Respectful Flow

“Respectful energy has a movement to behold
It creates an attunement with you, earth, and the Universe
The frequency causes a beacon of light
Making your heart sing a delightful love-tone
The vibration of this trinity connects with your Soul
A joyful sensation with the power of Love”

Self Respect automatically puts you in attunement with the earth and Universal power. With self-respect–respecting of one’s Self–you come to understand that there are different levels of frequencies in the universe, and the higher the frequency, the more insight you generate. Respectful flow carries the power to assist you with achievement. It teaches you to build your dreams through the power of mind, thought, and heart. 

So Says Maggy

Shirley Explains Respectful Flow

Respectful Flow

It was a nice spring day after a particularly cold winter, perfect for having tea with Maggy in her back yard. Sipping our hot mint tea, we watched the birds fly to the feeder for seeds.
A red Cardinal sat on a nearby branch serenading us with his song.

After the harsh winter, spring felt like such a blessing. It was as though nature had woken up from a long sleep, and I felt the same way, too. But something was troubling me, and I wanted some wisdom from Maggy.
For two nights I’d dreamed about a skunk. We were both walking on a narrow path. At one point, one of us had to give in and step aside. And then I woke up. After relating the dream to Maggy, I asked, “What’s the message in that dream? Am I doing something to stink up the planet?”Respectful Flow

Maggy laughed, and then looked straight in my eyes. She said, “The Hopi teach that Skunk medicine holds great power and reputation. The Skunk’s behavior causes people to give it a lot of distance.

The wisdom you are being shown here is self respect. That dream is teaching to respect yourself and walk your talk. In doing so you will create strength and an honorable, respectable reputation.”

Maggy then talked about the years I worked as a probation officer–and how I used to complain about how some men were disrespectful to women in law enforcement. What my complaining was really revealing was that my self-esteem was low. Just how Skunk’s spray threatens the senses of those nearby, your energy field around your body is relayed through your senses. Respectful Flow

In other words, Maggy explained, self esteem permeates the body’s energy, and is instantly recognized on extrasensory level. “You’re a loving person, and see the good in people. But you must also love and respect your Self. No matter how people treat you, when you have self respect, you have the proper energy flow. And that’s the way it’s supposed to be because self-respect is your creation.” 

By the same token, Maggy said, don’t confuse self-respect with respect for other people. Love all and withhold judgment, but it doesn’t mean you must respect them. Love is the most powerful energy there is.
You can love someone like a murderer or rapist–meaning you aren’t judging them, but surrounding that person with God’s loving light–but you don’t respect them for what they did. Respect is an energy that comes from the Ego. The Ego is an energy that protects the heart. Respectful Flow

Maggy and I finished our tea. It was good knowing my energy wasn’t going to stink up the environment! I realized that in telling Maggy my life’s woes, I was really seeking self respect. Loving the Self is a powerful energy. Respecting that energy makes you vibrate with the trinity of Self, earth and the universe. You are all a part of God’s creation.

Meditation for Self Respect

  1. Picture Pink and blue flowing through the body from your toes to the top of your head.
  2. Picture pink, blue, green & gold flowing outside your body, clockwise, left to right.
  3. The longer you flow these colors, the bigger your body energy field becomes.
  4. With these colors flowing inside & around your body, see yourself sitting in a cave encompassed by a bright white light.
  5. See yourself in the universe encircled by 12 stars.
  6. Allow the stars to flow left to right around your body.
  7. Feel the love radiating from inside the cave, to the universe & stars, giving you energy.

*This meditation gives you earthly and universal energy flow for a strong self-respect.

Enjoy and know with these connections, your desire for a strong self esteem is completed.

With love, Shirley

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