“Self’s Importance”

October 2021
Master Koot Hoomi

You are more important than you know.

God created the heavens, and the earth and humans are a part of this great creation. Everything created was comprised of energy. It is your bodies energy that is a part of this magnificent creation. You are God’s walking love light, as a result your health is the alignment of your body, mind, and soul. You are the quantum energetic vibrations of your own creation. It is your quantum energy working directly with your energy patterns that creates your reality. God gave you free will allowing you to make your own life’s choices. What exactly will cause your quantum changes, is emotions.

Currently on earth, human energies are inner weaving science and spirituality. This energy can be confusing if you are not aware of its existence, science is negative, and spirituality is positive. It is a balance of earth’s energy including your love and light.

Although religion and spirituality are similar in organization, they are hugely different in tradition. Religion is an organized, community-based system of beliefs, while spirituality resides within the individual and what you personally believe.

Some say there will be a new earth.  I say it is the people changing, they are beginning to realize the importance of their heart connection to their brain, it is the new earth’s energy creation. With these energy connections you must understand the heart will turn into an electrical current with your emotional flow. That is why science cannot find the total solution to the human body’s connection. God created you with the tools to be independent and happy. It is time to not allow the outside world to rob you of that great energy.  

You are seeking happiness, love, peace, joy… and freedom from the internal turmoil that as a result often plagues you. The heart, both physical and figurative, bears the burden of your emotional traumas and everyday stressors. The emotional and physical connection between body and mind was considered figurative; however, it is now known that this is much more than a metaphor. What occurs in your emotional world most certainly affects and often manifests itself in your physical body.

People are suffering the pain of disconnection from brain to heart. This disconnection often retains emotional pain, eating disorders and other addictive processes. Reconnecting your brain and heart, with your authentic inner nature and capacity for love is the doorway to what you are truly seeking.

The Heart is amazing. Your heart’s love can certainly be experienced and felt in so many ways. You have this great seed of love buried deep within your soul.

You use the word to describe various states and aspects of life such as a strong affection for a human being- both family, friendship, and you say “I love him or her”, “I love that song”, “I love to dance”, “I love crispy pizza”, but how often do you look at yourself in the mirror or just say out loud I love myself.  Learn to love yourself and the brain will create a love to flow throughout your entire body. 

It is a beautiful connection.

Meditation to Assist:

  1. Take a deep breath through your nose of God’s wonderful fresh healing air and slowly exhale out your mouth releasing old toxins from your body. Repeat this breathing exercise 3 times.
  2. Visualize your heart beating energy of your balance colors Pink and Blue.
  3. Relax and feel your Pink and Blues balancing your body, mind, and emotions.
  4. Visualize and feel your vibrational energy of Pink and Blue colors.
  5. Your love and colors are vibration with Universal Love.
  6. Feel a peace, love and happiness vibrating within your body.
  7. Feel this wonderful energy energizing you with love, balance, and focus.
  8. You are now filled with universal harmony within your entire being.
  9. Your heart will continue to beat this wonderful energy throughout your body. It is reconnecting your brain and heart.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”  By Nikola Tesla 

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