Spiritual Courage

Spirituality is within
the Self’s Divine Order
Courage is to trust your impulse
Body, mind and soul
Believing in this will surface
the love hero you are
of Universal Energy

Spiritual Courage is founded on faith and unselfishness. It is the spiritual companion to loyalty, devotion and personal commitment to the Self within. Motivation determines the intensity and nature of your personal Spiritual Courage. This is an emotion of a positive nature. All Souls within this sphere of radiation are instantly attracted to that vibration. Spiritual Courage flows with luminous energy of Love and Light. When a spiritual being filled with Love acts in spiritual ways, the power source is the equivalent of a jet fueled by injection to a less efficient Model T.

So Says Maggy

Shirley Explains Spiritual Courage

With Maggy’s “crossing” over to the other side, along with my new career and divorce, I felt I needed to take a sabbatical from my chattering brain and busy schedule. I’d been feeling that I needed time to rebuild my physical body and renew my spirituality, and I knew it had to be at a place where no one would know me.

Opening my U.S. Atlas, I closed my eyes and put my finger on the page. Hot Springs, Arkansas is where my finger landed. I researched the history of Hot Springs and then learned of its nickname, “The American Spa.” It attracts not only the wealthy, politicians, move stars, sports players but also health-seekers from around the world who come to heal in their forty-seven hot springs, set in the mountains rich with crystals. I knew that was the place for a great sabbatical retreat.

I leased a furnished bungalow for six months and moved in with only my clothes and Maggy’s travel trunks from her vaudeville days, filled with her diaries and writings. I was excited about having time to read and let go. Each day was filled with hiking in nature’s glory and soaking in the thermal baths. At night I sat on the screened-in-back porch listening to the crickets and reading Maggy’s material.

One special night I looked up at the sky — filled with stars so bright that the back yard looked like early morning. I felt alone, and started to question, “Was I doing the right thing? How could I possible survive and get Maggy’s spiritual Universal Love messages out to the world? How could I get books published, meet people who would be interested in seminars?” I couldn’t hold back the tears.

Suddenly a ray of white light filled the room, causing me to jump. Wiping away my tears I saw a young Maggy in a blue chiffon robe, standing in from of me. Maggy smiled and said, “It’s not necessary to question yourself. Success is found through your ‘Spiritual Courage.’ Spirituality is love — not in some abstract way, but through action. Feeling a oneness with your divine Self will create your love energy to flourish.

Courage is a great constructive power that will help you to overcome the negative or destructive forces within your Self. In daily life there will be obstacles and it’s important to experience them to gain more courage to evolve. Courage helps you to master fear and build integrity. You will not follow the path where others have tread. You will build a new path and it will be filled with teachings to help others better understand life, free will, independence, will power, Self love, independence, creativity, and more.”

“You have a love burning deep within, a warmth, a certainty and an inner knowing that you must trust. Always remember that what you think is what you become, and you will overcome any obstacles in your path. Be like a turtle. If a turtle doesn’t stick its neck out, it would make little progress. Or like a nut planted in the ground and pops through the soil, eventually growing into a strong oak tree. Take your Spiritual Courage and uncork your imagination. Use common sense, be true to the Self within, and your path will be filled with love and light.”

Maggy then blew me a kiss and the energy made my lips tingle. She smiled and then vanished quickly.

I sat quietly contemplating what Maggy had told me. Her words made me realize that life is as simple as you make it, and that strength and courage have always been with me. All I had to do was trust that simple truth, not doubt it or make it complicated. I had to be like the turtle. My faith needed to be strong as the oak tree, and in knowing this, blazing a new trail would be fun, not a fearful burden.

As I prepared for bed, a song by Willie Nelson, “On The Road Again” kept playing in my head: “I can’t wait to get on the road again. Going places that I’ve never been. Seeing’ things that I may never seen. And I can’t wait to get on the road again.”

I was ready to get moving again, but instead of taking a bus like Willie, I planned to travel in a spiritual jet.

Meditation For Spiritual Courage

  1. Take a deep breath Take a deep breath and as you exhale stretch your body.
  2. Visualize Pink, Blue & Emerald Green colors inside your body, flowing from your toes to the top of your head.
  3. See yourself walking in the middle of a beautiful forest. Feel the energy from the trees, smell the fresh flowers, and listen to the sounds of the animals and birds around you.
  4. See a pool of warm water. Walk into the warm water and feel your body relaxing with the water and nature’s energy.
  5. Say out loud, “I have Spiritual Courage in my life and I am filled with success, love and light. With this great truth I know the strength of my energy is powerful. The Universe knows that I am a love hero and that power is carried within me now.”
  6. See yourself rising from the pool and walking back through the forest to your home.

This Meditation assists you in entering God’s infinite and eternal garden and to immerse yourself in the presence of earth’s Divine Love. Water and earth help you to flow harmoniously with any situation. A change of consciousness is inevitable for an enhancement of a higher consciousness. It’s all in the power of Love.

With love, Shirley

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