“Within you is everything you need!”

February 2022
Master Morya

You have been taught all solutions are outside of you, therefore you must be taught to find it, is within.  It’s time to break out of the box and move beyond limited ways of operating.  You can develop new concepts of quantum, holographic, and multidimensional ways of thinking. This is the key to bring the light of spirit into your physical, through the sacred self-found throughout all the natural world and your happy self. You can learn to make use of this, by tuning into your golden vibrations and become more fully alive.

The leap you are preparing to take by activating your full potential will expand your perception and prepare you to ascend into a lighter body. There are evolutionary steps as you come through consciousness and technology in the place where science and metaphysics truly meet. To do this, you must first accept that your true self is beyond the physical.It is by creating coherence in each of the chakras to improve your well-being. These points in the body are much more than chakras. There are certain glands of the endocrine system located at each of these points, and each one has its own brain. Just as you learn to create coherence in the brain and heart, you can create unity in each of these energy centers. Doing this gives you a means of tuning into your energy centers, creating unity, and sending chakra healing throughout your whole body. You can move beyond an Earth-centric point of view, with a bigger picture of reality, and take your place as a galactic traveler.

A meditation can create the miracle of your energy centers in a way you can tune into your own energy. Meditation helps you to activate your autonomic nervous system, slow down your brainwaves, and rewire yourself. This month’s mediation will help you connect with cosmic energies that can awaken conscious awareness of your galactic nature.

Using your intuitive gifts, you can initiate healing through your 12-chakra system. You are an energetic being existing in relation to the universe around you and this connection will align the energy that flows through your own chakras.

Your body’s 12 chakras starting points begin at the base or spine of your body and travels up to the top of your head. They are: The Base or Root Chakra, The Sacral Chakra, The Solar Plexus Chakra, The Heart Chakra, The Throat Chakra, The Third Eye Chakra, & The Crown Chakra. … This system is called the 12 Chakra System. The Soul Star or the 12th chakra located one foot above the head and resembles a golden star. As you gain more spiritual maturity, the star grows to a golden bud, a golden pearl, a golden ball, and with further activation and spiritual evolution, it becomes a strong flame.

Your life’s energy can extend by connection to the invisible energy within you which includes your chakra system and opens a new pathway to new growth. Your charkas are spinning wheels and are filled with your life force.

Charka Color Chart 

Body Charkas Locations

The Soul Star or the 12th chakra is located a foot above your head and resembles a golden star.

Meditation To Assist Charkas:

  1. Before continuing to your Chakras meditation look at the pictures of colors. You need to remember the colors and locations.
  2. Make sure you are comfortable lying down or sitting.
  3. Breathe slowly in a relaxed manner, focus your mind on your breath in a non-negative mindful way.
  4. Feel your breath moving up your spine as you inhale and down when you are exhaling.
  5. Focus on the movement of your breath for five minutes.
  6. Now go through each of your chakras. Beginning with the root chakra, visualize red and see if your red chakra looks like a wheel spinning left to right, around clockwise. Feel the energy gathering in the Root Chakra. Feel the Red energy growing and spinning faster.
  7. When you feel you have correctly visualized the Root Chakra, color Red, practice this charka before moving up.
  8. Continue this process from your Root Charka on to the others, on through all charkas and their colors. It is important to visualize each charka freely spinning.
  9. Once you finish, proceed back down all charkas, vividly visualizing the colors as you go, as well as recognizing the feeling associated with all your charkas colors.
  10. With all your chakras glowing visualize their colors flowing out the top of your head. Visualize your charka colors connecting with the Universal Love colors. Once you are connected you will see a large rainbow flowing around you.
  11. You have connected your charka colors to the universal colors, and you are vibrating an energy of light and love.
  12. Feel the calmness and the warm of love throughout and within your body.

Using this meditation regularly, will promote health and wellbeing. It is an excellent meditation for feelings of peace and will heighten your spiritual development.

“Your heart must beome a sea of love. Your mind must become a river of detachment.”  By Sri Chinmoy

Love, Shirley

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