“Emotional Sensitivity”

April Message 2021Master Hilarion Everything that is, is composed of energy. Quantum changes at the subatomic level is what creates the chemistry of your body. What precisely causes quantum changes, your emotions. You live on a planet that is bombarded by the constant emotional stress of your lives or simply the collective conscious. Health inContinue reading ““Emotional Sensitivity””

“Emotional Awareness”

March Message 2021Master Koot Hoomi As the 21st century began, countless were in search of ordinary emotions and spiritual ground.  An attempt to scientifically validate this thirst for emotions and spirituality, they built it on the relatively new scientific disciplines of cultural anthropology, ethology (animal behavior) and neuroscience. In essence, everything is energy, which isContinue reading ““Emotional Awareness””

Spiritual Tradition

November 2020 MessageFrom Master Serapis Almost every spiritual tradition reveres meditation as a powerfulgateway to the Divine. Spiritual Meditation creates an opening forhealing on all levels. It is a truly profound experience that rejuvenatesthe body and provides support for deep spiritual revitalization, recontactwith your soul, and the reactivation of your connection with the Divine. DuringContinue reading “Spiritual Tradition”

“It is your Soul’s gift to your Self.”

October 2020 MessageMaster Morya  Have you ever shrunk yourself in life to make others less uncomfortable around you? Do you frequently find yourself stuck in a pattern of self-sabotage, constantly unhappy and uncertain of exactly what to change or how to change it?  All of You are born originals, but too many dies as copies…Continue reading ““It is your Soul’s gift to your Self.””

“Strong and Loving”

July 2020 Master Koot Houmi When confronted with the disasters occurring daily, you must stay strong and keep your love light shining. Do not give in to the hatred, or to laziness; especially the kind that is caused by depression. The doorway to your everlasting happiness is your true Self.  Up until you realize whoContinue reading ““Strong and Loving””