“Forgiveness plays a tone to the heart It emanates your consciousness And electrifies your Soul As atoms flow through your aura Creating your own magellanic cloud”

“Forgiveness is a process in which you willingly let go any unbalanced emotions stored within. Emotions such as anger, fear, intimidation, hate, grief, loneliness and more, are caused by an event that usually involves either another person or yourself. A forgiving attitude makes the pain go away, and allows for healing. This forgiving energy will make it easier for you to take action. It will help you uphold your values and standards.
When you forgive your aenemies and yourself, a Universal Love connection is made with your heart, and you are graced by life’s blessings.”

* (The Magellanic Cloud is one of the two nearest galaxies to the Milky Way system, located within 25 degrees of the south celestial pole and appearing as conspicuous patches of light).

So Says Maggy


A Hubble Space Telescope image of supernova 1987A, in the Large Magellanic Cloud PBS-Nova Online

Shirley’s Explanation for Forgiveness

Maggy and I were sitting at her dining room table on this hot summer day. The humming of the air conditioner was a blessing to our ears. Sipping on a tasty glass of iced lemonade, my thoughts drifted to a friend who had stopped talking to me some time ago.

Maggy asked, “Why the sad face? I know it’s hot, but your mind is somewhere else.”
I told her about my friend. “It wasn’t my fault that we stopped speaking. It was only a difference of opinion. I don’t think she respects other people’s thoughts or feelings.”

Forgivness“It doesn’t matter what caused the difference or whose fault it is,” Maggy said. “The key is forgiveness. If you don’t forgive, you create fragments of energy that break the bridge of love. The strongest poison to the human spirit is the inability to forgive your ‘self’ or another person. It is an energy that is necessary to heal any pain. A wise person will make haste to forgive, because they know the true value of time. As writer Publilus Syrus once wrote, ‘How unhappy is he who cannot forgive himself.’ He is the one who suffers.”

ForgivnessMaggy explained to me that sometimes it’s easier to forgive others because you see and hear the person-they are a physical entity. To forgive the ‘self’ however, you must go within and see why you allowed yourself to feel that way in the first place. To find any fault is to feel emotionally guilty or insecure. That causes the ego to rise and anger to surface, which often results in an outburst. Holding anger or other negative emotion creates the pain of questioning. If you listen to your inner self–if you go within–you will see the lesson to be learned. Learn it and your emotions will begin anew.

Forgivness“When you don’t forgive, it’s like sticking a wrench into a fan,” I suggested. “Things get hot so fast. I guess the message is to stay calm and cool no matter what the situation is.” Gee…did I ever muddy up my stream of flow by trying to find fault with my friend. I had fallen into an emotional trap, but the good news was that I had the tools within to change that thinking.

How to do Forgiveness Meditation

  1. Picture Pink and blue flowing through the body from your toes to the top of your head.
  2. Go inside your heart and see the beautiful diamond glow of rainbow colors. The Longer you look the brighter the glow.
  3. Take the diamond glow and picture it connecting with the Universe. Looks like a funnel from Your heart to the Universe.
  4. Send thoughts out: “I forgive myself as God forgives all. So Be It.”
  5. Allow the Universal energy to fill your heart with new Love & Light.
  6. Feel love vibrating both within and outside your body.
  7. Take your funnel filled with love and understanding and bring it back into your body and seal it with gold. Like a gold shield.

Forgivness*This meditation gives you stronger love and understanding. You will be filled with health, wealth and wisdom. The ancients knew this powerful “forgiveness” energy and so do you. Fill your daily life with happiness, joy, and love, for it is your God given gift.

With love, Shirley

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