“It’s Time for Changes”

November 2021 Message
The Mahachohan

Earth’s major changes is creating an importance for you to recognize and understand “Know Thy Self and Thy Know All.”  It is written in The Gospel of Thomas, “Jesus said, if you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.”  It is a state of consciousness inside you. It is your Soul!

Looking into every great religious, spiritual, and wisdom tradition, you will find the same precept — that life’s ultimate truth, its ultimate treasure, lies within you. Jesus made unmistakably clear, you can experience this inner treasure, and no experience will be more valuable. Centuries ago, “Know Thy Self and Thy Know All,” was carved into stone at the entrance to Apollo’s temple at Delphi in Greece and according to legend. scholars, philosophers, and civilizations have discussed this question for a long time. Why have we not been able to find the answer? It is because you lacked the knowledge of your heart’s powerful energy… your soul. With this lack of knowledge, you allowed yourself to be controlled by the outside world. With this control your energy created a disconnection from your heart to your brain. Your mind has tremendous power to either help or harm you. Though practicing refuge, you gradually learn how to become your own protector, and build peace, freedom, happiness within your body.

People took the easier way of life, let others do it for them, while others even felt looking within could be a fearful experience. Jesus taught “Love God, love yourself, love your neighbor, love one other and that love was the greatest commandment, love is the strongest most powerful energy there is.

People it is time to learn the energy of your heart and soul. It is a matter of telling your brain to shut up and listen to your heart. Your heart, your soul’s house has the right answers to any questions.

Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all. It is the beginning of wisdom and happiness in expressing yourself. When you have less inner conflict then outside actions are in accordance with your inside feelings and values. You will make better decisions and better choices about life. You will have self-control in understanding what motivates you to resist unhealthy habits and develop good ones. You will get to know your truth, your love, your health will improve, and you will be happy. It is heavenly delight to feel, see, know, and believe the beautiful being you are.

This inner treasure of life has been given several names. Plato refers to it as the Good and the Beautiful, Australian aborigines it is called the dreamtime, among tribes of southern Africa Hunhu/Ubuntu. The names may differ, but the inner reality they point to is the same.

Your soul gives all outside appearances, grasped by the senses but also those which the mind itself seems to see, and it keeps on going deeper until by the operation of the spirit it penetrates the invisible and incomprehensible, and it is there that it sees God. It is time to go on a spiritual quest of your own to discover who you are and to discover your own power.

Earth rebirth is creating you to change for survival. Back to the basic of understanding you have all your answers, no matter what they maybe. If you hear your inner voice speak to you, listen. do not allow your brain to question it. Allow your heart and soul to be at control.

The concept of understanding your soul’s purpose is one of the most fascinating subjects conceivable. It is this energy that awakening your spirituality. 

There are those who will ask can I ever understand the key elements of who am I and where am I to go? Or you scratch your head and ask how I can figure this out, so you understand how elusive and frustrating this idea can feel. You sensed there was more to explore, but you did not know where to look. You did find a few superficial approaches, but they did not really get to the heart of the matter, which was where you needed to go. You will discover the solutions are more available than you imagined.

For centuries ‘Knowing Yourself’ was the secret words which the Masters always taught. Now it is time to make your changes…stop looking outside yourself for answers. In this moment learn from your within. Love yourself, trust and have faith in yourself. Your heart will guide you in the right direction.

Meditation To Assist you:

  1. Breath in God’s healing love through your nose and exhale old toxicants out your mouth.
  2. Repeat the breathing technique five times.
  3. Visualize your heart beating the colors Pink and Blue. Your balance colors.
  4. Visualize the still waters of a lake of peace. There is no movement except a gentle lapping of the water on the lake’s shore.

You are standing barefooted on this sandy shore, you feel the cool, cleansing touch of the water upon your feet and hands as you splash the water on your face, feeling the coolness of the water. All is so still and peaceful. You feel peaceful inside as you are a path of light across the surface of the water into the heart of the sky. All that is of the earth in you, all that separates, it is consumed in the light of the sky…Be quiet and feel your body connected to the heavens. The Great Spirit pours down upon you the golden rays from heaven. Your cup, the grail cup, which is your heart. Your inner and spiritual reality will be awakened. It is a universal teaching based on a universal reality and a universal experience. You are filled with the power of love and light.

“The spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and the acceptance of love.”  By Marianne Willison

Love, Shirley

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