essences_Of_Time

Your mind creates objects, objects create space, changes in those objects create time. Time is not real, but only relatively so. Time does not pass in your mind, it does not even exist. Take advantage of time to meditate and plant your seeds you desire now. Do not put off action that must be taken with the assumption the opportunity will be there tomorrow. Second chances are wonderful but sometimes there is not a second chance. When things present themselves you must take advantage and move forward. That is the true essence of time, a time that is moving faster than you realize.

The timing is such that people are realizing there is a universal spiritual connection bridging the gap between people and cultures around the world. Science is discovering there are many ways of looking at the world and, in the process, has redefined the very nature of what it means to be human. A new breed of spiritual scientists has begun to explore the links between the body, mind and the spiritual nature of people. Quantum physicists have begun to awaken to the concept that subatomic particles that make up the universe are also in human’s DNA.

Spirituality is the connecting energy. With action you will improve and intensify the experience of all connections. When you achieve universal enlightenment you will experience a mystical unity with that energy flowing through your body, mind and soul. It is a radiant light that empowers you to see with clarity. It is a universal healing energy that will remove all disqualified energies, providing a loving healing experience connecting your unique gifts. 

You live in a universe that is centered around your perceptions and assumptions. People together create the consensual world as a hologram of great complexity created by thoughts. Having your mind clear and blank, you can hear and examine messages from the great universe, re-formulating, re-inventing and re-creating reality. This creation begins with pure love and light that vibrates like music. Its harmonics can dissolves into octaves of light and it is from this light that all is created. Some minds are filled with thoughts and thinking continuously will lead to confusion that blocks out the true state of bliss. You are mirrors of a higher consciousness that is your higher spiritual reality.

Essences Of TimeIn the universal love presence you experience that love moving far beyond the collective unconscious and enter into a state of pure awareness.
There are particles of love, atoms of love and molecules of love that cause what you think will gravitate towards and attracts to you what you desire. If you have anger, fear, hate, even if it is deeply hidden within your sub-consciousness, it will magnetize to your self. Everything and everybody in your existence is a reflection of your being. With essences of timing it is important to clean and clear any old undesirable energy through meditation, as an example, any dislikes, fears, unhappiness, etc. When you find the answer within yourself, these negatives will stop presenting themselves through your experiences. 

It is time to experience the divine energies by quieting your mind. When you meditate your mind becomes still, it will move your consciousness away from your head and into your heart. When your heart feels and holds the intention, your love and light will move forward into the Universal love and light – a connection to a great spark of divine energy.

Essences of Time Meditation:

  1. Close your eyes and take three consecutive deep breaths, breathing in deep and breathing out long.
  2. Be aware of your breath coming in and out. Feel the air coming in through your nostrils and going out.
  3. Visualize Pink, Blue and Gold flowing inside your body, flowing from your toes to the top of your head.
  4. You are experiencing the stillness of your mind
  5. You are a peaceful soul. If thoughts emerge in your mind do not judge or focus on them. 
  6. Say out loud, I am a peaceful soul. My Mind is filled with peace. I radiate peace to the world.
  7. You will feel the gentle waves of peace flowing through your body.
  8. You feel this great peace.
  9. Feel your love and light glowing like a shining star.
  10. Waves of peace and light envelope you.
  11.  Feel the waves of this great peace and light shine like a lighthouse, radiating within you.

This meditation assists you in flowing with great peace and love. It will keep you calm through out the day enhancing your Essence of Time.

“To get all there is out of living, we must employ our time wisely, never being in too much of a hurry to stop and sip life, but never losing our sense of the enormous value of a minute.”

By Robert Updegraff

With love, Shirley

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