Experiences Have Blessings

Experiences Have Blessings

The year 2008 vibrates an energy creating rebirth. 2008 is a start for earth’s new nine year epicycle. You can expect life to speed up. 2008 is a year radiating bright and cheerful vibrations. This energy will create the need for you to clear out old experiences. By doing so you will have more confidence and courage to move forward for this year’s renewal and rebirth. 

Your experiences have blessings, this occurs when you do not hold on to the thoughts of what they were. Your physical body is a dynamic system that reflects your thoughts, emotions and feelings. They correlate to physical discomforts or great happiness. There truly is a direct connection to your life’s experiences. 

As a child you learn through experience the various behaviors that can program your feelings and emotions. Wrong choices can cause pain. This pain can be carried into the present. You will not want to experience more pain as it can complicate issues and hold you back. It is your choice you can take the pain or transcend it into higher levels of love. Your free will, with the right choice, will help you leave the past behind. Let old attachments go so you can move on into your higher love light.

Pride in humans will create a limitation that can stop you from transcending into your higher self. Both pride and control are creations of your ego, therefore by simply addressing it you can let it go. Pride is a state of consciousness rebelling against Universal Laws. The aspect of pride is the lack of self love and universal creation. The replacement for that love is to put unconditional love in its place.

Conditional love is really a controlling love. Control is the other state of consciousness that limits you. Control is based on fear, such as a fear of losing someone or something, or a fear that someone or something will harm you if you do not keep control of the situation. From most human’s perspective, control works to protect to some degree. You cannot possibly control every situation or person that comes into your life. So rather than having pride and ego in control let it go so you can grow with Universal love.

The goal is to obtain balance in all you do. Pride along with controlling conditional love causes an imbalance in your power, wisdom and love. There is an aspect of your Christ White Light anchored within your heart. As you let go of the ego, you leave a void that must be filled with the truth and light. 

Go into the core of any fear so you can discover what you are truly afraid of. Turn and face that fear, demand it be gone. Use your power, wisdom and love to replace that fear. Through power invoke the light to consume the fear, call on the Universal Love power to heal everyday to bring forth this wisdom into your being. 

The storehouse for your reserve power is Universal Love. There is no limitation to your love that can take you to that reserve when you enter into the secret chamber of the heart by using Universal Love. Your self image is shaped by the strongest force of love. Self is mostly fixated in the body and thoughts. It is drawn into the body and mind like iron filaments to a magnet, like a physical object to gravity. Your “Self” reflects whatever you are consciously and unconsciously fixating on. 

Your emotions are one of the greatest sources of personal power and energy. Emotional states are based upon the stimulus that you perceive at any given moment. Your body remembers emotions and traumas even though you may not consciously be aware of it. Thoughts are truly amazing energy packets. If your thoughts and emotions create illnesses, then your thoughts and emotions can create wellness and harmony.

You need to gain knowledge of how emotions give you the illusion of who you are and who you are not. Do not wait for the connection with the spiritual side where consciousness and awareness of thoughts merge with your self. A first step in connecting to your consciousness is to be aware of the factors that determine your life and how they connect to your current life’s situation. Searching for the surface answers is one thing, realizing the depth at which they go is quite another. This depth will make the soul work towards the greatest rewards. 

Thought is a dynamic force with tremendous power. An atom radiates an electromagnetic field. A molecule radiates yet a stronger electromagnetic field. A large number of molecules form a cell in which the human brain contains at least 2 billion such cells. These atomic waves seem to include the emotions and are superimposed within the electromagnetic field frequencies. These vibrations are sent out into the physical world extending outward into the “non-physical” world. Experiences Have Blessings

Your thoughts and emotions happen as a result of your interactions with the world based on your perception of past experiences. It is how you perceive this world of events that form your thought processes that become reactions and behaviors, unconsciously or consciously. Your thoughts create your feelings, emotions, behavior and what you attract and magnetize into your life. When you are aware of your emotions and aware of the actions tied to these emotions; you have an opportunity to transform your perceptions of yourself and the world around you.

Millions of people around the world daily seek and find their own way to break out and break free. You only need to continue to question and grope within yourself for spiritual information about your own truth, love and integrity.

Meditation “Create Experiences That Have Blessings”

Connecting with the divine power in a meditative state can be an exhilarating experience. In your meditative state you may see images, colors or have feelings wash over you as you link into the divine consciousness. Trust in this process. Know that you have the power to communicate with the Divine in this manner. 

When you meditate, you open up the link between the conscious and unconscious minds. In connecting with the unconscious, you can access the divine power. This power exists on a level removed from your day-to-day world. This type of spiritual, God-centered meditation highlights the hidden power that creates a wonderful portal for communication.

To prepare for meditation, find a quiet place without interruptions. Sit in a comfortable position with your hands lying palms up in your lap. Sense your body as an open vessel ready to receive information in a loving manner.

Breathe deeply down into your abdomen. Feel yourself filling up with air down deep. Feel your lower belly move in and out with each breath. With each inward breath, visualize white light entering your airway. Fill your entire body, a little more each time, continue breathing deeply until your body is filled with white light. 

Your Christ White Light contains all the rays, each creative – each having the power to affect all forms of matter. These rainbow rays from your heart to the universe continually beat a love energy giving a healing creative power. Your heart center glows with divine fire that radiates like the sun. Relax, allow the Universal Love connection to fill you with rebirth and newness.”Experiences Have Blessings

“Science has discovered startling new possibilities regarding how you think, feel, love and find meaning in your life. Research suggests that the heart thinks, cells remember and that both of these processes are related to an as yet mysterious, extremely powerful, but very subtle energy. Science may be taking the first steps to understanding more about the ancient shamans/healers/leaders – the energy of the human spirit and the coded information that is the human soul. “From Physics and Consciousness written by StarStuffs

With love, Shirley

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