Soul Energy Connection

In the beginning the heavens and earth were created by the power of Universal love and light. At that time there were also beautiful souls created from this great power. Over time, the souls divide and chose to learn through experiences. Their goal was to learn then reunite for the purpose of evolving higher in the Universal Love energy.

It is not easy to explain soul mates since it is all about energy. The soul is a white ball of light and is guided into the physical body by the spirit that looks like a blue lightening bolt. They enter the body at the first breath of life. The soul lives in your heart and the spirit becomes your emotions. These become soul mates, each half of a whole with the other half in a different body. A soul mate match occurs when two souls come together and are the same spiritual wave length. Then come soul mate relatives, friends, spiritual teachers, or combinations of these descriptions.

To learn and grow, a soul enters into the physical body that is characterized by such polarities as light/dark, positive/negative, thinking/sensing, etc. They will choose to incarnate into a male or female body. The selection of one gender over the other in a particular lifetime is a condition created because a balance is needed.

In the beginning the human race was in tune with nature, their spiritual side and their intuition, it was a way of life. They could see auras, interpret colors, direct energy in themselves and others, and develop their abilities through access to the universal energy. Many of them dedicated their lives to the service of others, often in a healing capacity. The universal healing energy or life force exists in all of nature, it vibrates at a very high frequency. This energy can be brought into a human body, activating the body’s own life force and healing energy. Everyone was enjoying happiness and their life’s purpose. They knew about the secret jewel within their heart, the treasure of infinite value, the divine essence called soul.

Soul mates are spiritual partners whose love is tied to the universal response for pure love. The very core of your soul carries the memory of all soul mate encounters from the beginning of your time when you first descended to Earth. A relationship is possible only to the extent the lovers are expressing their highest potential as individuals. The souls have reached a level of balance that allows them to experience the splendor that has been promised since creation. A soul mate relationship is the expression of your innermost dream of intimate love and union with another. In your consciousness, you and your soul mate have already joined forces. Even if your primary soul mate is not on earth, this soul serves as a guide in your life, so you are never alone. The major purpose of the soul mate connection is to help each other ascend, whether or not both of you are in a body in this lifetime. At one time or another everyone dreams about finding the perfect mate.

When you are first incarnated on the Earth plane, you came from the same atom and are able to recognize one another, on some level. Although your goal is to grow spiritually, you and your soul mate can create debts with each other in various embodiments, these debts must be balanced when you find each other again. Sometimes when couples bicker, battle, and squabble they are searching for balance. You and your soul mate may decide not to marry or pair as lovers. It means one of the partners has chosen other issues to work on in this particular incarnation.

Your soul mate is your other half who has gone off to experience things eons ago. Together you are one. Sometimes you will not find your soul mate, but this doesn’t mean that you cannot have a loving relationship with someone else. Your soul mate might not be incarnated this time or there is not enough balance between the two. Your purpose on earth is for growth and development in consciousness of love and light. It is important to choose carefully your companion for spiritual and daily growth. When there is not a balance in a soul mate relationship this doesn’t mean that you cannot love each other.

Soul Mate Match’s are two people that have been together many life times. They will have the same spiritual goals with respect for each other’s freedom. It may not be the oceans roaring, volcanoes erupting type of thing. It will be more like a gentle breeze that has a soothing comfortable and long lasting relationship. Sometimes there may be a significant age difference in a given lifetime. They will be each other’s teacher and the purpose of meeting in this particular lifetime is to fill each other with spiritual learning. They offer each other the advancement in their spiritual ascension through the infusion of transformational love. They support and love each other through unconditional love for each other. This becomes part of a universal flow of untapped energy known as love.

Allow natural flow to direct you to the right partner. When you constantly search for the perfect one your ego will take over. Ego creates drama and insecurity. It will cause you to analyze and question why you want to make things happen. In return it prevents if from happening. This energy will push against you and your right partner. It will allow an un-balanced relationship to come in your life to teach you. In reality the importance is not in hunting, the question is, are you willing to be the right partner for someone else? Life is a two-way street; the search has to start from within first. When you are ready the right person will automatically appear. The mystical aspect of a true relationship is that it will require very little effort.

Information To Help You:

  1. Understanding the multi-dimensional realms of your soul and souls journey will allow you to discover how your daily experiences relate to your spiritual awakening.
  2. Meditate to get an overview of your spiritual journey. This helps establish a direct connection with your soul. When you encounter difficulties this direct soul connection will be an indispensable resource for guidance.
  3. The journey toward living your soul’s divine purpose is an ongoing process of self-discovery. As you learn to increase your awareness, you will gain new perspectives in your life.
  4. Learning about your soul will help create a healthy relationship between you and others.
  5. A healthy relationship is a mutual one based on loving respect. Make sure the other person feels the same way you do. Just because you feel a soul mate connection or sense past-life recognition does not give you the right to force anyone into a relationship that they do not feel comfortable with. Everyone in an active relationship is a volunteer with the right of choice and free will.

The PAST is for evaluating and learning from its memories and lessons;
The PRESENT is for living in accordance with the constructive benefit of the knowledge and experience gained in the past;
The FUTURE is for charting Life’s course into new directions, wherever indications of possible improvement exist.

By Ruth Dyke’s

With love, Shirley

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