Your Magic Creates Your Happiness

Your Magic Creates

Magic is the art of affecting manifestation through the un-manifestation. The manifestation is all that can be seen, touched, perceived, manipulated, imagined, or understood. The Un-manifestation is none of these things. It is the place, or rather the non-place, from which everything is magic.

Your magic happens every time you change the way you look at things this will cause a change in the way you experience life. As you change your perspective, your reality changes. If you believe life is hard, it will be. If you change your perspective and believe life is a gentle process of remembering, life becomes easier and more enjoyable.

Your magic constantly happens changing its power into physical reality. You have courage to face your past and change your perspective. As you become self-aware, you will become more conscious of your decisions. As you “wake up” you realize most of your decisions are based on facts that aren’t facts at all. Most beliefs are based on assumptions you made as a child. You continue to make decisions based on information that was inaccurate years ago, and today is totally useless. You continue to stay within the security point created for you as a child. As you learn to separate your emotions from your actions you will start making decisions based on the present, rather than the past. Magic only happens in the present or in the moment of your now.

You are totally a being of unlimited light. There are no limits except the ones you impose. The only limits you have are from your thoughts. Recognizing your own thought pattern system can be a difficult task, until you change your limiting thoughts they will create the same things over and over again. Life is meant to be fun, joyous, easy and free. Once you release this you have an opportunity to experience freedom. If magic and miracles aren’t a part of your everyday life your mind has too much control.

Magic will help you to understand that happiness always comes from within you. Even if your experience of happiness appears to be coming from an outer source or experience, the actual happiness is coming from within you. The inner-outer happiness flow creates the illusion that your happiness is actually coming from outer enjoyments. This becomes clear when you discover that certain situations that had once brought great happiness no longer create the same effect. Your inner thoughts and feelings are the basis of both your happiness and your unhappiness.Your Magic Creates

Because happiness comes from within, even when things don’t appear to be going perfect outwardly, it is still possible to experience sincere happiness. It is our inner feeling that creates happiness, along with how you interpret the events of life. For one person, having an accident may be an unhappy tragedy, while for another it may be a great lesson to learn.

Did you ever think that you might be happy but you do not know it? Maybe you just need a diploma for happiness; like a college diploma. Just imagine – what would it feel like to simply accept and believe that you are already, always, automatically, deeply and profoundly happy, and know that you will always inherently be happy, regardless of what does or doesn’t happen in your life?

Don’t be swept away by how others might interpret a challenging situation. Take control of your mind, choose to affirm your natural state of happiness. Learn to enjoy all the twists and turns that come with being alive on this planet, at this time.

Start with the assumption that you are already happy. In doing so you’ll have taken an amazingly powerful step to being happy. By accepting that you are already happy, you will be relieving yourself of a great burden – that of always seeking and desiring to find happiness in external people, places and things. Relax, go deeply into your own natural state of happiness.

The word happiness is like the word love. With spiritual happiness, you can look at the world with realistic eyes – seeing, experiencing, and responding to all the muddled mess that life can sometimes seem to be. Yet, in the depths of your being, you’ll know a peacefulness and contentment that never fades, even while the world may be crashing down around you.Your Magic Creates

Your magic and spiritual happiness, will allow you to be work in harmony with the universe. You can look at the ups and downs of life with the blessing of knowing that you are growing and enjoy a good sense of humor that makes even bitter medicines go down more easily.

Spiritual happiness is unconditional happiness filled with eternal hope and a trust in universal perfection. When you understand spiritual happiness, you can be ecstatic even when you’re miserable, because you know that whatever troubles have come your way are meant to uplift your soul in the long run. 

The whole spiritual happiness means faith. Not blind faith, or ignorant faith, but true faith – a powerful yet tender trust that is drenched in qualities such as wisdom, humility, love, courage and service. This faith comes with a greater awareness of spiritual principles, it seeks to be in harmony with the universe.

Faith is not only a refuge during troubling times, it can also help empower you to create an outer life that is in greater harmony with your nature. This faith can come with a vast knowledge and wisdom. True faith knows that everything is always fine, right here, right now and forever, faith knows that life is a gift. It is a combination of: “May the force be with you,” and/or “May you be with the force!” Faith keeps away self-sabotage, fear, anger, and depression.Your Magic Creates

Physical happiness means having the basics that will allow you to survive and thrive, such as food, water, shelter, and air. Emotional happiness comes from feelings of love, belonging, and having a sense of family or community. Mental happiness comes with a positive self-image, making good use of your mind’s ability to continually improve and grow in your understanding and appreciation of life.

Creative happiness blossoms forth when you are expressing your excellence at whatever you are meant to do. You may be the best artist, manager, chief, a parent, or worker that you can be offering your creative efforts to benefit society and those you love. Spiritual happiness fills you with the peacefulness of unshakable faith, as you rest in your higher self — while giving and serving with universal love, a vision of the bigger picture of your soul’s journey. Eternal bliss is a realm of unearthly ecstasy and oneness with all.

Magic and miracles will occur if you are willing to spend time on yourself.

  • Expand your awareness
  • Explore your thoughts in depth
  • Make choices based on what you want to create
  • Be happy no matter what is going on in your life
  • Let go of suffering and embrace joy and ease
  • Utilize your emotions
  • Create anything you desire
  • Be who and what you truly want to be
  • Succeed in all areas of your life
  • Experience all life has to offer
  • Access your ability to be and do anything
  • Get to the point you realize anything is possible
  • Design tools that will motivate you to take the necessary actions
  • Do not self sabotage
  • Embrace the moment and live it
  • Know you create your reality
  • Learn to act rather than react

Your Magic Creates Your Happiness Meditation:

  1. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly.
  2. Visualize a rainbow flowing clockwise, around your entire body.
  3. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly.
  4. Visualize a white light flowing from the universe.
  5. This white light and rainbow colors merge and flow together.
  6. Mentally think “I am the one source of universal life.”
  7. Continue repeating until you feel a sense of oneness
  8. I am the light of creation, pure and free. 
  9. You will feel a great sense of weightlessness and pure divine power surging through you.
  10. Mentally think “I am the truth of the universe. Truth guides me in every step of my journey.”
  11. Feel the new vibration of the powerful energy within you and the universe.

“Where there is inner harmony there is no unhappiness. It is all in the control of the mind, becoming mentally tuned into the Infinite. Happiness must come from within.” By Brunton

With love, Shirley

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