Emotional Energy

February 2021
By Master Morya

At birth, with the first breath of life, the Holy Spirit, a blue energy, guides your soul into your physical body. After entering the body this blue energy will guide your soul to the brain and programs the subconscious with its past data. Next the blue energy guides your soul to your heart, its home.  This spirit, the blue energy, is powerful and has been named your emotions. Your emotional frequency currents are the communication within you and connects all organs. The situation is the currents of energy flowing inside your body are similar toward electricity to a computer. 

People have two types of communication systems. They are the nervous system and the endocrine hormone) system. Communication between organ systems is vital for they are to work together as a team. These systems regulate body processes through chemical and electrical signals that pass between cells. They must be able to respond to each other and change their responses as needed to keep the body in balance.

 Your energy will follow what the brain communicates, as well as following your hearts desires.  It is important to go with your heart. The brain has a lower frequency of energy triggering it to sometimes baffle itself by attempting to choose what is the right decision. The heart, your soul, has a higher energy frequency along with more wisdom.  

It is Important you feel all emotions but not hold onto them. When your emotional body is clear, the disease cycle is interrupted, and your body will return to homeostasis.  Emotional negative thoughts are causes of physical pain. In addition, the persistent negative thoughts create resistance in the body reflected in the form or viruses, fatigue, depression, cancer, and many more debilitating diseases.  

Emotional energy is your feelings, your sensation and physiological reaction to a creation. You tap into it by feeling your emotional energy rather than what your mind says. Your connection into your subconscious mind will allow you to feel your emotions and link them to your body.  The nervous system, hormones, touch, tears, and water absorption (bloating or clutching from not letting go, feelings of lack, and trying to hold onto or control things too closely.  Your emotional body’s energy extends a few inches around you, known as your aura. How you are doing emotionally is represented by how calm or rough the waters are in your thoughts also in your dream state.

Emotions represent a bridge between the physical and the mental, it is where your experiences of the world are synthesized and interpreted. It represents your feelings and relationship to all things, how you react, interpret, and respond to situations and outside energies, particularly anything that is not factual. It is like how you feel when people look at you in a certain way, or how you respond to something they might say. The connection between the mental-emotional body is the reason why there are always different sides to a story or situation. If the body is unbalanced, those situations can be greatly misread and misunderstood. When balanced, it represents centering and acting from your heart space.

Noticing, recognizing, and understanding your emotions is an important part of growing up.  Emotional awareness is a skill that impacts the way you think about yourself and how others perceive you as well.  You are better equipped to navigate your friendships and other relationships, successes, disappointments, conflicts and much more when you understand your feelings.  This awareness has the potential to affect multiple areas in your life, your time with family, in the classroom, at a job or time spent with friends.

It is through the power of your emotions that your power of love is manifested. Emotions are your current of energy and the more you understand the higher your frequency converts in life.  

You have seven different layered frequencies of Emotional Flow. 

  1. Emotional Awareness
  2. Emotional Sensitivity
  3. Emotional Harmony
  4. Emotional Discipline
  5. Emotional Data
  6. Emotional Fear
  7. Emotional Self Control

The next few months will be messages of teachings for the seven emotional flow. It is best to first study and think about the energy of all seven frequencies. How you react with some of your emotions. Meditate on what emotions you are reacting to with anything be a person, an experience or whatever may be disturbing to you. 

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibrations.” By Nikola Tesla

Love, Shirley

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