Power of Colors

The power of colors is the soul’s reason for its life, in your body, and for your life on earth. Colors offer an illustration that provides examples held within your body, mind and spirit. The human brain and eyes help to identify colors and their delights. Power of Colors

Substance within your physical world is composed of atomic structure. The energy of your soul exists as a different atomic structure. You perceive the souls energy through your senses. You use your senses because the atoms that constitute this substance are not in resonance with the atoms of your physical body. 

An atom has a nucleus that rotates around an axis. There are electrons that orbit around the nucleus. One of the fundamental characteristics of a freely rotating mass is that the axis of rotation does not remain in a fixed position. The axis of earth moves in a circular arc in accordance with the principle of precession. When you extend earth’s axis out into the universe there is a motion of precession. 

The realm of atomic energy is divided creating frequency spectrum’s within dimensions of color for you and earth. This creates the communication of emotional action with color and tones in the movement for earth’s reproduction of light and love. Emotions are the vibrational frequency of free flow within earth and all its living sources. You were created with the emotional burst of love and white light rushing into the darkness causing the reproduction of more love and light colors. Power of Colors

Your heart beat has a tone, your emotional energy flows the colors that vibrated into your oneness with the universe. The universal colors are a conscious vibration existing between fields of light. The mind has a light energy that assists the flow within you and the Universe. Your pineal gland, also known as the third eye, flows within you a dynamic of many light waves. Those who work with their love and light will be able to see the presences of their energy colors connecting with the Universal Love and Colors.

When earth’s vibrations rise so does everything else. This helps you to perceive new colors that you have not seen before. These colors are not really new; they are rainbow colors of earth’s and your chakras rising to this new frequency. Color and sound interrelate. This brings down a new form into the atomic structure of form. All aspects of color qualify themselves as emotions in people. This is not only instinctive; it connects the intellectual and higher conscious. This energy flows into the inner plane between Self and the Universal Love as various combinations of colors. Through meditation you can bring colors from the universe inside you bringing more balance that helps refine your body to the totality of your light body. 

Colors can heal you. Imbalances are caused by the way you respond to emotions, with thoughts and decisions that you have to alter in your deepest essence. When you use colors in meditation the energy synchronizes their wavelengths to the ones of your body’s electromagnetic field, harmonizing these imbalances restoring your body, mind and spirit. In the same way the energy of springtime awakens the trees and plants from their cycle of dormancy, so do your colors when you meditate. The energies are there to awaken and rebuild you. Power of Colors

Earth is nearing the completion of an extraordinary evolutionary cycle that began at the beginning of time. During this phase human’s consciousness will awaken and expand into the higher conscious. Souls learn through their individual and collective experiences through free will. As each soul exercises free will in making choices through out the course of life, there is an opportunity to learn of each choice. It is wise to make choices that are in alignment with nature.

Colors are represented by the spectrum of the rainbow. Although the spectrum is shown as an arc, in reality it is a circle. It appears as an arc because the earth’s horizon cuts the rainbow in half. The rainbow’s colors blended properly will produce white, the highest vibration for the spiritual significance. Some of the power of colors and their meanings are:

  1. Red represents excitement, high energy, passion, desire, heat, love, forcefulness, fire and aggressiveness. Or danger, fire, war and violence.
  2. Orange is a blend of red and yellow causing an energy balance, warmth, it is vibrant and enthusiastic. Or Flamboyant and demanding attention.
  3. Yellow creates joy, strength, imagination and hope. Or dishonesty, cowardice, betrayal, jealousy, deceit or covetousness. 
  4. Green is the manifestation or form for future expression. It flows nature, environment, good luck, renewal, health and vigor. Or Jealousy, inexperienced, envy and misfortune.
  5. Blue is known as the universal color. It is deep with vital, peace, tranquility, calm, trust, truth, confidence, security, loyalty, sky, water, cold, technology and soothing energy. Or depression.
  6. Indigo is the center of objective reasoning associate with extra sensory perception and inner senses.
  7. Gold is a color for spirituality, abundance, prosperity, glory, healing and soothing.
  8. White is purity, holiness and sacred.
  9. Brown is an earthy color that is comforting, stability and reliable.
  10. Black is power, sexuality, sophistication, formality, elegance, wealth, mystery or fear, evil and anonymity.
  11. Purple represents royalty, spirituality, wisdom and enlightenment. Or cruelty, arrogance and mourning.
  12. Turquoise is a calming healing color with the energy of unconditional love.

The Power of Colors , a Meditation:

  1. Take a deep breath. Take another deep breath and as you exhale stretch your body.
  2. Visualize Pink, Blue and Turquoise inside your body, flowing from your toes to the top of your head.
  3. Feel your heart beat as you flow your colors through your entire body
  4. Your heart is surround with colors and its beat has a tone
  5. These colors and your heart beat are creating a harmonious and perfect body of light.
  6. Say to yourself, I am of Light, I am filled with love and my life is perfect order.

The universe is filled with a great powerful force of colors and tones that flow around. All these atoms are whirled around into vortices from the universe to earth and then to you. Every spectrum, every planet, has its own tone on which it vibrates and to which you in turn can vibrate. The harmony of the spheres will impress your soul. You will live in the consciousness of divine harmony and perfection filled with love. 

In dwelling, be close to the land. In meditation, go deep in the heart. In dealing with others, be gentle and kind. In speech, be true. In ruling, be just. In business, be competent. In action, watch the timing.” 

Written by Tao Te Ching

With love, Shirley

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