“Emotional Sensitivity”

April Message 2021
Master Hilarion

Everything that is, is composed of energy. Quantum changes at the subatomic level is what creates the chemistry of your body. What precisely causes quantum changes, your emotions. You live on a planet that is bombarded by the constant emotional stress of your lives or simply the collective conscious. Health in your body is alignment of body, mind, and soul and it is important you feel all emotions but not hold onto them. 

When aware of your emotionally sensitive, you will experience emotions extra strong to integrate with your spirituality. Your spirituality helps you to trust yourself for the reason there is no need to predict how you will react in different circumstances.  Without your spirituality too often, your emotions get the best of you, and you act on them in way that are not helpful in making life better.  If you are not able to control your emotions, you struggle every day until your spirituality is aroused. 

Awareness of your emotionally sensitive creates you to have a deeply sensitive perspective of the world, such as being connected to nature and animals.  You will be attuned to the emotions of others and exhibit both excessive tolerance and intolerance. You will be an intuitive thinker and sometimes cannot verbalize how you know what you know. Without your spiritual awareness you will have difficulty making decisions, a strong sense of justice, and a fluid sense of identity.

Spirituality enhances  management of your emotions. Your spiritual direction is your life coaching with a keen eye towards depth. The goal is to focus on your spiritual and emotional well-being. 

Being cognizance of this knowledge during meditation, will help give you directions and you will see the time and space needed to see the entire story of any experience. Telling your story initiates healing on the deepest level, even if you do not realize it. If you hold some of your emotional truth in because you feel you would be judged, or you do not want to ruin the moment for others by showing how the event negatively affected them your emotions will cause illness. Being able to express something which seemed “normal” to everyone else yet really upsetting to you is powerful and necessary for your self-care. In doing so your spiritual direction, will have a space that is free of judgement and free of anyone trying to fix it for you.

Emotionally sensitive people often love and are able to sense how others feel.  They can experience intense joy and are passionate and compassionate. Passionate people can make changes occurring in the world. At the same time, they can manage negative thoughts or actions. Those who are emotionally sensitive individuals have a faster reaction time to emotional situations, experience more intense reactions, and are slower to return to their emotional baseline. They may express themselves with a more intense desire to be heard—though they may not be aware of this behavior. An emotional sensitive person who is aware of their spiritual knowledge will be especially connected to others’ energy along within themselves.  They will be filled with a delightful flow of consciousness that lights up their own energy field. The use of meditation is ideal for those who seek a haven of peacefulness for they know how to rest and recover from the tensions of the outer life.

Meditation to Assist:

  1. Take a deep breath through your nostrils and exhale slowly.
  2. Take another deep breath and exhale.
  3. Visualize your balance colors Pink and Blue flowing from your toes to the top of your head.
  1. Visualize your Pink, Blue and Emerald Green flowing out your heart. 
  2. The beautiful Pink, Blue and deep Emerald Green energy is flowing out your heart connecting with the Universal love colors. 
  1. Feel your colors flowing out of your body connecting with the Universal love colors.
  1. Flow your thoughts out to the Universe, “I am altering my state of mind and mood so I will be more tranquil and centered in the core strengths of my life. I am calm; I have creative thinking and an excellent memory. I gently redirect my thoughts to become more aware of the peaceful quietness in my life. I am loved.”
  1. Feel the Universal Love energy connected to your heart. It is warm energy and filled with beautiful assorted calming colors.

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”  By Nikola Tesia 

Love, Shirley

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