Spiritual Intentions

Be true to your intentions
Their achievements are your drive
Energy will assist your goals
And Infuse with Love
Your Soul will soar
With Universal Connection

Spiritual Intention is a universal creative force. Connecting with the energy of intention creates the power to make things happen in your life, things you once thought impossible. Spiritual Intention is like a positive train of thoughts that, once focused, will become a great source of manifestation. When grateful for all that you are and all that you have, the Universe will provide more blessings. By aligning your mind, heart, and spirit to the intention of the day, life will flow with harmony and ease. Bringing your focus to Spiritual Intentions aims your thoughts in the desired direction. When you believe…you will succeed.

So Says Maggy

Shirley Explains Spiritual Intentions

During a visit to Sydney, Australia, my friend Ross, an artist, invited me to spend the weekend with his family at their cabin at Blackheath, in the Blue Mountains. When I told Ross about a dream I’d had of red rock mountains with a huge waterfall, he knew I was in the right place. The Blue Mountains is a natural wonder of wild bush, sandstone cliffs with spectacular rock formations, wildlife, rainforest, and waterfalls that spill hundreds of feet to the valleys below.

Sitting on the front deck, watching the sunrise, I believed this would be a special day. After breakfast we started our trail walk through bush, crossing creeks before coming to a narrow path. The sound all around us was deafening. As we carefully rounded the bend, we arrived at a huge waterfall, splashing onto a solitary rock ledge that flowed down into a large pool. “Go ahead, Shirley,” Ross yelled. He knew I wanted to get wet. I walked under the fall and was surprised to find the noise was even louder. I stood under the spray and bathed in the cool water before walking down to the pool.

We found a perfect rock to have a picnic. We began talking about our spiritual beliefs, and that led to talk of intentions. I told him what I knew – what Maggy, the Hopis, and Mayans had taught me — that when you recognize your Spiritual Intention, powerful energy is set in motion that directs the movement for life. “You can create intentions for life, for chapters of your life or for small segments of life. It can be for a day, the next hour, a week, a project, an endeavor or activity.”

With the creation of intentions, you are taking charge of your thinking process. Events fall into place, supporting your thoughts. If you don’t know what you intend to do with your life from moment to moment, then you will drift. Spiritual Intentions can be about career, relationships, home, money, or whatever concerns your heart. When your Spiritual Intent is made conscious, you give way to your greater Self.

You are literally making yourself transparent so that you can shine forth with the pureness of that Higher Self with clarity. It’s like sculpting yourself into your ideal essence. When you honor and focus on the Spiritual Intention of each day, a new awareness enters your life, filled with purpose and affirmation.

Ross walked to the edge of the pool and looked into the deep, clear, cold water with loving laughter in his eyes. “Before working on my intentions,” he announced, “I’m going to baptize my Soul.” And he dove in. Rising back to the surface, his skin looked pink and fresh as a new baby. “Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr,” he shouted. “Ross, you not only baptized your soul,” I laughed, “You shocked it!” He was alive, all right.

The practice of aligning with your Spiritual Intention every day focuses your energy and your interest away from the past and toward the future. It will expand your purpose beyond your personal life and bring you face to face with a greater vision. Clarifying and focusing your own reason for being is one of the simplest yet most profound ways to find truth. Through meditation, you will actively build thought forms as a first step toward manifesting good works.

Allowing your Spiritual Intention to become a constant guide for all earthly activities is more of an attitude toward life than an actual technique. Though the meditation begins with a specific activity, the focus will become a way of life. The Mayans teach seven qualities that are prerequisites for pure Spiritual Intention to work:

  1. Respect for spiritual law and cosmic principle as the governing forces of reality.
  2. Inner sensitivity to your Spiritual Purpose and mission in life.
  3. The ability to recognize spiritual law in action.
  4. The capacity to overlook non-essentials and to emphasize essentials.
  5. Willingness to voluntarily suppress your personal interests for the good of the whole.
  6. Steady contact with an inner Source of wisdom, strength and love.
  7. Willingness to do your part whenever your Divine assistance comes.

Meditation For Spiritual Intention

  1. Visualize Pink and Blue flowing inside your body from your toes to the top of your head.
  2. Visualize the Christ’s White Light flowing outside and around your body.
  3. Take three deep breathes and relax.
  4. See yourself entering into your sunlit garden within.
  5. Here, in the infinite and eternal garden of your spirit, is a stream of crystal sparkling water.
  6. Listen to the music of the moving water and all the sounds of nature in your beautiful garden within.
  7. See the sunlight dancing on the water.
  8. Your guide is with you and offers you a cup of crystal water from the stream. The water is cool and cleansing, life giving. You drink and feel refreshed.
  9. Now send your “Spiritual Intentions” out to the Universe.

One soul with pure intent has far greater potency than souls who follow the tendencies of their personalities. Lift your heart toward your success in the beautiful form of “Spiritual Intentions” and you will be showered with new Universal blessings.

With love, Shirley

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