Life is not Solemn

April Message 2022

It is wise to always work for harmony in your life, as a result the spirit of happiness will be your balance. The source of true happiness will create you to be completely at peace and content with your life. This true happiness is known to be “Spiritual Happiness.”         

Letting go of viewing life as troubled and see yourself and others through the eyes of cheerfulness and you will vibrate your heart’s true light, which is love. Your life will flow into place like a piece of a puzzle.

A sense of humor saves any difficulties, for difficulties are only pure emotions created by the brain. When you look past the surface and see the beauty, you will see the light that eternally shines within everything. It will allow your heart to feel the importance of having fun and enjoy your life, it is essential to be merry.

Spiritual happiness is built on internal forces. When you are spiritually happy, you can see the world through realistic eyes and still be happy. It is due to your happy foundation, not circumstantial.

Being spiritually happy does not mean always feeling your best. This type of happiness means being able to keep a stable calm surface no matter what is occurring.

Spiritual happiness accompanies a sense of positivity that does not disappear. Instead of letting negative experiences create a negative attitude, you remain positive, and your good times will return. Down deep in your heart, happiness gives you a feeling of completeness.

This means from within you feel safe enough not to rely on anyone or anything to create your happiness.

There are a variety of signs you can search for within yourself if you are not sure what you are experiencing to be Spiritual Happy.

  • Enjoy being yourself
  • Know yourself
  •  Find happiness in hardship
  •  Always be grateful and optimistic.

Meditation to assist you:

  1. Take a deep breath through your nostrils and exhale out your mouth slowly. Repeat this breathing five times and feel your body relaxing.
  2. Visualize the beautiful colors of pink and blue flowing from your toes to the top of your head.
  3. Feel your heart beating while visualizing your pink and blue colors through your entire body.
  4. Visualize you are in a small canoe gently floating on the peaceful waters.
  5. You are floating along the path of light made by the sun rising above the eastern mountains.
  6. Seabirds are flying nearby, their outstretched wings catching the sunlight as they fly along the air currents. You feel the urge to join them, and you see that you too have wings. Stretch your white wings feeling the warm sunlight…feel the spirits of the air carrying you skywards, laughing, singing, rejoicing in the beauty of the sky, earth, and water. You are flying right into the heart of Universal Love.
  7. You are feeling your inner peace, your bond to your heart’s love and happiness.
  8. You will bring back these great feeling of inner peace and happiness to flow within your physical body.
  9. All that is of the earth in you, all that separates, is consumed in the light of your heart. Enjoy.

“The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.”

By Marcus Aurelius 

Love, Shirley

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